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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Can you find prospects from Your Local Charity?

How do you get fresh Network Marketing leads from your charity? Great question, and this post provides the answer.

How many times have you bought that $6 charity candy bar or bought dinner from your local neighborhood kid selling them for a charity, school, or church? We all did.

We normally don’t want most charity fund-raising products, but we buy them out of guilt and we do want to help.

What if you offered a product or service to your local charity that people really wanted? It would make it easier for the club or organization to raise money.

What to Offer to get Fresh Leads from a Charity? 

What among your products and services can you offer to get a charity to find fresh leads for you? How about offering them a product or service where they get to keep 100% of the profits?

What charity would turn down an offer like that? Not many. It’s pretty hard for a charity origination to turn something down where they make 100% of the profit.

Why give away 100% of the profits to find leads? They will find sales leads through new customers for your products and services. Chances are these fresh leads will want more of your products and services. Some will become distributors. Some might even be your next MLM rock star.

What better way to get free advertisement than from a local charity event?

These local charities and organizations will find you fresh leads, new customers and distributors who otherwise you would never find elsewhere. Some of these people will love the products so much, they will want to become a distribution center on their own.

You get new sales leads; your sales volume goes up; and you might even qualify for more bonuses from your company.

When you get happy customers, they will tell their friends and family about your products and services, and soon you will have a hotbed of fresh leads, qualified sales leads, and an endless supply of customers and distributors.

How does this sound to you so far? Find fresh leads through your local charities, build a leads list and you will have an endless supply of new customers, happy customers who will tell others for free, creating for yourself wealth and prosperity.

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