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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

How to Recruit Professionals into Your Network Marketing Business.

Many think this about professionals; “They wouldn’t be interested in Network Marketing,” but nothing could be further from the truth. Recruiting professionals into MLM is not only possible, it is not that difficult, as you will find out in; “How to Recruit Professionals to Build Your Network Marketing Business!”

Did you think “they wouldn’t be into this” when you considered recruiting professionals? Don’t feel bad, that is common.

What if you could regularly attract and recruit professionals into your Network Marketing business that became motivated business builders? What difference would that make in your life??

Doctors, lawyers, financial planners, real estate agents and “hard to reach” professionals will join your team, if you do it right.

These questions apply equally to the high quality product customers in your Network Marketing business.

Why not convert some of your most prized and valued customers into professional Network Marketing builders?

When I first started in network marketing, I was told that if I recruited a massive amount of people, lady luck would be with me and I would find leaders. I don’t quite believe that any longer.

Basically, I was told, “quantity leads to quality,” as David M. Ward has so aptly put it. It’s true … quantity does lead to quality, but why not recruit a quantity of high quality prospects?

If you recruit both a large quantity along with a high quality of people, your success in network marketing  is assured.

Recruiting Professionals into Network Marketing as Biz Builders

Though quantity is important, who you recruit is more important than how many you recruit.

Do you want to belong to the esteem class of professional MLM business builders? Then learn how to recruit people in network marketing from among a variety of high-caliber professions.

Network marketing is a professional business that is here to stay. It has been tried and tested by fire in the courts and before the masses.

With 150 years of time-tested business practices behind it and over 176 billion dollars in sales per year, the network marketing industry is obviously a proven  business model. And it attracts all kinds of people, especially professionals.

It’s about recruiting quality over quantity. So then recruit professionals to be your MLM biz builders.

Which of these two scenarios would you like to have? … a quantity list of 100 contacts and leads or a quality list of the top ten of other people?

We certainly don’t want to pre-judge anyone, Network marketing is designed for everybody and anyone can be successful in it.

However, some people have more talents and potentials than others, and we should focus on recruiting them to be our next MLM biz builders.

If you recruit the checkout person at the local mom and pop convenience store, he or she can recruit other checkout persons and stockers. However, they may have difficulty recruiting managers and office personnel.

If you recruit the owner of the mom and pop convenience store, he or she can recruit the managers, office personnel, checkout persons and stockers. They also can recruit other mom and pop convenience store owners in the area.

So, we have a choice. We can recruit people who would be happy to make $300 a month, or we can recruit influential, talented, motivated professionals who want to earn $30,000 a month and have the talent and contacts to make that happen.

How to Recruit Professionals to be MLM Biz Builders

If you’re going to recruit professionals, act and look confident … a confidence which says you believe in who you are and what you do.

It says you know where you came from and where you’re going with big dreams and goals that you’re striving daily to meet.

When you signed up in network marketing, you became a business owner, just like the professional. Be proud of what you do.

Afraid that you can’t approach a successful business professional because you aren’t successful yourself?

It’s okay, because the professional knows owning a business takes time to become successful. They’ve been there already and respect those who are starting from where they began.

Those that don’t, then don’t worry about it and move on with your goals.

MLM Recruiting Done for You in a Box

I group people in their respective professions and find out how to approach each group.

They have different hot buttons to push … and so learn how to push them.

If you’re going to be able to reach out to these groups to be biz builders, you have to have a basic knowledge of what those hot buttons are so you can point them out.

These different groups are:

  • Sales
  • Insurance
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Financial planners (includes bankers)
  • Other professionals

These different groups require words spoken just right to make them take notice to what you are promoting. It’s best to speak these words from written scripts to help you speak in a manner befitting each group.

These scripts are what I call “MLM Recruiting Done for You in a Box.” By speaking from these scripts, it pretty much assures you of success in recruiting professionals to be MLM biz builders.


Point out that in your business there are no quotas, territories, or servicing requirements. You have customers anywhere your company is open for business.

An opening script to a person in sales…

You: “Hey Jim, would you be open to a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing and requires no quotas, territories or servicing requirements?”


If you’re talking to someone in insurance, you’ll want to point out there is no underwriting rating (i.e., nobody has to be approved to buy your products and services, and they pay the same rate as everyone else).

Tell them that there are no claims to file or investigate.

Opening script to those in insurance…

You: “Judy, would you be open to exploring another avenue of making income requiring no underwriting ratings and wouldn’t at all demand of you to file and investigate claims?”

Also point out that they can build a “virtual general agency” without the overhead or hassle of hiring and supporting agents or supervising them.

Let them know they can sign up agents (producers) anywhere your MLM company does business and not just in the insurance agent’s home state.

…Real Estate

Real estate people speak the language of agents and brokers.

Point out that each new distributor is effectively both an agent and broker. They make their own sales and can have an unlimited number of agents under them, with no associated overhead, liability, or paperwork.

Opening script to those in real estate…

You: “Hey Marvin, would you keep your options open where in making money each new person is an agent and broker who makes their own sales and can have unlimited number of agents under them? Would you be open to a kind of side project where there is no associated overhead, liability, or paperwork?”

…Retail – 

What are the things that retail business owners each month hassle with the most? Inventory, breakage, rent, employees and insurance.

Opening script to be used on retail business professionals…

You: “Just curious David. Do you get constantly challenged each month by inventory, breakage, rent, employee hassles and insurance costs and problems? Would you be open to a side project where there is no overhead, which means you can turn a profit quickly?”

…Doctors – 

Doctors are a unique group of people having to deal with a variety of problems.

Two of the biggest headaches to doctors is insurance companies and having to fill out massive amounts of forms. Two-thirds of their staff have to deal with these two problems.

Opening script to doctors…

You: “Dr. GetBetter, I know two-thirds of your staff are tied up in dealing with insurance companies and claim forms for patients. Would you be open to a side project where you can still practice medicine and make the same amount of money working only 10 – 15 hours a week but without the hassle of dealing with insurance companies and massive amounts of paper work tied to claim forms?”

…Lawyers – 

A lawyer is both researcher and decision maker.

They work their hind parts off but never get ahead.

Basically, they struggle with finding clients and struggle financially. These two are not mutually exclusive.

They struggle for more new clients. If they aren’t part of a big fancy law firm, their finances are tied to one case and one case only. Once the case ends, so does the money.

Opening script to lawyers…

You: “Would you be open to a side project where you never have to struggle getting quality clients again and you’re paid based on the efforts of others for life, with no reduction of income? Would you be open to more money than what a single client pays you now and working less than 10 – 20 hours a week?”

…Financial Planners, Bankers – 

Financial planners and bankers deal with three of the hottest topics in network marketing … time, finances and perceived risk.

They deal with time (they have little of it) and money (they makes lots of it) along with the risk (they minimize it) that is tied up in a project.

Opening script to financial planners and bankers…

You: “Hey Ruth! How’s it going? Just curious Ruth, would you be open to a side project where your risk in capital is minimized, where you can make as much money in a year that you do now but only working 10-15 hours a week, giving you more time to enjoy the money you make with family and friends?”

…Other Professionals —

With other professionals, tax benefits of a home based business are on their mind. There are different write offs in MLM than there are in a brick-and-mortar business, and they are significant.

When you tell a professional business person he or she can put an extra $10,000 or $60,000 in their pockets yearly just from extra write offs from their own home based business, they listen.

Opening script to other professionals…

You: “Would you be open to a side project where you can write off an extra $10,000 to $60,000 a year against your brick-and-motor business that you have going for you now?”

How do you recruit professionals to be MLM biz builders?

Have the attitude that you’re successful even if you’re not … attitude is important … push their hot buttons to peak their interest toward MLM … and recruit quality over quantity.

I hope you enjoyed this podcast on how to attract and recruit professionals to build your Network Marketing business.

I want to thank you listeners for taking time out of your day for this podcast.

I invite you to join with me in building an empire with network marketing. Contact me here.

And you can find more tips and tricks on making network marketing work for you at my blog

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