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Four Simple Invitation Requests to Your MLM Opportunity

Like any Network Marketing professional, you will need to learn some skills. These skills will help you achieve success and prosperity in your MLM business opportunity.

One, of the key skills you need to master is the “art of invitation in network marketing.”

The more you educate yourself and learn about how to get people to join your network marketing business, the more successful you’ll be.

Invitation requests are some of the most important skills to learn next to the follow-up.

What are invitation requests? They’re an unpretentious, friendly and sociable request to take action and to do something.

I “Found Something Awesome” Invite…

Learning how to invite friends and family (warm market) in MLM business opportunities is a skill to master with an outcome that will take you far in your business.

“Hey _______________ it’s __________________. How’s it going? I just found something awesome that I’m really excited about and I think it’s going to be BIG! I’d love to show it to you. When would you have (the amount of time you need) for me to show you what I’m up to?”

Note: The natural tendency of any person upon hearing an invitation is to ask, “What is it?” No need to be evasive.  Reply, “That’s exactly why I need to meet with you,” and just book the appointment.

The “I’ve Launched a New Business” Invite…

“Hey __________________ it’s ________________. How’s it going? I’ve just launched a new business and I’m looking for some people to help with it. I’d love to get together with you and show you what I’m up to. When would you you have (amount time you need) for me to run it by you?

Note: Be sure not to say things like “I’m thinking about starting a business” or “I’m looking at starting a business” because it shows a lack of commitment on your part. People follow decisive individuals.

The “Feedback” Invite…        

“Hey ____________ it’s ________________. How’s it going? Listen…..I just got involved in a new business and am looking to get some feedback on it. Would you be willing to meet with me and take a look at what I’m doing?”

Keep it simple. All really want to do is invite a person to take a look at what you’re up to.

Don’t explain anything on the telephone and attempt to present your business without using whatever tools you have within your company that are designed to do that for you.

Simply do the invite and set the appointment. Then when you meet with them, either now on the phone or in person at a future date, you can lay it all out for them.

The all-time favorite network marketing invitation question…

When it comes to asking specifically an interest question, find room to utilize this one in your day-to-day marketing efforts.

This question works well with both your warm and cold markets.

“Do you at all keep your options open in terms of making money outside of what you’re currently doing?”

It’s simple and to the point.

If they say YES, and most people do, simply set an appointment or schedule a time where you can show them what you are up to and how they can benefit from working with you.

If you’ve taken the time to say hello, break the ice and establish a little rapport, you can easily segue into asking this question as an example.

“Let me ask you something. Do you at all keep your options open in terms of making any money outside of what you are currently doing in your real estate business?”

How to Stand Out from the Crowd

One of the things a network marketing professional always does is to stand out from the crowd…to make a splash where others are too lazy to do so.

There’s a little known online website where you can make this happen, and it will impress your prospects in your invitation.

The name of the company is AMCARDS.COM.

I can promise you it will impress your prospect and add more credibility to your invitation.

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