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Ice Breaker script: Does Your Job Interfere with Your Life?

Jobs interfere with your life. You may not realize it, but it’s true. There is nothing worse than a boss that takes all the mental and physical life out of you.

Days turn into drudgery when we have a dream-sucking vampire boss that dehydrates us mentally and physically.

Now, if jobs interfere with your life, it pays to be your own boss.

When we have our own business, we get excited about our business growth and personal development.

— We look forward to days of wealth, not unemployment.

—Our ability to help others with time, money and skills advances our personal development.

— More time spent with family makes for a better home life.

People Have Been at their Jobs Too Long When…

jobs interfere with your life and can discourage you.

What if we get a little discouraged with our progress in our Network Marketing business? Well, just think how people feel when they are obligated to work 50 to 60 hours five or six days a week on a job that they have no passion for, helping build their boss’ dreams and robbing them of their own dreams.

They know they’ve been in their job too long when:

— You’re counting your sick days as mini-vacations.

— Your tired and beaten down from participating in other activities.

— You’re dreaming of leaving a higher-paying job for minimum wage.

— You want to get fired.

— You surf the internet at work looking for jobs.

— You constantly check your watch to see if it’s 5 PM yet.

— You don’t care if you get in trouble with HR or your boss.

— You dream of retirement next year when you’ve been on the job for 5-years.

— Your boss is 22-years old and does not know how to do his or her job.

— You don’t even look at your performance review because it is the same… every single time.

— You could sleep-walk through your job because you know it so well.

So, how do we end up in this mess of taking a job that we hate? WE PAY FOR THE PRIVILEGE.

The Proof is in the Pudding

The best-case scenario proves it.

Look at Vassar College. The annual tuition is $55,210.

That does not include room and board. Most students graduate from Vassar College with a debt of $220,840. And then reality sets in, and they realize jobs interfere with your life.

What happens at graduation?

— Unemployment.

— Hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

— Looking at an entry position in their chosen field.

—- Making less money than what it takes to pay rent, a car, some food, and start with a new life outside of college.

— Working five or six days a week for the rest of their lives, helping their boss build his or her dream.

— Hoping their boss will have a kind, gentle soul, and won’t make their lives totally miserable.

I’m not knocking a college education. But let’s face it. It COST LOTS OF MONEY.

Most of us who went to college spend 20 years paying off our college loans, limiting our income to what we cannot afford. Talking about how jobs interfere with your life after paying off that kind debt with 20 years.

And if we are going to get a college degree, wouldn’t it be nice to have a part-time Network Marketing business to pay for all or part of our education investment?

We are so far behind in debt when we start our after-university careers, it is difficult to get ahead financially. We can’t find time to enjoy life or to our pursue passions.

No wonder Network Marketing appears to be the fun alternative to most people. We just have to learn the skills of this profession.

Wouldn’t it be worth investing some time, energy and a small investment to start our own Network Marketing business and avoid those 40+ years of hard labor?

Yes, it is hard labor to work at a job after graduating college. The reward? Massive debt and 40 years of hard labor.

Sounds like gloom and doom… well, here is another fun thought.

If Employers Told the Truth

What if employers told you the truth? What would happen? Would we take the job if our employers told us the truth when we were interviewed?

What if the employer told the truth and said,

—Your salary will not cover all your expenses.

—You will fall behind a little further every month.

—If we fire you, you will get a 100% pay cut.

—You have to give 50 weeks of your life to us, and you can have two weeks for yourself once a year.

—The government is going to tax your pay and take back part of your earnings, simply because you work here.

—There are no guarantees you will have a job next week or next year.

We want to feel safe. We want to avoid risk. We want guarantees… is that possible in life?


But if we can have an extra paycheck, we will feel a bit better about having no guarantees in life.

Do jobs interfere with your life? Network Marketing takes away the sting.NR” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>

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