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Daily Habits that will Build Your Network Marketing Business

In my days of training in this industry, many Network Marketers have asked me about the daily habits and routines that I use to build my Network Marketing business, and that is a great question to ask a leader.

The answer shows you what is possible for a certain amount of effort with a certain level of skill, and here is my answer.

In Network Marketing you are your own boss. You have control over your time and daily routine. No one tells you what to do and when to do it.

That is nice but if we don’t act, you will never build a sustainable business, right?

Consistency drives network marketing success. With it you can build an empire in 12 months. Without it you will fail. Daily habits and routines which help you build your business demand consistency.

Many network marketers treat the business like a hobby. They work 15 – 25 minutesa day and think they will grow rich. Treating network marketing like a hobby is like treating pregnancy like a hobby. Once you are pregnant you are either in or you’re out. It’s 24/7. Network marketing may be part-time for some, but you are either in all the way part-time working 15 – 25 hours a week or you are out. No middle ground exits.

Daily Habits and Routines to Build Network Marketing

Building a network marketing business requires a game plan. A game plan requires daily habits and routines to help reach its goals.

Four daily routine network marketing tips:

  1. Create a proper Mindset.
  2. Create a daily piece of content if you are an online marketer.
  3. Connect to people every day.
  4. Promote network marketing events consistently.

Daily activities help to form habits. Consistent daily activities create routines.

(1) Create a Proper Mindset

The difference between a top network marketing influence making money and an unemployed financial planner? Mindset.

A proper mindset requires daily habits and routines to keep you on target. A proper mindset sets out daily to crush all negativity.

Negative thoughts create mental roadblocks to success.

Hanging around negative people who steal your dreams and crush the small achievements you make in network marketing creates negative thought. Hanging around people who are likeminded and encourage you to dream and reach the WHY for doing network marketing counteracts negative people.

Making judgment calls against other network marketers snatches any mental clarity, Always speak well of network marketers including your upline.

A proper mindset of success is only 6 inches between your two ears. Tempering emotions when negativity comes your way creates a proper mindset.

(2) Create a Daily Piece of Content if You are an Online Marketer

Daily habits and routines for me always starts with creating a piece of content for my blog or creating a video. And most of the time it is both.

This part may not apply to everyone. It does apply if you are an online network marketer.

Internet network marketing is still in its infancy (22 years) when seen in the long history of network marketing (135 years). With the new digital age comes new innovative ideas for attracting people online.

Human nature craves for “what is in it for me” We are selfish beings. We want and demand what we need to survive. We all have problems. We seek the easiest way to solve problems. Solve people’s problems using the digital age and you will attract thousands.

Everyone who wants to market online needs to create something of value to give away daily to attract people. It can be a video, writing a report, creating an eBook, Facebook Live, writing an article, creating a network marketing blog or any blog in your field. Whatever it is create something worthy which helps solve a problem by offering a solution.

Attracting new customers and reps by giving away a solution to a problem guarantees success for your network marketing business.

(3) Connect to People Daily

A regular routine and habit for the success of every network marketing is to connect daily to people. It is to prospect. An everyday routine for me is prospecting.

Prospecting is connecting with people and bringing attention to your business.

All daily habits and routines for network marketing must include prospecting if one is to succeed. That means connecting with at least 5 people daily. If you want to know how to start a conversation about network marketing to attract any prospect including strangers, I have several articles on it in this blog. I draw your attention to my recent post “How to Start a Conversation to Break the Ice and Recruit.”

(4) Promote Network Marketing Events Consistently

Promoting events for your network marketing company is not so much a daily activity as it is of being consistent. You create momentum and become a top earner in the company when you promote events.

Events create excitement. Excitement attracts. Excitement attracts all color personalities. Whatever color personality you meet, network marketing events will appeal to them.

Network marketing events attract the red aggressive personality of the shark. It appeals to the yellow personality of the whale who consistently wants to help people. The urchin green personality likes events because it is filled with facts and data in detail for analyzing. The blue personality of the dolphin is appeased by the party like atmosphere of network marketing events.

Creating momentum by promoting events yields between $1000.00 to $1500.00 per person attending. Bring ten people to your next network marketing event and you just made an additional $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 bonus money. What kind of difference would that make in your life if you promoted your next network marketing event to ten prospects?

What are your daily habits and routines to create success in network marketing? Are you consistent? Have a proper mindset. Connect to at least five people daily. Create content daily that solves problems and offers solutions if you are in online network marketing. Promote network marketing events consistently. Create momentum and create success.

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