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Easiest Way to Targeted Solo Ads

Target solo ads can generate website subscribers (opt ins) or leads with the use of a funnel system. In this post Dale talks about his experiences doing that several years ago.

Have you asked yourself, how do I, in the name of jumping Jehoshaphat, go about finding targeted leads and prospects over the internet that are interested in my products and services and my home business opportunity? What is the easiest way to find such people?

The most productive, less expensive and fastest way to find targeted leads and prospects over the internet is through solo ads.

Targeted Solo Ads

What is a solo ad? Glad you asked.

Solo ads are a popular method for internet marketers to drive large amounts of targeted traffic to their content. Someone that sells solo ads are “renting” their potential customers out to another person; and the person that buys solo ads is sending these “rented” potential customers and opportunity seekers to their product or opportunity page in hopes of making them their potential customers and team members.

Targeted solo ads are an extremely profitable medium to generate leads and prospects that are highly motivated to be part of your business.

Say you have a new product or a business opportunity that you want to sell or promote. You know someone else is able to reach a large number of people that are interested in your niche. This other person offers to send a certain amount of those people to your content through a landing page for a certain amount of money.

What is extremely important about solo ads is your ad is “solo”, that is, it is placed out to these “rented” prospects without any other ads interfering with you message. This makes it most likely to be noticed and opened by the potential prospect.

Solo Ads that Work

What’s the easiest way to targeted solo ads? How do I create high quality solo ads that work?

Let me give 2 prime examples of solo ads that work. These are what I call solo ads guaranteed clicks. It’s what is known as the 10 dollar solo ads review (million-dollar advice for 10 dollars).

          Solo Ad 1:

Subject: [FIRSTNAME] Earn 6-Figures in Your MLM


Are you earning all the money you ever wanted?

Do you want your financial dreams to come true?

My name is Dale Moreau and I want to give you

a free presentation to making money online… There are

no strings attached, simply visit my website to read more…


You have probably tried many things and ended up

spending a lot of money on plans or programs that

you just couldn’t figure out or just plain don’t

work for most people.

You have probably tried many things and ended up

spending a lot of money on plans or programs that

you just couldn’t figure out or just plain don’t

work for most people.

Discover the 17 Irrefutable Laws to Build a 6-Figure Residual

Income in YOUR Company, and Set Your Family Financially Free.



Dale Moreau

P.S. Send me an email or visit the above website and I will

personally show you how to get started with this incredible


          Solo Ad 2:

SUBJECT LINE: 100% F.REE Autopilot Money-Making Robot ($688 a Day)


What if you had 100% F.ree Automated

 money-making secret system that anyone

 could use to earn from the web even

 without experience… on autopilot?

==> LINK

This automated “Set & Forget”

super profitable system has been

unknown for years..

Guess what? It’s totally free:

==> LINK


P.S. There are no tricks or hidden fees – it’s free!

Dale Moreau

Notice what I did with both solo ads, I created a subject line, an easy read body, urgency and benefits, and a call to action.

The Subject line

The subject line is the first thing that a reader sees and it grabs the reader’s attention. Like an article in a newspaper the headlines in solo ads is crucial. No matter how good the body of the ad is, it means nothing if no one reads it. So, your subject line needs to be wildly superb.

The Body: An Easy Read

Think about when you open an email and read it. It’s likely that you don’t read every word. You definitely don’t read it slowly and carefully. Most people scan their emails and try to absorb the most important details. So, if you do this, it’s likely that your intended audience will as well.

Keep the sentences and paragraphs short. That makes your solo ads easier to read. Long paragraphs will lose you readers, a sin among sins with solo ad writers.

Avoid making your paragraphs too dense with information. If you space out the information in your solo ads, people will have an easier time digesting your message.

Urgency and Benefits

You want to stress the urgency of getting involved with your business or buying your products and list the benefits they do. Remember, people do not care for what a thing does. They only care for what a thing can do for them to solve their problems and fulfill their dreams. The urgency form of manipulation is necessary and integral to the success of what you’re promoting.

Call to Action

Next convey to the reader why they should buy your products or services, and issue a call to action such as “if you want to knno more, click here.” Or, “if this has value to you, click here to see what else it offers.”

A great e-book on solo ads is Solo Ads: How to Build a Massive Email List that Buys from You Again and Again.

Best Solo Ad Providers

Without going into the full list, here are a few places to the best solo ad providers.

Buyers List Solo Ads

Frank Salinas: Easy Solo Ads


Daz Hartley

Kelvin Chan:


Avoid ads on google that read Free Solo Ads that Work or Cheap Solo Ads that Work or something to that effect. Remember the old adage, “Let the buyer beware” when you se
e something along those lines. A lot of people get into solo ads for the money, forgetting and caring about the people who sign up on their list without concern about the quality of people that they sell them to. That’s what free and cheap do for you.

So, what should you pay for solo ads. They vary from 35 cents a click to $1.00 a click. Just know that you pay for value not being cheap.

If you have a solo ad that you would like for me to look at, send it with your name, email and phone number to I will be honored to look at it and give you suggestions for free.

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