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Email Drip Marketing Strategies to Get Prospects to Buy or Join!

Email drip marketing is an effective strategy to engage prospects with your network marketing business.

Prospects actively seek solutions to problems. Not being consistently engaged to solve the prospects’ problems causes them to seek answers elsewhere. Loss of customers and loss of distributors are the results. Email drip marketing is an effective strategy to keep them engaged.

An email drip marketing campaign sends, or “drips,” a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time. The most common form of the message is email though other media is acceptable. The messages are dripped in a series and typically automated.

9% to 18% of your target audience (prospects, customers, past customers, distributors, referrals, leads etc.) is thinking about buying what you sell or considering recommending your opportunity to someone they know. An email drip marketing campaign which consistently reminds them of your presence and purpose will keep them involved.

Why is it important to keep dripping on your list? It has email marketing benefits. It works.

It takes time to get a prospect or customer to take notice of you.

Between the seventh and fourteenth connection through an email drip will the prospect act. Most network marketers recommend three tries and stop. Go eleven times beyond the recommended three tries and you will see positive results.

The Email Drip Marketing Plan

The email drip marketing plan is not about the company, the timing, the network marketing industry or how someone else is making money. These are dry, impersonal, dull and boring.

The email marketing plan is all about the prospect. It is about what perks up the ears of the prospect. It shows prospects what your company and products can do to improve their lives. It speaks about benefits with humor and playfulness.

Every email drip marketing plan has a script. The email drip marketing script keeps us on track. It lays out the things we are to do and how to do them with our drip.

The email drip marketing strategy script:

  1. Target the right audience.
  2. Have a great headline.
  3. Customize content and messaging.
  4. The call to action.

(1). Target the Right Audience

The niche represented by your network marketing company determines the audience. You don’t want to sell water filters to those who are only interested in health and wellness. Travel network marketing companies target to those who love to travel. Water filter companies find comfort with those who like water and related products.

Help refine your audience by asking, “What pain and problems are solved by my network marketing company?”

For example,

I’m in the health and wellness industry. My target market is made up of those who are interested in the health and wellness. It’s a broad audience.

The benefits of health and wellness narrow the audience. Benefits are what the products and opportunity can do to solve people’s problems.

Our product niche is athletic performance, weight management, anti-aging, and mental clarity. The opportunity niche includes everything from credit card and debt relief to home buyer and car bonuses to a six-figure income in less than 90-days.

With the niche in health and wellness identified, my target audience are those who are into:

  1. Fitness
  2. Weight loss
  3. Skin care
  4. Alzheimer and Dementia care
  5. Students needing focus and mental clarity for school
  6. Athletics
  7. Joint and Knee pain management.
  8. Toning muscles and weight lifting.
  9. Relief from credit card and crushing debt.
  10. Help with buying a home and a new car.
  11. Healthcare products and insurance.
  12. Staying at home and taking care of the family.
  13. Getting out from under an overbearing boss.
  14. Vacation bonuses.
  15. Dream retirement income.

The list goes on but you get the idea.

My niche solves a lot of problems. My target audience is narrowed and identified by the problems I can solve with the benefits of my products and opportunity.

(2). Have a Great Headline

The first thing the targeted audience reads in your email drip is the headline.  Headlines are determined by what your target audience wants.

Your prospects are only interested in themselves. Reading a headline, they will ask “What is in it for me?” if there is nothing in the headline to meet their wants, needs, desires and solve their pain, they will move it into the trash bin.

Examples of great headlines in email drips for the wellness industry:

  1. How to get four extra paychecks every month – legally!
  2. The dream retirement plan for people over 30.
  3. How to fire your boss and walk away for good.
  4. Work for one month. Vacation for two.
  5. Melt that middle-age spread with this Christmas miracle ingredient.
  6. Bye bye stress with this simple drink from the Amazon Rain Forest.
  7. Stay healthy all winter with this flu-fighting recipe.
  8. Lose 10 lbs. this week.

These headlines meet people’s needs, wants and desires. They answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” My products and opportunity in the health and wellness industry provides the benefits to solve their problems.

Advanced Marketing Institute has a free tool to help with headlines. The “Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer” analyzes the headline to determine the emotional marketing value score.

Enter the headline, select “Business and Professional Services” from the category list and tap the “Submit for Analysis” button to find a score of 37.5% or higher. The higher the score, the more emotional impact you will have with your email audience. It scores based upon intellectual, empathetic and spiritual value.

(3). Customize Content and Messaging

Match content and messaging in a drip email with what is in your headline and to your target audience.

An example,

The headline is “Food Lover’s Secret to Suddenly Slim.” The messaging in the email drip is centered around the secret product(s) of the network marketing company which help(s) with slimming someone’s waist. Don’t build content around products which pack on muscle or reverse aging. They are incongruent to the headline.

Target the audience matching the headline in the email drip to those people who are into weight loss management, losing weight or fitness. Don’t target the message to those people who are into weight lifting or anti-aging. Other products deal with these groups.

Mix the headlines up from one day to the next. One day is about “Why People Don’t Care if They Get Fired.” The next day is about “The Six-Minute Protein Feast to Toner Muscles.” Target the audience for each new headline.

(4). The Call to Action

Drip email without a “call to action” is an email wasted. The call to action is to get readers to perform a task.

The call to action should be persuasive and compelling. It should consist of verbal commands with clear intent. “Tap Here” is unclear and uncompelling. “Read More in the Article” shows intent and is very clear.

Readers of drip email don’t wake up each morning and say, “What action can I take in this email?” Unless you lead them with compelling action verbs and persuasion, they won’t take on any task.

Giving people what they want in a call to action will compel them to act.

People are only interested in their needs, dreams, wants and desires. They are interested in self. They want or need something. Give them what they want in a call to action and they will give you what you want.

For example,

Drip mail with a call to action saying “Free Pictures” does not speak to people’s problems. “End the Hassle of Facebook Cover Photos” speaks to people’s needs.

Click Here to Work with Me” doesn’t really do much to tickle anyone’s fancy. “Work with Me and Get the Secret Paycheck You Deserve” answers the basic human desires of most people.

The email drip marketing plan laid out in plain English: Target your audience by the niche and benefits of your network marketing company. Have a great headline targeted to people’s wants, desires and needs. Content and messaging is centered around the headline and your targeted audience. Have a compelling and persuasive verbal command call to action. These compel the prospect to buy.


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