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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

From a Highly Effective Prospecting Script to Closing in MLM

Since no one succeeds in this business without getting YES decisions, knowing some closing skills —meaning questions that are not salesy or pushy yet really effective— might be a critical skill in Network Marketing, yes?

The most important task after getting a prospect interested in your opportunity or products is closing. And that is why closing skills need to be studied.

“If you can’t lead your prospect to making a final decision to get started with the opportunity, it doesn’t matter how many leads you generate … or how many people you speak to … you’re not going to be making the type of income that you deserve.”

A highly effective script that contain closing skills are a guide you can use to make the difference between feast and famine!

Closing skills for Network Marketing prospects can be as easy as “Eric Worre 4 Question Close” or as technical as the Five Ninja Strategies of closing skills.

Or . . .

From my webinar, you can learn all the techniques of closing from knowing the right kinds of questions to ask.

How to Close a Prospect in Network Marketing

Having a proven strategy and effective closing in network marketing is essential to your recruiting success.

There are four closing techniques for network marketing:

  1. The closing must allow your prospect to air his problems and dreams so that you can see if what you have to offer is a fit.
  2. It must be professional by doing what you say you’ll do…when you tell them you’ll get them additional information when asked, follow through with what you say you’ll do.
  3. It must evoke from the prospect buying signs…when a prospect asks additional questions, that means they’re engaged and interested in what you have to say… so don’t take offense.
  4. It must convey from you a thorough knowledge of your products, services and opportunity.

These MLM closing techniques are not complicated and help ease the prospect into your close.

Here’s what normally happens in a prospecting situation…

You invite them to take a look at your products, hopefully using a proven script if you don’t know how to present your opportunity.

You schedule a time and present your business opportunity to the prospect…do not send them any material until the time of the appointment.

Once the appointment is set, call the prospect a few minutes before the presentation and make sure they’re sitting in front of their computer (if it’s a link to an online video, audio, webinar, etc.)…then send them the material or link.

Make sure you know how long the presentation takes…once you know how long the material takes to review it, call them a minute or two after the time it takes to see or hear the material.

Next you transition into the close.

By now, the prospect is showing all the signs they are highly interested in the business.

However, if the prospect doesn’t give you at least three benefits to help him from what he saw or heard, here’s how you do it…

You: “Hi Jim! Did you see the video (hear the audio, read the PDF, etc.)?”

Prospect: “Yes, I did.”

You: “Awesome! Just curious, what did you like the most about what you saw and heard (or read)?”

Prospect: “I like the part of having the freedom to do what I want when I want.”

You:(Agree with them with whatever they say)…”That’s awesome, Jim, I also like the part about having the freedom to go where I want to go whenever I want.”

You: “You told me earlier that you had this problem (repeat back their pain) and wanted this (repeat back their dreams and desires).

You: Jim, do you think this would help you …(name some of the value and benefits that your opportunity, products and services can do to relieve the pain and fulfill their desires) – Here are some examples from the network marketing company I belong to:

  • To empower your family and friends
  • To have the freedom to be with your kids and family
  • To never have a boss again with no worries of money
  • To be unburdened from debt forever
  • To make $2000 a month extra income you told me you needed
  • To work only 10 to 15 hours a week, making $5000 a month
  • To get a lifestyle bonus check month after month equal to your pay
  • To participate in profit sharing
  • To participate in the millionaire’s club bonuses
  • To take your kids and family and even friends on that paid vacation to Disney World, all expenses paid including $15,000 spending money in your pocket
  • To have a brand new Mercedes Benz you wanted and completely paid for
  • To have the mortgage on a brand new home paid for or the rent on a luxurious apartment or penthouse paid for
  • To help you lose 30-40 lbs. of weight in a month
  • To get back your energy you had when you were a youth and that has been drained from you due to stress and a burdensome lifestyle
  • To be part of a community of successful people who will be personally willing to guide you step-by-step to fulfilling your dreams and desires
  • To be personally supplied day in and day out with the kind of people to help you grow your business and income
  • To be at the beginning of something unique and something big

Prospect: “Absolutely!”

You: “Just curious, what would all that be worth to you?”

Prospect: “I don’t know; to me I’d pay $5,000.”

You: “Are you just saying that; or do you really believe it?”

Prospect: “No, I’m serious. That is worth every bit of $5000 or more.”

You: “Sounds to me like you’re ready to join.”

Prospect: “Yes, when do we sign up?”


If the prospect starts giving you positive feedback after feedback by repeating at least 3 different benefits they saw or hear from the material when you call them, go straight into the close like this…

You: “Hi Jim! Did you see the video (hear the audio, read the PDF, etc.)?”

Prospect: “Yes, I did.”

You: “Awesome! Just curious, what did you like the most about what you saw and heard (or read)?”

Prospect: “I like the part of having the freedom to do what I want when I want, I want my energy back and I like the 15 different ways of getting paid. I can finally take my family on those nice vacations and not have to worry about money.”

You: “That’s awesome Jim. Sounds like me you’re ready to close.”

Prospect: “Absolutely, where do we sign up?”

Note: Most people will do what you do. That’s why you must lead by example. If they ask you, “How did you start?”…and you started on the low end of the company plan instead of the high end, they too will start at the low end. So, be sure you’ve joined at the
level where you want your prospects to be.

Be sure to take action with them immediately and help them get going through the application process. Be a great and awesome sponsor…and make a commitment to work with them to create their own success story. Don’t just sent them on their way.

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