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My Story; How my experience in Medical Coding launched my Network Marketing career!

My story begins with working for years in medical coding, an experience that drove me to find something better, which ended up being Network Marketing. But I am getting ahead of the story.

I need to begin my story in July of 1991, when I was introduced to the medical coding and billing profession by a local company from my hometown. I went from making a minimum wage of $4.00 an hour by working at a JC Penny’s store to $8.00 an hour in medical billing and coding. That was a lot of money for me in those days.

Part of my duties with the new job in addition to medical coding was finding paying clients for the company from the pool of the doctors and clinics in my hometown.

I was taught the skills that were needed to find and recruit doctors, pharmacists, clinicians, nurses, and other health professionals into new clients. I learned the skills of saying the right words and doing trained actions that were needed to win clients. As far as my story goes, this was great training.

Receiving a percentage of the profits that were made from recruiting professionals taught me a little about residual income. That was one of several lessons of how my experience in medical coding came in handy with making Network Marketing work for me.

As the years progressed, my skills in medical coding and recruiting became laser focused and refined.

Between 2005 – 2008, I was making $125,000.00 a year and was the top medical coder and supervisor in the company. And my job of recruiting health professionals was passed to someone else.

During the same period, an unbearable boss took over the company and my career turned into something that was quite miserable.

Ten Reasons for Choosing Network Marketing Over Starting a Medical Coding Company

In 2008, my story was about to change, as I began my search for a career with less working hours to replace my stressful job of working 60-hours a week for a soul sucking boss. I looked at starting my own medical coding and billing company. Lady luck took me in a different direction when a friend in the construction business introduced me to the wellness industry of Network Marketing.

I knew Network Marketing was my ticket out from working a job under a slave-driving boss.  It was my ticket to freedom — to walking away — and firing my boss.

I also longed to be paid what I was truly worth.

There were ten reasons for me choosing the health and wellness niche of Network Marketing over starting my own medical coding and billing company: 

One, the wellness industry of Network Marketing is in a field that I was familiar with and was perfect for my skill-set.

Two, the health and wellness industry of Network Marketing  had consumable products that created a repeat business of people who bought them over-and-over again earning me a long-term residual income.

Three, I could use my skills to build my own team of world-wide Network distributors in seventeen foreign countries making me money 24/7 without speaking the language. Having access to more countries brings in more revenue.

Four, the cost of joining a Network Marketing business is about $1,000.00 – less than $2.90 a day or less than the cost of a good cup of premium coffee.

Five, the start-up cost of getting a medical coding company off the ground floor is $30,000.00 – money I did not have. “Costs like training and certification; office supplies, such as papers and envelops, equipment, furniture; and utilities, such as telephone bills. Other costs include coding software and computers. You may start a coding company from home, but if this is not possible you must rent out office space, which will add up to the startup costs.” Medical billing and coding online course cost range from $1,800.00 to $4,0000.

Six, the tax write-offs for starting a business from home are between $50,000.00 – $60,000.00 a year beginning with year one.

Seven, I did not want to throw away seventeen years of my medical coding skills and recruiting by starting over with a new company. Network Marketing has the flexibility of allowing people to bring their personal talents and skills into it.

Eight, the training in Network Marketing that costs the company hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop is free to those who join. I did not have to go back to school and spend thousands of dollars to be re-certified. The training takes about 3 – 4 weeks and you are up and running and making money right away.

Nine, the system is in place with Network Marketing using three simple steps to make you money starting within the first 30 days. The system to start a medical coding company and get it up and running with making a take-home pay profit is six months to a year that involves elaborate steps to accomplish.

Ten, I could work in medical coding and Network Marketing without the loss of income to support me for the 30-day short time period that I needed to build up my Network Marketing business.

Most people in medical coding join Network Marketing because they see how much money they can make by working fewer hours verses spending hours at a computer making money by coding.

Some people in medical coding don’t join Network Marketing because they don’t understand it, or times being what they are, they simply can’t afford the money to join.

Four Skills Developed by Medical Coding that are Useful for Network Marketing

“What I came to realize is my skills that were developed from medical coding would not be wasted by joining Network Marketing. It dawned upon me of how my experience in medical coding could help me with launching my own home-based business by working less hours and making more money.”

How my experience in medical coding turned from good to the best with Network Marketing started when I began evaluating what skills from coding would work for me in this new venture.

Four skills learned from medical coding helped me to launch a highly profitable business in Network Marketing.

  1. Remote coding by working from home.
  2. Being paid a residual income from networking.
  3. The skills of saying the right words and doing the correct actions.
  4. How outsourcing is a plus for Network Marketing and not a negative.

All four skills helped me to create a world-wide distribution of Network Marketers working remotely 10-15 hours a week from the comfort of your home and making money 24/7.

Seasoned medical coders have already developed these four skills and more. New medical coders have the training to easily turn the theory of these skills into workable and practicable techniques of making money remotely from home in Network Marketing with less hours and less stress and 99% less paper work.

The group who hires entry level medical coders has all the training tools that are useful to make someone into a great Network Marketer. How my experience in medical coding made me into a first-class Network Marketer added to the training tools from medical coding will help you to become a first-class Network Marketer.

With these four skills in Personal Development and Recruiting, anybody in medical coding can create a following of roughly 50,000 in 17 countries with Network Marketing beginning in the first 30-days.

Remote Coding by Working from Home

Working from home remotely in medical coding is still working for someone else or working for yourself with 40 or more long stressful hours. Working from home in Network Marketing is working for yourself with less than 10 – 15 hours a week.

Working from home in medical coding is staying a computer screen 8 or more hours a day 5 – 6 days a week. Working from home in Network Marketing is staying at a computer with less than 2 hours a day with more time available for doing the things you want – a family vacation, going to your son’s baseball games or daughter’s recitals without losing wages. Entry level medical coding jobs remote don’t pay what is paid by working from home with Network Marketing.

Being Paid a Residual Income from Networking

I was lucky by starting out with learning how to recruit through networking and coding medical charts. Not everybody in medical coding learns both skills. They are recruited by somebody else to be a coder without knowing about how being paid to recruit makes you more money than medical coding.

Network Marketing is about recruiting for the products or the opportunity. It is about sharing what you love with someone else who likes the same things.

Everybody recruits. When you recommend a good movie or video game to somebody or at what stores to shop, you are networking by recruiting for that movie, video game, or store. Why not get paid for doing what you do naturally by recommending the things you like to somebody else?

The Skills of Saying the Right Words and Doing the Correct Actions

With recruiting in medical coding, it takes complicated scripts and technical language to learn and spew out to people in hopes of converting them. You are paid accordingly and only when you are awake with recruiting.

The medical coding salary does not compare with that of Network Marketing. With Network Marketing, recruiting is simply promoting the products or opportunity with the use of 25 simple trained words. If you can learn 25 words to break the ice and say the right things, you can recruit for Network Marketing making you money while awake and asleep.

How Outsourcing is a Plus for Network Marketing and not a Negative  

Outsourcing jobs to coders in foreign countries for a medical coder at home result in the loss of work and a cut in pay.

Outsourcing with Network Marketing to people in foreign countries means expanding your business on a global scale and making you more revenue without the loss of work or the loss of pay.

The means of getting people in foreign countries to team with you in building your Network Marketing business globally is easily done through social media sites. And I can show you how to do it in less than 25 words and other Network Marketing tips. A free MLM leads list for recruiting foreigners is available upon asking.

How my experience in medical coding and networking by recruiting turned into a dream made into reality started with a decision. I made the decision to do something different from medical coding to help with improving myself and my family’s lives.

Work from home medical coding jobs is not the same as work from home Network Marketing opportunities. Network Marketing is far superior. How my experience in medical coding can help you make it in Network Marketing is easy as following steps 1, 2, 3.

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