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Helping Our Network Marketing Prospect Overcome Fear and Doubt

Fear and doubt are our enemies. Overcoming fear and doubt in our prospects is our goal. Without conquering fear and doubt in our prospects, we lose.

Prospects fear that a better option in the future will make their decision for Network Marketing in the present to look bad. If our prospects feel that there might be a better solution in the future, they will not want to decide for Network Marketing now.

Fear and doubt are the basis of most objections. Overcoming fear and doubt in our prospects is to learn how to handle objections in Network Marketing.

How do we eliminate fear and doubt? List the obvious solutions to our prospects’ problems. Once all the solutions are stated, it will be easier for our prospects to choose one solution.

How to Offer Solutions

How do we offer these solutions? Place the BAD SOLUTION first, and the BEST SOLUTION last.

An example.

PROSPECT: “I think your teas and coffees are too expensive.”

US: “Yes, they are expensive. But let’s look at the solutions. We could grow each ingredient in a small greenhouse that we build in our backyard. Of course, this would take too much tome, and in the end, would be much more expensive.”

US: “A more practical solution would be to buy each ingredient individually at your local health food store, But if you added up the total price on each raw ingredient, it would be far more than the price of the product.”

US: “Our last option would be to purchase our teas and coffees. We buy in bulk, put all the ingredients together so it is convenient, and it will end up at the best price for you.”

US: “We all know the benefits of these products. Which of these options seem like a better choice for you?”

Our prospect is relieved. Overcoming fear and doubt by offering them options that they never thought about makes it easier for them to decide.

Let’s do an example for our business opportunity for overcoming fear and doubt.

PROSPECT: “I am not sure I should join this business. Yes, it looks good, but I don’t know.”

US: “Well, joining our business is not the only option. Let’s look at your choices. First, we can hope that our boss gives us a 50% raise in salary, so that you could start paying off your credit cards and bills. That is not likely to happen, at least not in the next few days.”

US: “Second, we can hope to win the lottery. Just kidding. You and I both know that is not a visible option.”

US: “Third, you can start a traditional business. This would put your further in debt. You would have to pay for office space, startup costs, inventory, and you would take a huge risk. Going further in debt is not a good option when you are trying to get out of debt.”

US: “Fourth, you could join our business tonight. Start now so that you can begin to earn the money you need to pay off your credit cards and bills.”

US: “So yes, you have options. You don’t have an option of not doing anything, as these credit cards and bills have to be paid. So, which of these options seem like the best choice for you right now?”

Offering options helps us in overcoming fear and doubt in our prospects. We removed the vague “I hope another option shows up” from our prospects’ minds. Now the choice is clear. Our prospects have to make a choice. What will this choice be? Well that for our prospects to decide. But at least we are overcoming fear and doubt.

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