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Forming New Habits moves us toward Success in Network Marketing

Forming new habits which help us to succeed in network marketing is easy to talk about, because talk is cheap.

Creating new habits that serve toward moving us to the goal of success in network marketing is a challenge. The challenging task is to create new habits that automatically move us toward our goal.

We are creatures of habit. It takes 28 days to break a habit and 21 days to form a habit. It takes three weeks for a new distributor to get on the road of achieving some level of success. If we don’t succeed in three weeks with our new distributors, they will fall by the wayside…we’ll lose them for good. That’s 21-days.

Our goal in the next 21 days is helping you break bad habits and form good habits so you can move toward the goal of success with yourself and your team.

We have a 21-day habit challenge. Our current habits and even forming new habits can make us successful or lead us toward disaster. So, let’s get to work.

Breaking Bad Habits and Forming New Habits

Forming good habits or breaking bad habits can change our lives. They can put our success on autopilot; they can destroy families, careers and a network marketing business.

Good and bad habits are actions which are automatic. No willpower needed. We just do them out of habit, and we keep doing them without thinking about them.

Bad habits which we do automatically in network marketing:

  • Getting by with the minimum.
  • Surrounding ourselves with negative people.
  • Making trivial matters important.
  • Procrastination of important tasks.
  • Criticizing others.
  • Mindlessly watching TV and playing video games as the hours go by.
  • Avoiding usage of the products and services of our company.
  • Refusing to set goals.

Good habits which we should do automatically in network marketing:

  • Following up with our best prospects.
  • Returning telephone calls promptly.
  • Seeing prospects in person.
  • Making time for personal development every day.
  • Being open-minded.
  • Listening attentively.
  • Making a to-do list.
  • Being on time, every time.
  • Telling stories, not just facts.
  • Promoting events.

It’s easier to list and talk about good habits and bad habits. It’s harder breaking bad habits and forming new habits. Setting goals, being positive, creating and forming new habits, and learning new people skills can all be overwhelming.

The Secret of Forming New Habits

The secret of forming new habits is to create one new habit at a time for 21 days. This will create the template for forming new habits which are natural, automatic and lead us toward success in network marketing.

“Get in the habit” of creating one naturally-occurring new habit for three weeks. Watch how that habit builds your network marketing business automatically, with no effort on your part. When you act upon a new habit and see results, you will be addicted to creating new habits which further your success.

For example,

Let’s say you are afraid of speaking to people about your opportunity or products. What if speaking to people over the phone or face-to-face became natural and automatic? What if speaking to people was easy and just part of our daily routine? Maybe they’ll become as natural as brushing our teeth in the morning (at least I hope you do).

Wouldn’t that be exciting? No more stress. No more anxiety. No more strenuous willpower. Speaking to people face-to-face or over the phone is part and parcel of your normal daily routine.

You have replaced a difficult activity with a natural-occurring habit.

Another example, You have two people in your family who have knee and joint pains. They’re constantly complaining about it. You are given a hotbed opportunity of telling them about a product which can calm joint and knee pain and give them a restful night’s sleep, yet you refuse. You’re scared of selling in fear of your family members shunning you.

How do we break that bad habit? The change of habits requires a new 21-day activity which is positively the opposite of the old.

Forming new habits is acting upon what you believe is true.

Look at Jim. He is constantly happy with a smile on his face. He created the habit of reacting to the events in his life with a happy perspective.

Overcome the fear of selling by actively selling a product or service to one person who needs it. Sell the same product to someone else and continue with this actively routinely for 21 days. It will overcome any bad habits and form a new one.

Most of us are the very things we seem to fear. We are natural born salesmen. Don’t believe it? Think of how you sold yourself to get the job where you’re employed. How about that significant other? You sold your good qualities and traits to your spouse or lover to seal the deal?

We fear the phone? Don’t you talk to people each day over the phone and face-to-face? How about being afraid of conducting an opportunity meeting?

How many meetings have you done with your kids or family or friends? Different settings but the same principle.

So, getting back to our example of selling our joint and knee pain product. Sell it to one family member, not two, and see if that will make you addicted to the outcome. When you see the excitement of one family member getting relief from joint pain and a full night’s rest, that gets you excited. Sell the same item or a different item to another family member and continue with selling for the next 21 days. That is forming one new habit at a time. This is the template for overcome the fear of selling to family members.

Soon, you will find yourself selling naturally and with vigor.

Breaking a habit and forming new habits are a matter of doing new activities and counteracting the things we do badly. Do it one habit at a time. Get addicted to the results. Let this be the template for all further actions over the next 21 days.

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