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Handling Objections in Network Marketing is easy with these Rules

Have you ever had a prospect delay their decision to join or buy? And you are unsure of the way for handling objections in Network Marketing to counteract it?

The prospect says,

—“I want to think about it.”

—“I need to check with my spouse.”

—“I should run this buy the board of directors first?”

—“Let me sleep on it.”

It is normal for a prospect to delay their decisions. It is the internal programs working inside them to counteract everything which you say when recruiting.

Overcoming customer objections, overcoming objections about your business opportunity is a skill which needs to be developed.

First Rule: When handling objections in Network Marketing about delaying a decision from a prospect, we need to know it is normal for them to delay something if possible.

The prospect has delayed decisions for so long in their lives that it is natural to delay a decision to buy your products and join your business when you come along.

Their internal program is saying, “Don’t make any decisions, especially something like buying a product or joining something. Delay as far down the road as possible. We don’t want the headaches which possibly come with it.”

So, the objection, “I want to think it over,” is completely normal when talking to people.

So, what is the solution for handling objections in Network Marketing that deal with delaying a decision?

Second Rule: Objection handling training 101…there is no communication unless there is agreement.

People in sales have learned how to handle objections in sales calls by finding agreement with their customer’s objections.

So, why not adapt that rule in handling objections in Network Marketing?

If we disagree with our prospects’ objections, communication stops. The prospect will not trust someone who disagrees with them. When we disagree, we harm our rapport and trust.

By telling the prospect all the reasons for why they are wrong, the prospect’s internal programs are collecting reasons to support their position when we shut up.

Then it becomes a clash of wills. Their will against yours…the prospect turns sour and we lose them.

Objection Handling Training

So, we need some objection handling training…solutions for handling objections in Network Marketing…

First, we recognize going into a recruiting situation that prospects will naturally delay their decisions.

Second, we must agree with our prospects.

So, here are the first words that we will say to our prospect after the objection, “I want to think it over.”

We say,

Relax, it is okay.

Objection handling definition is the method of getting prospects to relax about their objections.

Sales techniques overcoming objections include the word “Relax.”

When we open with, “Relax…” How does your prospect feel?” Our prospect lets out a deep sigh of relief. He releases the tension built up by his internal program to defend his objection. 

We have stopped fighting against the prospect’s internal program to object.

We keep that trust and rapport that we’ve worked hard to get.

So, let’s review our method of handling objections in Network Marketing about delaying decisions.

  1. Our prospect relaxes.
  2. They like us because we listen and agree.
  3. We continue with trust and rapport.
  4. Our prospect is ready to hear the words we want to say.

The next part of the objection handling script after prospect relaxes?

We point out to the prospect by saying this to them,

Not making a decision…is making a decision not to do it.

Then we give them an example that is accepted by most people.

“Our retirement savings is zero. We worry about our future. But where and how do we start? Should we set aside a percentage of our income? Should we wait to see if we get an end-of-the-year bonus from our job? Should we hope to get an inheritance from an unknown rich relative. Or, do we create our own income stream where we are paid what we are worth without relying on other people circumstances”

“So, we think and think and think. Not deciding to start creating your own income stream now means the days, weeks, months, and years will continue to go by. Now, it will be even harder and more expensive to save for retirement. Not making a decision to start now is a decision to have no savings plan for our retirement.”

Then we add this:

A decision to delay and think it over is… a decision to keep our current situation.”

But we are not done with the prospect….we point out the CONSEQUENCES of delaying their decision.

“Relax, it’s okay if you don’t consider creating your own income with a home-based business by working 40 hours a week or more and making your boss’ dreams come true while you slave at the office making them happy.”

But we are not finished…

We then add the BENEFTS for making a decision…

“By starting a home-based business with my company, you will make 4 X’s more money if you follow simple instructions than you would working for someone else. You will be building your own dreams for yourself and your family without interfering with what you are currently doing. You will get to travel with all expenses paid, buy that new car that you wanted, make sure your kids have the finest education without going into debt, and making your wife happy with all the things that she wants in life.”

So, what have we done for handling objections in Network Marketing about delaying decisions?

  1. Agree with the prospect’s objections.
  2. Remove the luxury of procrastination in their minds.
  3. Point out the consequences of making the decision to keep circumstances the same.
  4. Point out the benefits of making the decision to act.

That is it. In a nice a polite way, we let the prospect know that there is no “thinking it over.” Handling objections in Network Marketing is easy when we know the rules.

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