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Do I Really Need a Network Marketing Coach?

Do I Really Need a Network Marketing Coach, are words for the wise and those who want to learn more about Network Marketing. Its author is Billy Looper.

Billy has been in network marketing for 12 years and is a seven-figure income earner. He has delivered Network Marketing Training Sessions to audiences in 34 cities in 11 countries, from Sydney, Australia, to Bogota, Columbia to Los Angeles, California, and in New York City.

Articles about him have been published in Network Marketing Times. He is a lecturer, coach, trainer, and my personal mentor, sponsor, and friend.

Pay special attention to these words of wisdom.

Do I Really Need a Network Marketing Coach? – Billy Looper

Had John Wooden, the legendary basketball coach from U.C.L.A, been a network marketing coach or network marketing trainer, he would have been a Black Diamond or Royal Ambassador or 5-Star Fleet Commander, whatever his network marketing company would have called the highest ranking.  He would have been considered one of the best network marketers of all time.

From the time I was very, very young, probably 7th grade, he was my mentor and coach.  Without ever getting the opportunity to meet him, he still left an indelible imprint on my life.

John Wooden’s books and especially his infamous, The Pyramid of Success, are still foundation life philosophies and teaching that I try to adhere.  If you are not familiar with his teachings, then please check them out at: They Call Me Coach – How to Create a Winning Organization – Leadership Game Plan for Success. 

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

One of his “secrets” to long-term success at U.C.L.A. was, according to former Villanova Coach Jack Kraft, “U.C.L.A. wins because they’re so tremendously well-drilled.  They don’t try to do anything but the basics.  They run the patterns at you, and if it doesn’t work they do it again and again and keep doing it until it does work.”

Remember, the definition of network marketing or MLM, is to get a large group of people to do a few simple actions over an extended period of time.

Plus, most network marketing companies, network marketing coaches and network marketing trainers have systems in place based on 10 to 15 hours per week.

If Coach Wooden’s network marketing coaching program taught only the simple basics where he drilled and practiced with his team over and over and over until his team members succeeded, then certainly he would have been an incredible network marketing mentor.

Our tendency is to complicate the system with fancier methods or larger scale ideas more appropriate for mainstream marketing.  However, skill training in network marketing should stick with the basics in order to simplify the system to maximize the part-time, 10 to 15 hours per week model and also to ensure easy duplication throughout the team.

Do you think Coach Wooden would have accepted any deviation from his proven system?  No…and many players thought they were bigger than the system, but with 10 trips to the NCAA finals and 10 victories…his system proved superior to any single player.

That’s why we need a network marketing coach to keep us inline, on track and within the system.

Five Ways a Network Marketing Coach Can Accelerate Your Success

  1. Inspiration – Professional trainers in network marketing should have a solid track record of success themselves.  Their story alone can provide inspiration to you and your team.  How did they do it?  What system gave them their success?
  1. Motivation – Network marketing mentors have been in the trenches.  They know what it is like when your best friend tells you “go jump in a big ‘ol fat lake!”   Or like my friend said…the very first person I talked to about my new, exciting, amazing, don’t miss opportunity…”have you totally lost your mind?”  Luckily, I was so excited about it…that didn’t even set me back.  I still have that response on my office wall though for MOTIVATION.
  1. Experience – To maximize your 10 to 15 hours per week, you need to allow those with experience and a proven track record set the system.  This is not the place to use your “individuality” to re-invent the wheel.  Use your “individuality” in attracting sharp, ambitious people to your team, but stick with the basics from your network marketing coach.
  1. 3rd Party Tool – Your network marketing personal coach, whether a successful leader at the top or your sponsor, should also be one of your most effective marketing tools.  They should be available for 3-way calls, network marketing mentoring sessions, and overall network marketing life coach.
  1. Duplication – As a network marketing coach, we are looking for teachers to train teachers to train teachers.  This is a teaching/coaching business.  Part of maintaining the integrity of the network marketing system is to teach/coach other team members how to do the same.  This will duplicate throughout your organization much faster.  The goal is for your team to duplicate whether you are there or not.  That is when network marketing trainers know they have succeeded.

Yes, You Really Need a Network Marketing Coach

Just like Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, success in network marketing is built block by block, where each block is a crucial foundation for the entire organization.  One of the critical blocks is to be Coachable.

You can learn network marketing online.  You can teach yourself.  You can learn by trial and error.  However, the quickest way to success is to find a network marketing coach that will take you where you want to go as fast as you want to go.

Don’t stop looking until you find that person.

To your success,

Billy Looper

PS:  When I first started in network marketing 12 years ago…there was no social media to speak of.  Everyone did not have their own personal website or blog or likers, followers, pinners, instagrammers, etc.!   Now, however, more and more network marketing professionals have a massive online presence.  As you know, that’s an entirely different ballgame than most of us understand or have time to understand.  This can be a very time consuming and frustrating activity…a totally separate skill-set than following your network marketing coach.  That’s the reason I also have an “internet marketing coach” myself.  My friend and fellow MLM team member, Dale Moreau, knows the language and techniques that I’m not willing to learn.  SEO, keywords, meta tags, Yoast, WordPress, and a thousand other words I don’t care to understand.

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