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A High-End Website that
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DIY training to both create that website and promote it.

General Training & Promotion

After we install your site for you, these videos will show you how to DIY your site with Elementor Pro. You can pause them as you progress, so you can easily implement the instructions and suggestions.

Business Marketing Tips

There is no point in having a site if no one sees it. That is why we are continually adding to our Marketing Tips video series to share what works & what doesn’t.

For instance, AI can create content, but is there a drawback to using it? There is, and we will show you its limitations so you know when to use it (and when not to).

Online Learning

We made sure that what you need is no further away than an Internet connection. Using our online learning, including th many easy to follow videos, you can create a stunning website with relative ease, and at your own pace.

Then we will show you how to market that website. And everything we show you how to do, we’ve done ourselves and documented.

In time, with our inexpensive system and solid training, you will be able to make all your dreams come true. All without spending a dime for 6 months and only $9.95/month thereafter!



Our training and support is currently only in English.

More languages are coming soon (Hint; Spanish first).




Included with the website:

The ready-to-go special Features and Technology that we install for you.

This tells web browsers that your site is safe and secure. It also stops visitors from getting a security warning on their device that may cause them to leave (bounce) before they know what your site is all about!
(HTTPS Enforce is included too.)

This page buikder is a drag-and-drop system that makes it easy for almost anyone to builda web page. And that includes those who are technicaly challenged.
Lots of simple videos show you exactly how to do eveything that is important.

This tells web browsers that your site is safe and secure. It also stops visitors from getting a security warning on their device that may cause them to leave (bounce) before they know what your site is all about!
(HTTPS Enforce is included too.)

A site plugin both controls how your site loads for a visitor, making it faster, and the server side facilities, like memecache (object caching). Both are critical to faster load times that stop people from bouncing!

This plugin makes sure that when you create content, the words and images you use are optimized for search engines. This helps your content rank higher. Yoast Duplicate Post also allows you to update old content in a way that is far easier.

You receive two email addresses, one custom, and catchall that receives email when someone types the address incorrectly. Autoresponders, Forwarders, and email authentication for email marketing are also included (plus more).

Along with the SSL Certificate, your site also needs defencive systems that protect it against different types of attacks, such as DDoS and attempted Login hacks.
We include a high-end security system & daily back ups.

WordPress, Elementor Pro, Speed Optimization, Almost 3,000 templates to build attractive web pages and 9 additonal plugins and all configurations are done for you. When you receive a login, the site is ready to load!

NOTES: (1) Very few small businesses will require 10 GB of storage for their site, but you can use that amount of storage if you need to, with $19 members receiving 20 GB. Keep in mind that storage includes your site, backups, and email.
Your site is automatically backed up daily and can be restored from any backup copy. (3) Members ($19/year) also have access to server-side functions, like reinstalling your site from a backup or staging (for editing a new version of your site) & additional email accounts. (4) Site migration is included if you have a site already. (5) If a member is hacked, we reinstall their site from backup for them (as long as they did not change their security settings)
. (6) E-commerce sites require installing and configuring a highly-rated plugin called Woocommerce, which is significant additional work and will be quoted based on the site size. (7) Like #6 above, membership sites are also an extra. (8) If you already own a Domain Name (website address), all you need to do is point the Nameservers (NS) to the Domain of our website server. Within two to three days, your website will be active, and your free 6 months of hosting will begin.

2,389 Webpage Templates
to easily create stunning web pages

These templates make it easy to create web pages for any type of business.

This screenshot shows a sampling of the 2,389 templates available from Get My Free Website to DIY Websites

Our Masters

A few of our training and support masters are listed below:


Smiling Steve

Founder of Get My Free Website

Founder, Elementor Pro, Marketing Tips

Creating your own website became something almost anyone could do AFTER the advent of high-quality, drag-and-drop page builders. And the one that is included with your site, which would cost you $59 to buy, is perfect for DIY use, even by the inexperienced.

I can’t wait to help you make your dreams come true, both with your website and with promoting it!


Daniel Paden

Spanish & English, Writing, Marketing

Daniel, from Alabama, US, lives in Mexico and is studying Spanish. When it comes time for us to convert our training into that language, Daniel will oversee that project.

Daniel is overseeing the moving of content from a 454 blog post site to another we own. The experience he is gaining is invaluable and will help the members of Get My Free Website.

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