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4 Tips to Build a Health & Wellness Network Marketing business

Are you trying to conquer crushing debt in a Network Marketing that has health and wellness products? Have you escaped the 9-to-5 grind? Not yet you say?

Then this post if for you.

I have extensive experience in the Health and Wellness category of Network Marketing (MLM). I’m proud of my company. But for those of you who belong to another niche, these tips equally apply.

Paul Zane Pilzer tells us in his book The Wellness Revolution why a health and wellness MLM is the next big thing to a multi-billion dollar industry. The desire for wellness pervades our decisions in life.

In my home town where there is a huge retirement community, health and wellness are constantly on the minds of the elderly. They live for the next doctor’s appointment and around their next prescription pick-up. The young people remain sick year around from allergies and sinus infections because of the type of trees and wild flower plants which grow in our area. 90% of the population in the U.S. is obsessed with wellness.

Wellness and health products and services have the strongest legs when something works to improve health and everyone wants to climb aboard the band wagon.

I was reading Ray Higdon’s blog, and he spoke about four tips to crush it with a health and wellness MLM. I want to expand on what he had to say.

Four Tips to Build a Health and Wellness MLM

The fastest growing MLM companies are health and wellness. For those of us in a health and wellness MLM, we are in the perfect industry. For those who aren’t don’t lose heart because you can still be involved.

“My health tips” to wellness, financial freedom and a happier life:

  1. Never stop learning.
  2. Pay attention to magazines
  3. Stop talking about your company on social media.
  4. Create customers from family and friends

Never Stop Learning –

My health and wellness tip: Learn everything you can about your company, products and services. Learn about the pop-culture and how to use it presenting your products and services to different generational groups. Groups include Gen X and millennial and an almost forgotten group…veterans. These three cultures are most concerned about wellness and have the greatest need for our products and services.

Learn about how to find the needs, wants and desires of your prospects and how to match them with your products and services. No matter what generation with whom are speaking, they all have one question on their mind…. what’s in it for me? Learn the art of digging out their problems and solving them with your health and wellness MLM opportunity, products and services.

Learn the art of asking questions. Ask the right questions to get the best answers.

Read books about network marketing and how to sell and present your products. Read Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell. After learning about how to be successful your first year in network marketing and what to expect, jump over to The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy on getting your emails through to customers and potential prospects without being thrown in the trash can. Next Read Randy Gage’s Making the First Circle Work on how to take charge of your own success model behavior which duplicates throughout your team.

Learn and don’t stop learning. Learn from books, e-books, webinars, events and conventions. Take notes and teach from those notes. If you become a health and wellness authority, people will come to you without begging or pleading. You will grow your business and watch with delight as your team grows with you.

Pay Attention to Magazines –

The next time you go to grocery store pay attention to the magazines at the check-out counter.

Here is a million-dollar tip. The magazines at the check-out counter are those which sell the most and are more popular. Find the magazines whose niche is the health and wellness industry and buy them. Buy all of them.

The reason they are most popular and sell the most is they employ good copywriting and headlines. Copywriting is the art of delivering words to get people acting. It’s designed to sell and get people taking the action of buying.

Some of the more popular health and wellness magazines are: “Prevention”, “For Women First”, “Women’s Health”, “Woman’s World”, “Men’s Fitness”, “Men’s Nutritional Guide”, “Prevention Guide”.

THE HEADLINES of these magazines can be used to promote health and wellness MLM products. Wellness information and the headlines are not proprietary and unique and can be safely used.

Use the headlines and information to create blog posts, titles, videos and articles which you can share on the web and during presentations. They will create a flood of people wanting more information and seeking out your products and opportunity. (Read Opening with a Great First Sentence to Convert the Prospect to Teammate StatusFour Steps to Create Romantic Offers for Your ProductsRomantic Packaging Motivates Prospects to Respond More Positive).

Stop Talking about Your Company over Social Media –

The secret to creating health and wellness benefits on social media which attract people to you is to stop talking about them.

Yesterday, I was on Facebook and was hit up with over 15 offers of people trying to sell me their products. I was hit up by such lines as “Christmas Gift Sets for Health”, “Order This Beauty Aid & Get Paid”, and “Start Making $600 – $1000 a Week”.

If you want to succeed on social media, stop promoting your products and opportunity and start giving away value. Create curiosity. Get them wondering what it is that you have. Get them asking the questions about your products and opportunity.

Become the authority on Facebook about health and wellness. Start with your own testimony in a video posted of Facebook. Tell about a problem before taking products and the results after taking the products. But don’t tell what the product is. Let them ask you.

Give away value by writing articles on such topics – boost your metabolism naturally – the sneaky sleep sapper and the cure – natural remedies which clear up fall woes from colds and flus – think slim and lose weight with these easy tricks – (remember, I just gave you copywriting material to glean from).

Mention your health and wellness MLM opportunity and products without mention the names. Talk about the education and benefits of your products and opportunity.

Create Customers from Family and Friends –

Ready to crush your competition with your health and wellness MLM business? Create customers from family and friends.

MLM is built on volume. The more volume in sales the bigger the pay-check, the bigger the bonuses and bigger the freedom from the mundane. The greatest untapped resource for finding customers for the health and wellness MLM products is your family and friends.

Your family and friends may not be interested in the opportunity, but they are very interested in buying products. One thing which is common among people from all spectrums of life…. they like to buy. They may not like to sell but they love to buy things. You’ve got things to sell. Sell them.

What can you do to attract your family members and friends? Take the products and build stories around them. Create a presentation of first words, focus on the family members and friends and not yourself and tell stories over facts (Read Three Strategies for Delivering a Power Presentation about Network Marketing).

Have you ever seen Girl’s Scouts sell their cookies? What makes most friends and family buy their cookies is not the products. They buy and support them because the girl scouts are friends and family.


Build relationships on social media. Don’t have much of a warm market? Social media is your opportunity. Want to get leads and prospects without spending money. Look no further than to social media. I am building my health and wellness MLM through social media.

Want a course on how to build a health and wellness MLM on social media? Contact me from my contact information on this site.

Never stop learning – copywriting creates words of action – stop being a sleazy salesman on social media – create customers from your family and friends. These are the keys to success in a healthy wellbeing MLM.


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