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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

How to get Broke Prospects to Join your business.

Many prospects claim to be broke and getting them to join your business or buy your products is like pulling teeth.

However, the strange truth is; most prospects who claim to be broke aren’t. Want proof?

Even in the poorest neighborhoods, you will find people who order pizza, have flat screen TV’s, computers, IPhones, electricity, cars, Xboxes, heating and air conditioning, and more.

People in the USA who live in the most undesirable neighborhoods are better off than the rest of the world.

Prospects who claim to be broke have lived under the delusion of being broke for so long that they have lost sight of the money which they have available in front of them.

Getting money from broke prospects is easy when you understand prospects are not broke. Prospects are lying to themselves when they claim they have no money to buy our products and join our business.

How do we help prospects who claim to be broke to see what is in front of them? We help break down what they spend.

The Conversation

Here is the conversation with an unmotivated broke prospect to help get money from the prospect to join our business.

ME: You should invest $1,100 to start your business and $100 a month for products, sales aids and training materials, promotions, advertising, etc. Are you willing to do that?

PROSPECT: Nope. Can’t do that. I don’t have the money. Once I pay my bills, there’s nothing left. Can’t I just collect bonus checks and then build my business.

ME: Life does not work that way. Let’ look at your present situation. You have worked ten years for the same company. You are an adult. And you telling me that you haven’t managed to save $1,100 total in all those years of work? Are you telling me also that you haven’t had the business skill or ability to save a total of $100 a month? That is only one week’s work on a paper route or part-time job.

PROSPECT: Yep. The situation is grim. But, all my money goes to paying bills. If I had a few extra dollars every money, I would invest in my business, honest!

ME: How much money do you pay for your enhanced cable television and internet?

PROSPECT: About $200 a month. But, I could never give that up. That is our only form of entertainment.

ME: Do you ever eat out? Or, do you always cook your meals?

PROSPECT: We eat dinner out about twice a week. I know it is expensive, but sometimes we’re just so-o-o-o tired when we come home from work. That’s about $90 a week, about $360 a month, but we do deserve a break now and then. And yes, I buy lunch two or three times a week also, but I consider it a good break from the boredom of the office.

ME: Do you smoke or drink?

PROSPECT: Cigarettes are $10 a pack, and I smoke two packs a day, but hey, I am addicted. I can’t do anything about that. You don’t expect me to give up smoking to build a business, do you? And don’t get on me about my drinking. It is the only way I can unwind after a tough day.

ME: What about weekends? Are they free? Could you take a few odd jobs to have a little extra money to build your business?

PROSPECT: Yea, I have weekends off, but I have a lot of chores and duties around the house. It is the only time of the week I can catch up and get a bit of rest, and maybe get in a game of golf.

ME: Do you pay for green fees and clubs and drinks and…?

PROSPECT: I’m not putting away my golf clubs to build a business. Golf takes only three or four hours of my week anyway. It only cost me $40 for a round of golf including a golf cart and $100 for drinks and food at the club.

ME: So what plan do you have to free up $1,100 to start your network marketing business and $100 a month thereafter?

PROSPECT: That’s what I am asking you. Tell me what I can do to get my business going? Nothing has worked so far. So, what can I do about it?

ME: So what is it worth to you to retire in 5-years at full pay and never have to show up at work again?

PROSPECT: I will do anything to get there.

Any sane person can see that this prospect does have $1,100 to start a business and $100 a month to maintain the business.

Getting money from broke prospects is easy when you break down what they spend money on.

Here is how you can get the money from a broke prospect.

— Mr. Prospect, it’s okay if you don’t have the money. Certainly, you don’t want to stay in that position for the rest of your life. Let’s sit down and figure the fastest way possible to get you started with our business and begin the countdown to free up time and money for you to live comfortably for the rest of your life.

— For one month, Mr. Prospect, don’t eat out, don’t go to the golf course, suspend the premium channels of your television shows, smoke one pack of cigarettes a day, buy beer for home and stop going to the bars. Put balls around the house instead of putting balls on the green. I ask you to do this for one month and save the money for your business that you would normally spend on those items. In one month, you will have the money to start the business and get you moving forward toward financial health. Will you commit for one month to follow this plan?

The prospect agreed. One month later he joined.

Getting money from broke prospects is simply finding where money is spent and showing prospects’ priorities. If your prospect fails to perceive enough value in your opportunity, there will never be money for starting, advertising, training and samples.

Getting money from broke prospects is simply creating the value of our opportunity in our prospects’ minds… “So what is it worth to you to retire in 5-years at full pay and never have to show up at work again?”

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