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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

How to remove Buyer Resistance before an Opportunity Presentation

Buyer resistance begins the second you invite the prospect to your network marketing opportunity or product meeting or webinar.

It’s Thursday night. You and your guests arrive for a presentation of the business and product opportunity. You and your group are fifteen minutes early. Your prospects see banners and products sitting around the room. Physically, they are there. Mentally, they’re somewhere else.

Ever wonder what goes through your prospects’ minds prior to the meeting? Negative thoughts. Buyer resistance. Thoughts of protecting their wallet with one hand and grabbing their car keys with the other.

They are thinking:

  1. What have I gotten myself into?
  2. I better hold onto my wallet…I see selling.
  3. What kind of stalling objections can I use?
  4. Really, another pyramid scam.
  5. Where is the escape route?
  6. I feel tricked into this meeting.
  7. I better pull out my list of “NO” objections.

They hate being where they are.

Break Buyer Resistance 

Would you like to give your prospects an open mind and break down buyer resistance? How about a great attitude where they are eager with anticipation for the opportunity or product presentation?

You want your prospect thinking:

I’m looking for a real opportunity. This meeting may provide my way out of that job which I hate most. Maybe I can quit it or work part-time with a full-time income. I need to get ahead in life and my job just gets me by. How can I quit my job with this opportunity? Life must be more than what I have. Is this opportunity the way of achieving it? I hope this meeting has the solution to my problem of time and freedom from financial debt.

What would it take to instill that attitude into your prospects during the fifteen minutes they have waiting prior to the meeting?

A simple form is all you need to break buyer resistance.

Dealing with objections in sales is the most common program taught among salesman to break resistance of buyers. Dealing with buyer resistance from prospects PRIOR to the meeting is rarely taught by leaders in the network marketing industry.

Prospects who don’t internalize what the benefits of your opportunity or products can do for them won’t externalize with positive action.

Jim and Roberta are new prospects attending an opportunity meeting for the first time. They are your prospects. Negative thoughts are running through their heads.

The speaker starts:

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for coming to. Tonight is a time to talk about freedom…freedom from crushing debt and freedom of time and doing what you want to do when you want to do it. Let me tell you about XYZ company. It was started twelve years ago, by XYZ Founder, etc., etc., etc.

Jim and Roberta don’t hear a thing about freedom from debt and freedom of time. Negative thoughts running through their heads muddle their hearing. They may hear about the name of the company but the benefits DO NOT SINK IN.

No internalization of what the company can do for Jim and Roberta equals no sales and no new reps for you.

Creating a simple three question form is how to break through mental barriers of joining or buying by prospects. It gets them contemplating and internalizing freedom of time and money BEFORE the meeting.

The Form Used to Break Buyer Resistance

Fifteen minutes prior to the meeting, hand out a multiple-choice form with a pen or pencil to your guests with three simple questions and get them wanting freedom of time and finances.

Probing questions for sales works well for salesman. Why not use the technique on our prospects?

Questions which probe the mind of the prospect and get them thinking and internalizing create an open mind, a right attitude and an eager anticipation to the meeting.

What to do about buyer resistance prior to an opportunity or product meeting? Get them thinking from a simple three-question form on how they can retire and spend more time with family and hobbies. How they can fire their boss and not have to work until they’re 90. How they can fulfill their dreams.

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