The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Everyone does Network Marketing, but some aren’t paid for it!

Would you like to know what we do daily to promote network marketing but without getting paid for it? Would you like to get paid for what we do daily in our everyday lives?

Think about the daily habits that we do. Most of us have things to do daily that promote network marketing without realizing it. Most of us have a list of things to do everyday to be happy. We do them without getting paid.

For example,

What is the best movie that that you’ve seen? The most widely seen movie this year is the Walt Disney blockbuster “Beauty and the Beast.”

So, you go see “Beauty and the Beast.” You take your family with you. You buy tickets for yourself and three others in the family. Entering the theater, the kids want popcorn and a coke. So, you buy popcorn and a coke for everybody.

Thinking it is the greatest movie in the world, you want to tell someone about it. Sitting around the coffee break room at work, you tell your friends and co-workers about “Beauty and the Beast.’ They decide they would like to see it. Three of them take their families to see the movie. They each buy tickets and popcorn and coke for four people. That makes twelve people that money was spent at the theater on the movie and snacks. Of course, the twelve people tell three of their friends who take their families to see the movie and it repeats itself over and over again.

The movie theater is grateful for the money that you made them from you and your family and twelve others plus their friends. They are so grateful that they send you a bonus check for recommending the movie to your friends – Yea, right – not really – we’ll get that in a minute.

Another example,

Your day to day life is spent on shopping, buying things and spending money on one thing after the other. Everyday tasks lists include daily shopping for things to do daily to improve yourself and your family’s lives. Buying groceries, paying bills, buying clothes, spending money on a night out – things to do everyday to be a better person – things you should do everyday to be healthy, etc..

You find that one special store where you buy the best quality products at the lowest prices. Do you keep it to yourself? No! You share what you have found with other people who then go to the same store and buy high quality products at bargain basement prices. They in turn tell their friends who tell their friends and who tell other friends. Do you get paid for it? No, the store doesn’t even know your name.

Working without getting paid is called being a sucker. Would you have pay without work? Of course not. No business man would do that. So, why would you work without pay?

What we do daily to help every store in town with making them money by advertising for them with our friends, we can do it for ourselves with network marketing and make all the money.

So, when I am talking to a prospect about the network marketing meaning, I start out by saying, “Most people do network marketing everyday. They just don’t get paid for it.” I follow that statement by telling the story of my experience with my family and the movie “Beauty and the Beast.” I tell them of how network marketing is about getting paid by sharing what we love and what we do daily with other people who love the same things and do them daily.

It’s not about where can I advertise my MLM business to get a few prospects. It’s about telling the story of “Beauty and the Beast” to get all the prospects.

We recommend network marketing everyday. We recommend a good lawn caretaker, a baker, a good restaurant, our mechanic, and a grocery store. We just don’t get paid for it.

Everybody can do network marketing. Everybody who does network marketing gets paid.

This is the story of how to succeed in network marketing today – telling a story about what we do daily without getting paid, and how we can get paid with network marketing based upon what we do daily.

We distributors are the best MLM advertising companies because we share what we love with other people who love the same things. We are the best network marketing ads that work.


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