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4 Solid Telephone Prospecting Techniques for Network Marketing

Using the phone is a daunting task for most Network Marketing novices. Many shy away from it out of fear. Others embrace it over their warm market. A few hide behind automated messages that are void of a real person behind the phone.

Every leader in network marketing uses the telephone. It is the bread and butter of the industry. Without it network marketing would be greatly diminished.

92% of all prospects interact with you over the phone. Selling techniques over the phone are vitally important and make for a profitable year in the industry.

If you’re not getting the desired results selling by phone in your network marketing company, pay attention to these four techniques.

Four Techniques on Selling by Phone

Sales by phone increase proportionally with every person you call. Fail to call your prospects and you fail in your business.

There are four techniques on selling by phone:

  1. Call every lead.
  2. Don’t be overly bodacious.
  3. Speak the prospect’s language.
  4. Take away the offer.

Technique #1: Call Every Lead.

Every lead that gives a phone number is a lead asking you for help. Help them. Start calling them.

How many internet marketers do not call their leads? 71% according to Forbes Magazine…71% of all leads calling the network marketing rep and leaving a message with the rep not calling them back. That is a major loss of money.

Phone sales skills start with calling every lead.

Technique #2: Don’t be Overly Bodacious.

Don’t be overly Bodacious” is a nice way of saying, “Stop Bragging.” Stop bragging about how great your company is. Stop being bigheaded about your compensation plan. Stop being overly proud about the products, your upline and how great you are. Stop being conceited on how much money you make. Selling by phone is not a bodacious act.

Start the phone sales pitch by telling them that your program may or may not be for them. If they like it, fine. If they don’t like it, that’s fine too.

This creates curiosity without hype and the pressure to join. The more curiosity that you create, the greater are the chances of the prospect buying or joining.

Technique #3: Speak the Prospect’s Language.

Speaking the prospect’s language is finding what they like and meeting them on common ground.

Joe and Susan just came off a video presentation. You call them. Susan immediately chimes in before having a chance to use one of your sales phone scripts and says, “I have questions and concerns.”

What is the first thing that should come out of your mouth? “What are your questions or concerns?” Or, “what are the things that you liked best about what you saw and heard?”

I would say, “Susan, I will get to your questions and concerns in a minute. But what did you like best about what you saw and heard?”

Believe me, they will tell you. Telling you what they like best reveals the language which they speak. Speak their language.

Susan: “I love the fact this program is eco-friendly to the Amazon.”​

You: “You know Susan, that was exactly what I loved when I first saw this video. The environment is something my family and I cherish the most and these products and our opportunity seek toward protecting the environment.”

You: “Anything else you like about the video?”

Susan: “I like the weight loss program. I could lose 30 lbs.”

You: “I started the weight program immediately and lost 7 lbs. a week. In three months, I’ve lost 38 lbs.”

You: “How about the fifteen sources of income?”

Susan: “I didn’t quite understand all of it, but the housing program of $76,000 down payment bonus program is something I definitely want.”

You: My wife and I were slow to understand the whole program but the down payment program for housing was the most alluring part we fell in love with.”

You: It’s so important for you to claim your spot and place in my team. I want you to benefit from all these and the only way to claim them is join.”

Susan: “I like the fact I can build something for my kids where they can go to college without debt or worry of the lack of money. I love the fact I can stay at home and raise my kids. I love the fact Joe will get that vacation which he greatly deserves.”

You: “Susan, my kids get what they need without worry of the price or worry of the lack of want. My wife and I work together at home fifteen to twenty hours a week. We are never concerned about the cost of what we buy. We don’t clip out coupons to save pennies. My company is a company providing all we would ever want without debt or an overbearing boss watching our every move. We take six vacations a year all expenses paid. Nothing like it beats it.”  

Wording it like that makes the prospect feel comfortable in their own skin. Affirming their likes is affirming their language and encourages their conviction to join.

Selling by phone is never easier than speaking the language of the prospect.

Technique #4: Take Away the Offer.

“Taking away the offer” is one of the best telephone sales closing techniques for moving a prospect toward positive action.

You want the prospect to decide to buy or join. He or she is hesitant. Take away the offer and watch what happens.

Bernie, a new prospect, tells you he can’t do what is involved with your network marketing program. Rather than arguing, agree with him and tell him he is probably right. This program is not for him. Ask him if he knows anyone who has been affected by the economy and might be willing to work fifteen to twenty hours a week making six-figures a year. Ask him if he knows any college students who want to earn $5,000.00 month working from their home or dorm. Ask him if he knows any moms who want to stay at home and raise their kids while making $10,0000.00 a month.

Taking away the offer keeps you in control and power. You hold all the cards while showing the hesitant prospect he is impoverished in many ways by not taking the offer.

Selling by phone…how do you do it? Don’t hesitate calling every lead. Don’t be arrogant about what you have. Speak the prospect’s language. Take away the offer when they show doubt. These are the keys to successful sales on the phone.


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