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How a Professional Inviter Gets Prospects to an MLM Meeting

When it comes to convincing our prospects that our industry will change their lives, there is a very small amount of time during the invitation and the network marketing presentation itself to do that. So, the invitation must assist in the prospecting seeing the value of Network Marketing.

Recently, I gave you the way to approach your warm market list of family and friends and invite them to network marketing. Today, I’m going to show you on how to be an inviter with strangers and barely known acquaintances too.

Nothing feels worse than to give an invitation to a meeting and have no one show.

What to say and when to say it is “the invite” and a skill to learn. And we are the inviter – not the message itself, so our skill matters!

Many network marketers give the presentation before the meeting. The invitation is not a talk about network marketing. The invitation to a meeting is letting the prospect know you are in a network marketing company and the incentive for coming.

My aim today is to bring together parts of other articles which I’ve written to lay out a three-step guide on creating the invitation to a network marketing meeting.

The Invitation to Strangers

The goal of an open invitation for a stranger to attend a network marketing meeting is to sow the acorn to become a mighty oak tree.

Before you can make a meeting presentation, you’ve must have people there. No prospects equal no meeting.  Being invited by the network marketer is the first step to the meeting.

What among our arsenal do we have to get strangers to attend our network marketing meeting? The invitation.

Three keys to an effective invitation:

  1. Identify the four-color personalities of the prospect.
  2. Speak first Sentences.
  3. Talk Benefits over Features.

IMPORTANT: Bear with me while I go into some detail below with the three keys to an effective invitation before I put it all together for you. All three keys will come together at the end to help create the invitation for the network marketing meeting.

(1). Identify the Four-Color Personalities of the Prospect –

Our personalities are divided into four-color groups: yellow – blue – red – green. Yellow represents people who are helpful. Blue personalities like to party. Red bosses people around and likes to take charge. Green is geeky and analyzes things.

Everyone you meet may have a combination of the four-color personalities. One will stand above the rest. It is the dominating color trait which will helps us create an effective invitation.

You approach a stranger named Thornton. After a brief introduction, Thornton immediately says, “Get to the point. I don’t have time for chit-chat.” Thornton reveals himself to be a red personality. He is a take charge kind of guy. He doesn’t have time for small talk and likes to see the big picture. Thornton loves BIG MONEY.

Jane on the other hand is yellow. She is helpful, has a servant’s heart and always hugging and making people feel at home. She likes to know how something can help someone else achieve their dreams and make them feel good.

“Let’s party” is the blue personality of Billy. Billy is always talking and never listening. Unusual party invitations light up Billy’s life. He lives for them. Billy draws crowds at gatherings and parties and gets them to do his bidding. He is the life of most parties and everyone wants to be around him. Billy is a born leader.

Green is the dominant color for Judy. She is a book worm and loves to sift through data. She likes detail and craves for organization. Give her the facts and leave her to mull them over in her mind. She takes her time making decisions but when one is reached, she is all in.

These are the four color-personality groups. How do we find which one is dominant in people? By using the formula F O R M D.

F O R M D is the way of asking questions to help us find the dominant color trait. The questions center around Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money, and Dreams. It builds rapport. It helps find the needs, desires and wants of the prospect and identifies the color personality foremost in his life.

(2). Speak First Sentences –

Interest me. Give me something that makes me pay attention. This is the mantra of every invitation.

For the invitation to matter for the prospect to take notice, it must stand out and make a first impression. Making a first impression starts with the first sentence to open the invitation. The sequence of first words spoken are the words which grab attention.

When a person starts a sentence with the first words, “Would it be okay if…” or “Are you open to…”, the subconscious mind easily follows what comes next.

Would it be okay if I could tell you how to quit your 9-5 job and still make more money?”

Are you open to letting me show you how to get your car payment paid every month?”

Would it be okay if I show you how to end your back pain with this new drink from the Amazon Rain Forest?”

Are you open to a holiday energy boost to help you lose 10 lbs. in a week?”

These questions are more interesting and cause prospects to listen and respond more positive than:

“I have a great opportunity where you are going to quit your job and make you a millionaire in a year.”

“You got to join this new business venture where your car payment is made for you every month.”

“You are going to love this new product which will stop that back pain that you have.”

“I’ve got the perfect product for you to lose those 10 lbs. around the waist.”

The first group of statements ASKS permission. The second group does not. With the first group the mind easily grants permission while the second guards their wallet. The first group uses pop-culture and the second does not.

Asking permission with “Would it be okay if…” and “Are you open to…” makes the mind more acceptable to the invitation. You are not pushy, not salesy and not overbearing. Permission is easily granted by the prospect.

(3). Talk Benefits over Features –

The benefits of network marketing always outweigh features. Benefits are what a thing DOES. Features explain what IT IS.

Features are maltodextrin, amino acid mix, citric acid, fruity mix flavoring, and vitamin mix.

Benefits are a tea which stimulates brain function, fights fatigue and allows you to focus and concentrate longer.

Features are binary downlines, qualifying EF, cycle points and volume points of the compensation plan.

Benefits are the 20% rep discount on products, home bonus program, tax deductions, car payment program, credit card and debt relief, passive income, building a team, training, and a six-figure income.

Features or benefits? Which of these two do you think best represents the invitation to a network marketing meeting?

Focus on benefits. Leave features to another time.

Putting the Invitation Together

Practice using all three steps to create the perfect invitation request for a meeting.

Let’s put it together.

Remember Thornton, our red personality? He is blunt, doesn’t have time for small talk, takes charge and money is his inspiration. Add benefits which match his red personality to a first sentence and Thornton is sold.

“Thornton, would it be okay if I showed you how you can make money? BIG MONEY? $100,000 passive income in less than 90 days. A millionaire in a year. You get to manage your own team and be the boss. You can fire your boss in the next sixty days with the money you’ll make. Would you come with me to this meeting on Thursday night? Meet me at this address at 7:00 p.m. sharp. I know you won’t be late.”

Our party animal is Billy…. his personality is blue. Billy likes to talk and listens without hearing. He draws large crowds at any party that he attends. His words create action from those who follow him. Try to speak to him and he will always be in a hurry to get to the next conversation. Combine a sequence of words and benefits in a first sentence matching with his blue personality and Billy will be our next leader.

“Billy, would it be okay if I showed you a way you could party all night and travel to any exotic destination in the world that you choose and at anytime you choose with all expenses paid? I’m going to a meeting where you can join a business and be the life of the party. Crowds of people will hang onto your every word. You will have expensive cars and clothes all paid for through the business if you join. You will be debt-free. You will meet people from all over the world who would be in business with you making you money 24/7. More money equals more great parties, more exotic trips, newer cars and more fun. Would it be okay if you meet me at 7:00 p.m. on Friday night at this address?”

What’s Billy going to do? Turn me down? I don’t think so. I’ve met all the needs, wants and desires of his blue personality. I talk about benefits which match his color personality. I speak in a sequence of words which spurs him to positive action. Billy is our next team leader.

Jane is our yellow personality. Money does not interest Jane. Parties, trips and new cars do not motivate her. Jane likes to help. Jane wants to know how our products and opportunity can stop the suffering of people. Have benefits with a servant heart toward helping others relieve their pain and Jane will be there.

“Jane, are you open to a business where you can help people get out of debt, work from home twenty-hours a week and enjoy their kids and family on their own time? I’m going to a meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday night where your help is needed. The meeting is about helping people and families in need. This business will empower you with the ability to raise people out of poverty and give them real hope. An arsenal of tools, resources and help from other people to invest in your cause will be at your disposal with this business. The business has a servant heart. Are you open to it?”

Ca-Ching. Jane is in. Jane will be at the meeting.

Judy is our geeky analyst. Her personality is green. Give her fact upon fact and she is in hog heaven. She thinks things through thoroughly. She thinks logically. Judy cares more about features than benefits. Detail…detail….and more detail. It makes her happy.

“Judy, are you open to a business where your analysis is needed daily? Where you can choose a team of other likeminded analysts to work with you and make you money 24/7? This company has a detailed compensation plan which could use your expertise to break it down in more simple terms for people like myself. You could help other people with a report about the business, the compensation plan and its features. Bring a notepad and at least two pens or pencils. You’ll be taking lots of notes. Meet me at 7:00 p.m. Saturday night at this address and be ready to write down detailed questions which you may have. We’ll go over them when the meeting is finished. Are you open to it?”

BONUS: Introducing the Opportunity or Products at a One-On-One Meeting

Occasionally, your meetings may not be with a group of other people. You will be required to do a one-on-one to present the business opportunity. It may also entail you to do a presentation for the products.

Once the invitation is given to a one-on-one, here are ways of introducing the business opportunity and products. Open all your meetings with this type of introduction to the products or opportunity. It calms people’s fears and negates any negativity.

This works well with a crowd.

The Opportunity…

“Thornton, most people I talk with about (NAME OF YOUR COMPANY) join, because they see how well this can help their incomes. The cost is only $1,000.00 plus shipping and tax, that’s $2.85 a day… less than the cost of a good cup of coffee. As a matter of fact, the only two reasons people don’t join are: they don’t really understand our program, or that times are so tough, they just can’t afford $1,000.00. What I’m going to do is just present to you the basic facts about our opportunity and if you like it, fine, we’ll get started. If you don’t, fine, that’s okay too. Fair enough?”

The Products…

“Judy, most people just love our “stress cure teas” (NAME YOUR PRODUCT) from the Amazon. They’re always telling their friends about it. After all, it only costs $45.00 plus shipping and tax, and that works out to only $1.60 a day, less than a cup of coffee if you think about it. You know the only reason people don’t buy this great product is that they can’t believe how well it works, or their budget just can’t set the $45.00 aside. Anyway, let me show you how it works and if you like it, fine, buy one and surprise your husband. If you don’t like it, that’s okay too. Fair enough?”

There you have it. Four color personalities and a first sentence with benefits. Combined they create the invitation to a successful network marketing business. They give incentive to friend and stranger alike for attending a meeting.

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