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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

How to build credibility in Network Marketing for your prospects

What’s the one thing network marketers don’t have but feel they need the most to be successful? In a word; credibility. And this is especially true with new people that just got started that have not earned any money yet. This posy is about building credibility.

What is credibility (for those who are wondering what I mean by it)? It’s the quality of being convincing, believable, or branded as an authority.

Why would my family and friends care or give me the time of day to read my company’s literature, watch a video, listen to an audio or attend a home presentation from me who is new in the business?

Well, good news, because having credibility is really not as important as is building credibility

Yes, credibility is important, but having it before you can present your business opportunity, products and services to someone shouldn’t matter. 

Building Credibility and Trust as You Go

If you’re a new MLM or network marketer and feel you haven’t built any credibility or authority, you’re thinking all wrong if this stops you from presenting your business opportunity or products to someone.

Every network marketer has to start somewhere. 

You are building credibility and trust as you go along doing the things that brand you as an authority. 

Every successful network marketer once walked a mile in your shoes when they first started. Ray Higdon, Brian Finale, Randy Gage, Eric Worre started from somewhere all from scratch. They sought out an expert to help with building their content to present to someone. This is how to get credibility for yourself – by doing authoritative things from other authorities which make you the expert.

When you write your first article for publication to e-zines, when you make your first post to a blog, when you create your first video for YouTube or Vimeo, you are building credibility and trust because you gathered your information from reliable sources that you trust.

When you’re new to network marketing and present content to someone, it’s assumed you’ve taken the time to find another authority from which you gathered information to create that first video, blog post or article. You are branding yourself as the authority in that field.

And when you give something away that has value to solve a problem or help someone acquire their dreams, you are the professional to those people, branding and posturing yourself the specialist that has credibility and trust.

Coaching Program to Build Credibility

Every MLM business plan should include training on building credibility and trust among its members. Sadly, however, most do not. 

They ignore it, leaving it to their guru leaders to be the authority instead of teaching it among its members. 

That’s why I started the coaching program to help people brand themselves as the professional expert. If you are interested in being personally coached by myself, fill out the form to the right, and someone will contact you for an interview to see if you are a fit for what we have to offer. The coaching program is designed with building credibility in leadership.

The MLM Network Marketing Plan to Build Credibility

Create so much value in what you do and present that people can’t help but notice.

Here’s the MLM network marketing plan for new people in the business to create content, posturing themselves the authority:

  • Find what it is that attracts the people that you want to speak and market to.
  • Determine the problems they want to solve and the hopes and dreams they wish to fulfill.
  • Read books, eBooks, watch seminars and webinars, and read blogs intending to locate smithereens of knowledge here and there that you can easily share with videos, articles or blogs.
  • Create the content and add value to it by solving a problem, being a dream builder, and giving it away for FREE.

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