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How to get Prospects to beg for a Presentation about your MLM!

While others fight to get someone to agree to look at a business, your prospects will beg for a presentation about your business opportunity!

Formulas are rules, guides, and principles for getting something done. Stories that are used for presentation purposes have formulas. They have a beginning that introduces a character or problem, a middle where the character adopts a solution to that problem, and an end where the character benefits from the solution.

Like formulas in Math, Network marketing has a formula for approaching people and telling stories that sell before a presentation! 

The formula for prospecting is simple. You use the right words in the right way, and prospects will ask you about it, which is very different from asking them if they want to know more!

These formulas require skill, but so can you if a 10-year-old can do it.

The Icebreaker Formula

Introducing your commercial discussion into a social conversation starts with an icebreaker. Its purpose is not just to change the conversation; if done correctly, prospects end up begging for a presentation!

When the presentation is done correctly, which takes a few minutes, you sign up someone new into your Network Marketing business.

The formula for icebreakers is simple. Use a phrase that freezes the mind so prospects cannot help but want to hear what is next. Then, a pause or break in communication follows, causing prospects to ask us to tell them more and with some urgency.

The phrase? “I just found out …” The psychology of this sequence of words is powerful. We suddenly have the prospect’s full attention; they are concentrating on what you will say next.

This skill compels the listener to listen.

People cannot listen to two things at the same time. The phrase, “I just found out …” brings the conscious mind to a complete standstill. It makes the mind forget everything it was thinking about and compels the listener to focus on the words I say next.

The benefit completes the action. It gives closure to the mind. It creates an incentive to want or hear more.

The break in communication allows you to reference something else so that you don’t give away too much. It causes the prospect to ask, “What is it?” Or “How does it work?” This allows you to give the presentation without chasing the prospect.

How this Prospecting Psychology works

Bob, whom I’ve not seen in a while, invited me to dinner. We chat about everything. The weather, sports, catching up on old and new times (“rapport”). Then Bob tells me the exciting news: he bought a new home (“the opportunity”)!

We finish our meal, and I say, “Bob, I just found out (“The Phrase”) how we can pay for our mortgage without ever using our current income (“The Benefit”). By the way, is the dessert good here? (As you pick up the menu “The Break in Communication”)”

Bob says, “Whoa! Wait a minute. You just told me you found a way to pay for our mortgages without using our salaries. What is it?”

I reply, “Sure, I’ll tell you after dessert.”

Bob replies, “No, no, no! Tell me more now. I need a way of paying my mortgage without eating into my paycheck!”

This is where the prospect begs for the presentation.

Whenever a prospect like Bob begs for a presentation, it’s a good problem to have. It is also a rejection-free way to qualify prospects!

Bob would nod and order dessert if he was uninterested—eliminating rejection.

This is rejection-free and avoids using a pushy approach that embarrasses prospects.

Sadly, most people in Network Marketing don’t know how to do this.

The break in communication gives Bob the opening to ‘beg’ for the presentation 

Visualizing the icebreaker formula

I just found out how to _________________________.

If you would ever like to know how, I would be glad to tell you, meanwhile please ______________________!

Let’s have some fun with formula one. The formula news is to find different scenarios which we can use to break the ice and find new customers and reps.

Add some benefits to the phrase “I just found out how to…” followed by a break in communication and we can have a lot of fun.

“Hey Susan, I just found out how to get an extra paycheck every month. If you would like to know how, I’m happy to tell you. Meanwhile let’s go to lunch.”

“Hey Jim. Hey Mary. I just found out how to stop paying cost for daycare and stay at home without losing a paycheck. If you would like to find out, I’d be glad to tell you. Meanwhile, let’s take our kids to the park.”

What do you think Susan, Jim and Mary are going to think? They are either going to say, “tell me more,” or not.

Know anyone who is disgusted with overpaying utility bills?

“Hey John, I just found out how to stop overpaying for your utilities and ridding yourself of all debt. If you want to know more, I’d be happy to tell you. Meanwhile, let’s go meet our wives.”

How about someone whom you know wants to retire before the age of 45?

“Robbie, I just found out how we don’t have to work 45 years like our parents and can make 4 X the amount we make now. If you want to know more about it, I’d be glad to tell you. Meanwhile, let’s go the meeting.”

I’m watching TV with Julie. Julie is complaining about vacations being too short. I say, “Hey Julie, I just found out how to work 24 weeks out of the year and take vacations the other 28 weeks. If you would like more information, I’m happy to share it. Meanwhile, let’s watch “NCSI: Los Angeles.”

I am talking to a secretary and say this: “Hey Donna, I just found out how secretaries can fire their bosses and make more money part-time than the bosses do full-time. If you want to know, I’d be happy to tell you. Meanwhile, go back to writing that letter for the boss.”

See how easy it is with Formula One. “I just found out” A benefit. A break in communication. It’s a simple formula for prospecting.

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