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Five Phone Phrases to Use & Eleven to Avoid in Network Marketing

Why an article on phone phrases to use and avoid in network marketing? It’s simple. The top three reasons for call reluctance in network marketing is fear of using the telephone, fear of not knowing what to say and fear of saying the wrong thing.

No matter what your team member may fear about the telephone, they have to learn how to invite prospects through phone conversations. They have to learn how to invite strangers in network marketing and what phone phrases work and don’t work.

Telephone language is a skillset of network marketing to develop and only truly learned when you speak on the phone with a person. It’s a hands on experience skill to master.

Many people think they can go home after signing up in network marketing and place a few Facebook ads and posts or tweet out a phrase, or maybe email a couple of friends and the money starts rolling in.

The reality is it doesn’t work that way. Eventually, you will be required to have a phone conversation using some sort of phone phrases in order to close your prospects.

Sorry, but you can’t hide behind Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with your laptop or smartphone. You actually have to work with people and approach them face-to-face and ear-to-ear. This is a home based business and not a homebound business.

The phone is your friend and not your enemy. You have to use phone phrases, have phone words with people if you are to be successful in the art of invitation in network marketing.

Five Phone Phrases to Use in Network Marketing

Phone phrases used in network marketing are powerful. They help to end a phone conversation on a right note. They save on phone time, and penetrate through the objections people throw at you while on the phone. More importantly, knowing the proper phone phrases gives you confidence in what to say and when to say it. Knowing what telephone phrases to use puts an end to call reluctance.

When opening up a conversation with a prospect over the telephone, use a formula that keeps you on track. This avoids awkward silences, improves your confidence level, and presents you with an opportunity to pick up a ton of valuable information. It keeps the prospect engaged without he or she feeling imposed upon.

A phone phrase used rightly in a formula that is easily remembered by you helps the prospect to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you so they will do business with you.

This simple formula is:

  • Family
  • Occupation
  • Recreation
  • Motivation
  • Dreams

With this five-step formula comes five phone phrases used in network marketing to get someone on your side.

  1. How’s the family? (family)
  2. How’s work going? (occupation)
  3. What fun things do you have for the weekend? (recreation)
  4. How’s things going? (motivation)
  5. What if you had a magic wand? (dreams)

… How’s the family? (Family) –

A telephone network marketing invitation script always engages the prospect immediately. The best way to get them opening up to you is start by asking them about their family. It turns small talk into a conversation with useful information.

So, “how’s the family?” Or, “What have the kids been up to lately?”

People love to talk about their family, especially the proud parents of a child who has achieved an award in something at school. They love to talk about their spouses, especially if they love them.

You can start off by asking,

  • “Are you married?”
  • “How’s your family?”
  • “What is your spouse’s name?”
  • “How many kids you have?”
  • “What are their names and ages?”
  • “Where do they go to school or college?”

A phone phrase in the form of a question can lead to some useful information for you to help them. It can help with solving a problem like paying for their kid’s college education or private school, or that expensive spring break trip for their special child.

… How’s work going? (Occupation) –

This is important because you need to find if they are happy or dissatisfied with their job. If they’re happy with their position, then you need to gear your approach differently by introducing your company products and not the opportunity. If they are unhappy and ready to fire their boss, this prospect is primed for your opportunity.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • “How’s work going?”
  • “What are you currently doing for a living?”
  • “What do you like about your job?”
  • “What do you like least about your job?”
  • “How long you been at your current work?”
  • “Do you see yourself working there for the next ten years?”
  • “How did you start in your position?”

… What fun things you like to do this weekend? (Recreation) –

Some phones phrase which help you with having a better conversation and building relationships with your prospect are those centered around recreation.

Why learn about a person’s recreational habits? It gives you an idea of the things that make for pleasure. There are two things people will love the most and avoid with a passion. It’s pain and pleasure. People will avoid pain and always gravitate to pleasure.

A person’s recreation is their way to escape the pain and embrace the pleasure.

Why not use that information to enhance the pleasure with your products, services and opportunity while helping them with avoiding the pain? It wins friends and influences people.

Here are some phone phrases revolving around recreation:

  • “What fun things you been doing lately?”
  • “What fun things you like to do this weekend?”
  • “So, you still (riding bikes, going to the beach, sailing, racing cars, etc.)?”
  • “By the way, how was your trip to Mexico?”
  • “Just out of curiosity, what are you doing to enjoy yourself?”
  • “What’s the least fun thing you ever did?”
  • “What’s the best fun thing you did?”

… How are things going? (Motivation) –

Once you have dug out of the prospect information about family, their occupation with their likes and dislikes, their activities that give them pleasure, you transition into motivation.

This is the part where you find out what makes them take action – the driving force that causes them to make a decision. This is the part where you can read their temperature.

“How are things going?” “How are you feeling?”

This is important because with phone phrases which motivate, you find their real interest, their real concerns.

Here are several phone phrases which motivate the prospect:

  • “Do you mind if we exchange numbers and talk more about it?”
  • “Do you keep your income options open?”
  • “Are you open to the idea of earning extra money part time?”
  • “Are you open to earning a couple of thousand dollars a month part time?”
  • “Are you open to traveling more for less?”
  • “If I found a way to [fill in the blank], would you be open to find out more about it?”

… What if you had a magic wand? (Dreams) – 

If you don’t get the prospect dreaming, you will lose them when it comes to the close. It is their dreams which you can match with your products and services to help them fulfill it.

“What if you had a magic wand, and you could conjure up the perfect opportunity, the perfect job, the perfect life with all the money in the world at your fingertips, what would that life look like?” “What would it feel like, be like?”

This phone phrase opens the conversation into a new realm. It is the place where the prospect can dream and where you can show them how YOU and YOUR COMPANY are going to help them live out their dreams in the real world.

Maybe their dream is a new home for their family; or a new car which they cannot afford at this time; or maybe it is to open a clinic for the homeless, help their kids who are struggling on their own – whatever their dreams, it is your job to take what you have in products and opportunity and make their dreams come true, and do it REALISTICALLY. No hype, no speaking in generalities but showing concretely how you are going to help them with their vision for a new life.

Eleven Phone Phrases to Avoid in Network Marketing

Just as there are certain phone phrases to use in network marketing, there are certain telephone phrases to avoid. Avoid phone phrases that devalue, create conflict and place doubt in the prospect’s mind.

Here are eleven phrases from Jan Rhue you must purge from your phone presentation:

  1. But – “But” devalues the words before and after it. The listener will be prepared to do battle with you. Instead say, “and”.
  2. I Disagree – By using this phrase you create conflict because the prospect believes that you are telling them that they are wrong. Instead say, “I know how you feel. I once felt the same way. Would you be open to another viewpoint?”
  3. FailedDon’t use this because it is a negative term which naturally imprints itself in the prospect’s mind. Once imprinted negatives thoughts will be all they think about as you talk. Instead say, “I’ve learned.”
  4. I Have ToSounds like you’re being imposed upon and don’t want to help. Instead say, “I’ll be glad to.”
  5. I’ll TrySounds like you’re tentative and unsure about what you’ll really do. It does not instill confidence in the prospect. Instead say, “I will.”
  6. I’m Lucky – Don’t attribute your success to flukes in time, rather give yourself credit for creating positive outcomes. Instead say, “My hard work paid off.”
  7. Only – This phrase is a diminisher. You lessen your credibility by using them. Instead say, “I am,” or “I believe.”
  8. Problem – This stifles creativity. Instead say, “This sounds like a challenge, and I like challenges.”
  9. Should – This phone phrase sounds indefinite and unreliable. Instead say, “I will.”
  10. Truthfully – Sounds to the prospect that you’re not always honest. Don’t use this in your presentation. Get to the point and be honest always.
  11. You Make Me – You sound like a victim who is not in control of the situation. Instead, say, “I feel.”

You are sized up based on the words you use. The prospect on the other end of the phone can’t see you so they will decide if they’ll cooperate with you based on the communicate and the phone phrases you use.

Consider your telephone to be alive and helpful to you in getting your job done. Start to use it with phone phrases to get your prospect on your side and by avoiding those phrases which diminish your value.

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