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Easy Ways of Neutralizing Objections in Network Marketing

In a previous post, I covered rebutting objections in network marketing through posturing. I wrote about the need for positioning yourself where you have the upper hand over your prospect because you bring value to the table while he or she brings none.

I also informed you on how to posture yourself by creating so much value with your products, services and opportunity that it nullifies objections.

If you deliver what others need, want or don’t want, so that you can add value to their lives by providing your product, service or opportunity, then you will find people who are eager to buy what you have. And you’ll experience little or no resistance.

Today, I’m going to talk about easy ways to neutralize objections that do come across your path in network marketing when posturing fails to control them.

How to Handle Rejection in Network Marketing

Perhaps the biggest challenge for most network marketers – the one that keeps many network marketers from actively prospecting – is the fear of what to say and how to effectively respond to people’s questions and objections.

Behind that fear is the aged-old fear of rejection. How you handle rejection from the outset of your beginnings with network marketing will determine the course of your success.

New people in the industry may have never experienced rejection and are taken back by it when they do experience it.

Here are some principles to follow in helping to neutralize the fear of rejection in network marketing:

  • Validate the person’s feelings or agree with the objection.
  • Listen then use the Feel, Felt, Found technique, which will increase how effective you are at responding to people’s objections.
  • – – For example, if it is an objection on the cost of a product, agree with them by saying something like this:

“I know how you “feel” about the cost for ______________. I “felt” the same way when I was introduced to it, then I “found” that using it cut back on snacking and meals in restaurants. I not only had more energy, I lost a little weight and saved money every month.

  • Remember, objections are never personal.
  • They’re actually a sign that the prospect is interested.
  • A prospect’s objections are their way to assess your strength to assure them you’re a good sponsor and a good leader.
  • Articulate value concisely and early in the process.
  • In prospecting, the vast majority of objections are simply knee-jerk reactions from busy people who don’t yet see the value in working with you.
  • Every email, voicemail, and phone interaction should lead with an assurance that you won’t take much time, followed by a short (30 seconds or less, or one to two sentences), buyer-centric, and customized value proposition.
  • Reply with a question by another question.
  • – – The one asking questions is the one who has power – not the person answering questions.
  • – – See my webinar on this blog, The 10 Best Closing Questions.

Why Network Marketing Companies “Object” to the Art of Overcoming Objections

The art of overcoming objections in network marketing should be taught to every team member it brings into its fold, but unfortunately it’s not.

And there’s a simple reason for companies not wanting to teach on how to neutralize common objections (and uncommon ones). They’re afraid that words like “sales”, “closing” and “objections” have a stigma attached that drives people away, because they’re associated with being salesy, sleazy and the like.

However, network marketing is about sales. And anyone who tells you differently is a bold face liar. Network marketing cannot exist without sales.
It’s how you present the art of the sale that can take the sting out of the stigma associated with it.

Since it’s about selling, and building relationships to sell to others, and helping them make money through sales, it’s only fitting that you know about the mechanics of selling, closing and neutralizing objections.

What if you could sell value over products, services and opportunity? Would that take the poison out of the arrow?

  • What if you could demonstrate how your products, services and opportunity can solve problems like financing the college education of kids of poor parents;
  • How your opportunity can get a person out of debt;
  • How your product can help people lose weight and gain back memory loss and help with prostate problems;
  • How your service can help a person fire his boss and walk away with no worries of money.

Identifying the Most Common Objections

An objection is something that a person is opposed to; in conflict with, resistant to or against.

You must ask yourself…

Are you dealing with fears, mistaken beliefs, concerns or just preferences?” Once you understand if they’re resistant or totally against, how do you handle and neutralize these common objections in a practical sense?

Let’s identify the most common objections in network marketing and deal with them one by one.

  • “Selling isn’t for me.”
  • “Getting people to buy from me is not my thing.”
  • “This is one of those pyramids, isn’t it?”
  • “Network Marketing? Forget it.”
  • “Oh, those pyramid things never work.”
  • “I’m way too busy…I don’t have the time.”
  • “Only a few people ever make any money.”
  • “I don’t have any money…I’m broke?”

Overcoming and Neutralizing Common Objections in Network Marketing


Prospect: “I’m uncomfortable selling. It’s not for me because I don’t like getting anyone to buy from me.”

You: “Well Jim, you’re going to love this then because we focus more on sharing information and helping people relieve what nags them, rather than actually being sales people.”


Prospect: “I don’t like selling to anyone.”

You: “Awesome! Then I don’t have to un-train you!  I’m not looking for sales people. Most of the people in our business are not professional sales people.  We let our tools do the presenting and selling for us.  I’m in the business of sharing—our incredible products and the possibility of becoming a turn-key entrepreneur! I’m looking for passionate people that when they love something, they’ll share it with others, the same as you would a great restaurant, a movie or a book. The only difference is; our company will pay you to do so! We’re looking for people who enjoy helping others. I can see you have your doubts and I want to reassure you, if you decide to join us I will be training you! If I didn’t think you could do this, we wouldn’t be talking about it right now!”


Prospect: “I don’t want to talk to my family or friends about buying anything from me…Or, I don’t want to talk to my family and friend about it.”

You: “Great…so if I told you that you could build this business without talking to your friends and family, are you ready to get started right now?”


Prospect: “I’m not good at sales.”

You: “What makes you say that?”

Prospect: “I was in sales before and wasn’t very good at it.”

You: “Well, to be honest with you, this business may not be for you then, because we do a lot of talking to people and sharing information about our products or opportunit
y to help people solve their problems and live out their dreams. Do you like working with people?”


You: I’m so glad you brought this up. A lot of people feel the same way…. they’re not comfortable with what seems like selling at first. Actually, I felt the same way in the beginning…but what I found was with the company’s outstanding training, plus a few days of practice…I learned I could easily talk to almost anyone about our products and the opportunity.”


You: “Jim, you’re right on. Thanks for mentioning this. I was surprised when I found out that many of the top performers in our company felt exactly the same way you do in the beginning. They weren’t experienced and didn’t feel they could be successful…but what they found was, with the company’s outstanding training, plus a few days of practice…they could easily talk to most anyone about our products and the opportunity.”

You: “Jim, if you knew for sure we can train anyone who’s willing and coachable so they could be comfortable and effective in a short time, would that address your concern?


Prospect: So, is this one of those pyramid things? Or, “is this network marketing?”

You: “Absolutely not Jim. Why? Is that what you’re looking for? I don’t do pyramids. They’re illegal. Do you have another question?”


You: “Jim, good question. Would you mind if I asked you first, what’s your experience with network marketing?

Prospect: “I just heard that a lot of people have a problem, and only a few people at the top do well.” …etc., etc.

You: “Jim, I know how you feel and frankly I felt the same way in the beginning. But what I found was that what we really do is social marketing. It’s a thriving industry with millions of good people sharing their passion for products and enjoying the success that came with owning their own business
Jim, I have a DVD created by one of the top business minds in the world, sharing his independent research about our industry. Would you be willing to watch it in the next day or two so you can get some additional perspective?”


You: “I have a booklet (article, tape, brochure, video link) about the industry by the well-known author ______. Would you be willing to review it in the next day or two and give me your feedback? I’m really interested in knowing what you like best about it.


Prospect: “I tried one of those network marketing companies before and it didn’t work out for me.”

You: “Really? Tell me about that. What happened?”

Prospect: “Well, I signed up for something once and I never had anyone help me. I lost money at it.”

You: Wow! I’m sorry to hear that. I’d be sour too. If you knew for sure that you someone to actually support you, and not abandon you after you signed up, would you be willing to take a leap of faith and have a different, and more positive experience this time around?”


Prospect: “I’m too busy…. I don’t have the time.”

You: “How does that make you feel to say that? What is taking up all your time?”

Prospect: “I don’t like it. I don’t have the time for anything right now.”

You: “Well, do you have a plan to change that situation?”

Prospect: “No…not really.”

You: “Well…would you like to see one?”


Prospect: “I don’t have the time.”

You: “You don’t have the time? Let me ask you, is that something you’ve struggled with for an extended period? The reason I ask is, that’s even bigger motivation for joining our team. Like they say, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. Success doesn’t come without challenges but our business is about overcoming challenges and taking charge of both your financial and your time freedom. I think when you see our simple success system, you’ll see how you can excel at this just as other busy people have.”


You: “I understand how you feel; I felt the same way when I got started. I was substitute teaching, a newlywed and just had a baby. I was  working this business very part time on the side. And that’s not uncommon. We’ve found that most people work this business very part time, at least at first, and weave it into their everyday life on their own time! For many people, the income they generate from their part time efforts, exceeds what they make working full time at their regular job. Can you imagine what options this will open up for you?” 


Prospect: “I’m way too busy.”

You: “You’re too busy? That’s great! I actually talent scout for busy people like you. Busy people get things done! When you see our simple success system I think you’ll see how this can dovetail perfectly with what you’re already doing and before long you’ll have increased options for how you spend your time.”


You: “I understand how you feel and I realize it is not your intention to add more to an already busy schedule. I work with many people who once felt the same way. After being a part of our team, what they found was it wasn’t so much a lack of time, it was more about managing priorities and leveraging time through our tools and simple success system. Imagine yourself five years from now, not having taken this challenge, what will change? Will you still be struggling with not having time? Our business is about taking charge of both your financial and your time freedom. It’s about increasing your options. How about we focus on how this business can fit into your schedule like it has for other busy people like you.”


Prospect: “I’m broke…. I don’t have the money.”

You: “How does that make you feel?” I get it. I’ve worked with a lot of people who felt they didn’t have the money. Are you actively doing anything right now to help you change that situation in your life?”

Prospect: “No. I feel stuck. I’m working three jobs and barely making ends meet.”
You: “Are you ready to do something about that so you never have to say ‘I don’t have the money again?”


Prospect: “I can’t afford it.”

You: “I hear what you’re saying…but tell me this. Is it really that you don’t have the money, or is it you’re politely trying to tell me NO? It’s ok if you’re not interested. This business isn’t for everyone.”


Prospect: “I can’t afford it.”

You: “I hear what you are saying and totally understand. If I could show you a plan to get all of your money back and get you into profit within the first 30 days, would you be more likely to join?”


Prospect: “I don’t have the money to get started.”

You: “Ok. No problem. Let me ask you a hypothetical question. If your car broke down tomorrow, and you’d lose your job and not be able to get your kids to and from school…and it cost you $1000 to get your car fixed, would you come up with the money to fix the car, even if it required you being extremely creative to make it happen?”

Prospect: “If that was the case, I’m sure I would.”

You: “So…is what you’re telling me then that you aren’t entirely convinced that the value of this business isn’t enough to justify your investment to get started?”

Prospect: “Yea…I guess so.”

You: “So…if
I could show you a plan that you were convinced would help you to get into profit very quickly, would you be more likely to be creative and make this business happen to you?”


Prospect: “I’m flat broke and can’t afford it.”

You: “I understand how you feel; In fact I felt the same way myself when I first started. I had recently quit my teaching job so I could stay home with my new born son. And what I found was, my desire to raise my own child and yet still be a contributor to our family income inspired my creativity. I actually reached out to a family member for a short term loan. That motivated me even more because I wanted to repay that loan quickly. By plugging into the company training and being coachable, not only was I able to pay the loan back in my first month, I actually made a profit. Within ten months I replaced my full time income. Now my children are all grown and I never had to go back to a regular job. I never had to miss a field trip or important event and still create an extraordinary life style for my family. How about we brainstorm together how we can get past this temporary obstacle for you as well and get you into profit right away.”


You: “I understand how you feel. Many people of the successful people on our team once struggled with this same thing due to the recent recession. What they realized was that because money was so tight, it was the exact reason they really should join us! What if I can teach you a simple way to make your money back with our bonuses, during your first month? We have a fast start program to do just that. Also, your start-up investment is a tax deductible business expense. I think you’ll find this is the smartest financial decision you’ll make all year!”

Be authentic. Be interested in their point of view. Don’t try to be clever. Immediately acknowledge a person’s right to have concerns or questions. Use your expanding questions to gain clarity so you can handle people.

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