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Duplication: Your MLM team members will follow in your footsteps

Follow me is the axiom of duplication in network marketing. Your team will do what you do. They tend to copy your habits.

Wish your team success? Be successful. Wish your team to prospect? Prospect yourself. Want your team buying products and attending home meetings, webinars and spending time on the phone? Fulfill yourself through your own expectations of others.

To follow me is to duplicate. To follow me in network marketing is to lead by example.

Team members will follow and duplicate bad habits while ignoring the good ones. If they see your desk at home messy and unorganized, their desks remain messy and unkempt. If they find a stack of CD’s in your car, you’ll find a stack of CD’s in their cars. Wear nice or expensive clothes and they wear nice and expensive clothes.

What goes around comes around.

The importance of duplication in network marketing is the difference between starving and thriving.

Come Follow Me

Duplication is finding common ground from which to build relationships. Come follow me is the call for making connections, building relationships and serving people.

Duplicating success in the people you recruit is to train them in what is duplicable. Speaking to a group where members are exclusively women is not duplicable for men. Following a checklist is. Teaching a new member on how to create and maintain a blog is to follow me to unproductive ends. Teaching anyone to do a home-party requires no skills and easily followed.

Certain things you can’t duplicate. Others you can.

Three keys to success in duplication:

  1. Break bad habits.
  2. Allow your team members the freedom to choose their own activity.
  3. Keep it simple.

(1). Break Bad Habits –

You are the leader of your team. You’re in the habit of training team members with the same, dull dry material you learned two years ago. You’re too lazy and care little about anything new which your company has developed. “My ways worked for me then and they will work for me now” is the attitude.

It’s a bad habit…not only a bad habit but a disservice to your team mates by not allowing them to experience the full range of your company training.

Breaking bad habits is easy. Breaking a bad habit by going cold-turkey is not.

Create a new habit by adding on to the old. It’s called “Habit Stacking”…stacking a new habit on top of the bad one.

An example:

Before going to work each day, I have time to make two calls to prospects but do not. Breaking the habit is making one call before leaving for work. I’m adding to what is old. Soon the old habit dies and a better one takes its place. Add to the better habit with another new habit and soon you have the recipe for success.

Knowing how to break bad habits, you duplicate the process with your team. Soon the bad habit of prospecting by your team is replaced with new sign-ups and sales.

(2). Allow Your Team Members the Freedom to Choose their Own Activity –

Follow me to the end in all that I do will undo you in the end. Duplication does not work for everyone.

John is handsome, young and all the ladies love being around him. 98% of his team is made of women. Should I expect all men on my team to prospect only ladies and be successful like John? John’s personality and physical features cannot be duplicated.

Judy is a member of the Red Hat Club in my town. No woman over sixty can join. No men are allowed. Judy’s team is made up of ALL Red Hat Club members. Is it fair to tell Judy that she cannot recruit Red Hat Club members but expand her reach to other groups beyond what is comfortable for her? What she does cannot be duplicated by myself or by anyone who is not part of the Red Hat Club.

Some members love the phone. Others don’t. You have team members who like to blog and recruit over social media. Others won’t touch them out of fear. Certain people like home-parties while others can’t. Referrals come easy for Jerry but not so much for Elizabeth.

The million-dollar secret of duplication: Follow me in results, not the activity.

Give people the freedom to choose the activity which is comfortable for them and gets the job done. They are free to choose but not free from the consequences of their choice. Teach them good habits over bad.

Teach the team members the skills to make their preferred method work and let them choose the different ways to build the business.We want them duplicating what works (recruiting, sponsoring and building leaders). We don’t need to duplicate unique activities and personality to get these results.

(3). Keep it Simple –

Complexity is the death of most network marketers. Intelligence is not measured by making things more complex and bigger but moving in the opposite direction.

William’s college educational skills require more complex tasks. Jordan’s third grade education limits him to do simple tasks.

Getting into network marketing, William and Jordan have no idea of what to do and how to do it. One learns faster than the other (maybe). They need a guide of showing them on how to use their level of skills to accomplish the activities which they choose to get results. They need a simple system.

They need a fast-start action plan training them on where to go to get more leads, close prospects and build leaders.

The million-dollar secret: DO NOT teach them on how to do it. Do not teach the steps of doing it. Teach them by pointing to the training material which will show them the steps in doing the activity.

If I ask a new team member to follow me by teaching them step-by-step on how to do the activity, they will perceive it to be difficult and drop out. 95% of all drop-outs in network marketing see what is so simple to be so hard and fail at both.

Pointing them to a training site or a DVD or a PDF file which shows them on how to do the steps and activities is simple. It is easy. It is duplicable.

Jordan with his third-grade education and William with his college degree can each follow this simple system. Each can learn at their own pace from the resources given and hone their own skills to do the activity required.

So follow me. Duplicate by breaking old habits. Follow me in results, not the activity. Keep it easy and simple by pointing team members to the resources available – these three tips are the formula to network marketing duplication success.

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