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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

How to be honest with your prospects about Network Marketing!

Telling the truth about network marketing to our prospects is the sure-fire way of keeping them around for the long haul.

We need to be honest with them about how long it takes to build a successful business in network marketing.

We need to start with what is network marketing? It is the distribution of products through word of mouth advertisement. Network marketing opportunities are built on sharing products and services with people who like the same things that we like. Network marketing success depends upon it.

There are myths and legends about network marketing. One myth is you can become a millionaire in 30 days. Another myth is you will start making money immediately upon buying a kit.

The truth about network marketing is that joining network marketing and buying a distributor kit will not make you a Ph.D. in the business.

It takes 30 days to earn an average income with network marketing.

It takes anywhere from one to two years before you will earn a significant income. It takes some investment of money and time to make it an above-average success.

The Job Mentality

You must understand that most prospects have a JOB mentality. They go to work and trade hours for dollars. They are taught the only way to produce income is to work so many hours and they will get paid a certain amount of money at so many times a month (usually 2 X’s a month).

When a new prospect joins a network marketing company, they bring that job mentality with them. They think that if they put in so many hours a month, they will get a paycheck twice a month. When that paycheck does not come, they get discouraged and quit.

The best of the network marketing tips that I can offer you is to be upfront with the prospect about how long it will take for them to achieve success.

Telling the truth about network marketing with the time it takes to achieve success with it is easy,

I start out with prospects by telling them the truth about network marketing with a story.

“How to start network marketing is like starting a new position with your job.”

“You wouldn’t work for a company where you were never paid for the hours that you put into it.”

“What if the boss of the company had come to you and made an offer that added more responsibility on top of doing your job?”

What if he offered to give you a $30,000 a month raise at the tail-end of going to school by studying on your own time in a certain field that is related to your job and paying for school with your own money for two years at $12,000.00 a year?”

“You’d go to school and work at your present job.”

“You would think to yourself about how spending $12,000.00 a year of your own money for two years and investing your own time to go to school on top of working your present job gives you the security of a $30,000.00 raise for the next 20+ years of working for the company. You would probably think to yourself that it sounds like a good deal for me and I’m all in.”

“Most likely, you would be first to jump on it?” – most of my prospects say they would.

“That is what makes you a success with network marketing.” “It is how to start network marketing by investing your own time and your own money for a certain period to make the maximum amount of income for life.”

“Meanwhile, you will start making money in the next 30 days after a little bit of training. It takes about 30 days to make a decent living from the investment in the cost of your distributor’s kit and of learning and doing a few trained things.”

“The big money comes at the tail-end of study in network marketing. It will require a small additional investment of your time and money per year for one to two years to be highly successful with making a six-figure to seven-figure income.”

That is how to tell the truth about network marketing to a prospect about the time and money it takes to be successful. Tell the prospect about the story of the boss’ offer of a huge raise at the tail-end of going to school on your own time and paying for it with your own money. Meanwhile they can start making money within a few days.

It lets the prospect know that it takes a certain time-period of one to two years and a certain amount of money invested to make a six-figure or seven-figure income. It tells them that it takes only a few days with a small investment and some training to make a decent income.

Being honest is one of the secrets to network marketing success. Lets tell the truth about network marketing – it’s the keys to network marketing and about making it work for you.

The top network marketing companies are those that tell the truth about network marketing to prospects. It takes time and money to build a business with a great deal of success. It takes a small amount of time and money to build a business in network marketing with a decent amount of success.

MLM leads – the best MLM leads – they come from being honest.


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