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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Eliminate Negativity about Network Marketing with Parables

There is a simple story you can tell to disable and prospect’s negativity about MLM. Whay does this work so well? Because stories influence people, bypassing any preconceived notions and negative subconsious programs.

Theses are the benefits of stories:

— Stories disable sales resistance.

— Stories are easily remembered.

Stories get people to act.

Stories build rapport.

— Stories overcome objections.

All marketers tell stories. Telling a story about Network Marketing gets prospects to buy or join.

The Story of the Dinosaurs

We tell the story of the dinosaurs to get people to see they do Network Marketing every day, but they just don’t get paid for it.

Jurassic Park came out in 1993, making dinosaurs look real. Since then five series have made it to the big screen. All of them are good. The best one in my opinion is Jurassic Word: Fallen Kingdom which came out in 2018.

Imagine you are sitting at the kitchen table talking with one of your friends. Your friend says,

“Network Marketing? I don’t know about that. I probably couldn’t do it.”

Why does your friend say that?

Because your friend does not really know what Network Marketing is. Your friend thinks he knows. He thinks it requires selling, presentations, knowing vast amounts of salespeople, or some other similar misconception.

Your friend is making an uninformed decision based on inadequate facts.

Your job is to give your friend the facts about Network Marketing. Telling a story of the dinosaurs will help. I know, the stories we tell.

Telling a story, the conversation could go like this:

YOU: Have you seen the new movie Jurassic Word: The Fallen Kingdom?

FRIEND: Yea, it was great.

YOU: When you went to the movie, did you purchase a ticket and did you get some snacks at the snack bar?

FRIEND: Sure did, and boy, the snacks were expensive, but popcorn and coke go great together.

YOU: After watching the movie, did you keep it top secret? Or, did you tell a friend about it.

FRIEND: I got home and called my brother and his wife. They are Jurassic Park fans. I told them that they had to see Fallen World. It was a-w-e-s-o-m-e! The scene where the little boy wakes up in his bed to a T-Rex staring him down was hilarious and scary.  

YOU: Did your brother and sister-in-law go see Jurassic Word: Fallen Kingdom because of your recommendation?

FRIEND: Yes sir. They went the next night and got tickets for the evening showing.

YOU: So, they purchased tickets and probably bought snacks too, right?

FRIEND: Yes, and they loved the movie.

YOU: Did your brother and sister-in-law tell anyone else about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom?

FRIEND: Knowing my sister-in-law, all their friends the next day knew about it. It is one of those movies you can’t help talking to friends about.

YOU: Well, what you did is Network Marketing. We do it every day. Network Marketing is just recommending what we like to other people usually our friends and acquaintances and people these days on social media that we meet. If what we recommend seems interesting to our friends, they might try it. Our friends are under no obligation to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. They can take our recommendation or ignore it. That’s strictly up to them.

FRIEND: In that case, sure, I do Network Marketing every day. So, what’s the big deal about Network Marketing?

YOU: Most people do Network Marketing every day. They just don’t get paid for it.

Telling a story, telling true stories, telling your personal story of how we do Network Marketing every day overcome resistance to our business.

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