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Can you Close Prospects before the Presentation?

Welcome, welcome. I want to thank every one of you dedicated listeners for tuning in to today’s podcast. 

Dale Moreau here, your friendly host with the most in tips, tricks, strategies and techniques on making network marketing work for you.

And bringing you Podcast 14: “Closing the Prospect Before the Presentation with the Right Sequence of Words.”

When do you think people decide whether to join your network marketing business or not? Halfway through your presentation? At the end? After you answer their questions to their satisfaction? 

The real truth WILL shock you. 

So When do people make their decision?  

Within the first 30 seconds after you open your mouth, before you even start your presentation.  

Unfortunately, a normal presentation focuses too much time on the end of the presentation, and not enough on the beginning. 

So if you keep on doing a standard presentation, you’ll get standard results. 

If you want great results, you need to be different. 

Weird, strange and bizarre things are likeliest to give spectacular results, to change your career.  

First of all, we want to develop like and trust with our prospective customers and business partners by using our two ears rather than our one mouth to communicate with them!  

In other words, listen more than talk to them… to their answers to the respectful and gently probing questions that we ask them.   

How can we get people to make decisions?  

Research in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has determined that 100% of decisions are made by the subconscious mind.  

In fact, the minimum of time that it takes the subconscious mind to come to a decision is 6 seconds, even before it tells the conscious mind what it has decided! 

NLP researchers have found no evidence of free will.  Our subconscious mind is programmed for survival.  

Encountering anything that endangers our survival means that we get a subconscious message that “we ain’t gonna do it!!”  

The instinct for survival will even override a $1,000,000 signing bonus!   

Because our subconscious mind is so attuned to majority thinking and behavior, it will automatically align itself with this very majority… and that becomes evidence of that negative energy, social proof.  

You can either use social proof for you or against you, depending upon whether you use a magic sequence of words to frame your approach, invitation or tour presentation. 

Social proof works 100% against you in sponsoring and retailing.  

Arguing with the pea-sized conscious mind will make NO DIFFERENCE!  

For instance, when a prospect says “I want to think about it,” the subconscious mind is inwardly saying, “Nice recovery!”  

Our subconscious mind is the size of a whole building; our conscious mind is the size of a pea.  

Therefore, our approaches and presentations must be given to the building rather than the pea.  

Most networkers address themselves to the pea and have poor results.  

The question, then, must be, “How do we talk directly to the subconscious mind?”  

You simply must choose a different sequence of words to overcome the fears of their subconscious.   

And when do you need this magic sequence of words? At the beginning, to open up the subconscious mind to give you a fair hearing. 

But what can we say? That’s what this podcast is for! We can try this: 

“Most people who see the network marketing opportunity get really excited and join.  Some don’t… they say they are too busy, then spend all their time surfing the net and playing video games and drinking beer and never achieving financial freedom.  Anyway, let’s get started…”  

Saying Most people commands the subconscious mind to “stand at attention” and instantly cooperate.  

The conscious mind hears it and says, “That’s interesting!”, but the subconscious mind starts up rapid fire internal chatter, an ongoing script of “Am I most people?  Of course I am most people!  I want to be in the most people group…!!!” which takes place completely subconsciously. 

The subconscious mind takes over, because it is the decisionmaker, and therefore wants you to belong to the majority, for reasons of emotional security and survival, and to blend in with the crowd. 

Most people survive just fine by following the pack and not be leaders. 

That’s okay because we are going to use network marketing to turn them into leaders.

So, using the words Most people allays subconscious fears by suggesting that the listeners belong to the most people group. 

Unfortunately, we have been trained so well to spot salespeople that our initial “most people” line might set off that salesman alarm, which will close down the subconscious mind. 

So how do we turn that off? 

With the next part – “some don’t”. You are handing the decision on whether to join or not to the subconscious, not trying to railroad them. 

Even if they belong to the Some don’t group, they will instantly have their salesman alarm turned off, because in spite of their subconscious recognizing that they only belong to the Some don’t group, they want desperately to belong to Most people.  

In other words, their sales alarm is shut off so they allow themselves to listen to your magic sequence of words, as well as anything that follows, despite their usual resistance.   

In two sentences, you have set the stage to close your prospect rejection-free.  

You have turned off their subconscious internal anti-sales monologue and gotten rid of their biggest objection, before you even started their presentation.   

To recap, in using this technique you have accomplished four things: 1) you have closed your prospect(s) in 4 seconds 2) the process was rejection free for you 3) social proof is now working for you instead of against you 4) you have turned the negative snowball effect around to a positive 

Using Most people will eliminate the handicap of that subconscious “sales alarm” within the first couple of seconds, especially when followed by Some don’t, since it creates positive momentum (positive snowball effect) in the ensuing conversation. 

Using this simple second phrase, Some don’t, eliminates the whole world’s biggest objections, previously triggered by the wrong sequence of words. 

What’s even more excited is that you can customize the next sentence to target your most hated objection. 

By highlighting this as the objection “some people” have, you make the subconscious consider it a bad idea. What are some different objections to target? 

 No money  No time/Way too busy  I gotta think it over  It’s a pyramid scheme  I gotta talk it over with my spouse  I don’t know anybody 

Why does this technique works?

In the first step (“Most people”) you mention the objection and create instant rapport by taking advantage of a shortcut that the brain uses:  “I can’t believe anything that you say unless you have the same viewpoint that I do.” 

In the second step (“Some don’t”), you FIX IT,  1) you make it sound ridiculous and 2) you explain it away in short, sweet, simple language 

Another example of how to use this technique: 

Most guys that I show this business to get really excited and join, but some don’t.  They say they don’t have enough money because they spend it all on cigarettes, lottery tickets and beer.  Let me show you how this works… 

Most frequently asked question by distributors: 

How do I know which objection to use to cover the situation? 

You don’t!  If you pick a subject that isn’t a match with their objection, it works even better!  

And, if the prospect’s behaviour doesn’t gibe with the second part, it works even better as well.  

Psychologically, in bo
th cases, it confirms to their subconscious mind that they fit into the most people group and not the minority some don’t. 

Example for “I gotta think it over” 

“Most people who see the Global Wealth Trade opportunity get really excited and join.  Some don’t… they say they have to think it over, and over, and over… and over, and never find an opportunity that works for them. Anyway, let’s get started…”  

Examples for women: 

Most women that I show this business to get really excited and join, but some don’t.  They say they don’t have enough time because they’d rather surf the internet and watch Desperate Housewives than work this business to help their kids play rep hockey or soccer; take dance or music  lessons; pay their college tuition, etc…  (You can say any one of these.).  Let me show you how this works… 

Most women that I show this business to get really excited and join, but some don’t.  They say they don’t have enough time but they’d rather work full time and warehouse their kids in daycare centers.  Let me show you how this works… 

Most women that I show my wholesale designer jewelry galleries to get really excited about it and buy some, but some don’t.  They’d rather pay more money and buy theirs at retail at their local mall.  Let me show you how this works… 

Want one for the The Products of network marketing?

John, most people just love our “stress cure teas” (NAME YOUR PRODUCT) from the Amazon. They’re always telling their friends about it. After all, it only costs $45.00 plus shipping and tax, and that works out to only $1.60 a day, less than a cup of coffee if you think about it. You know the only reason people don’t buy this great product is that they can’t believe how well it works, or their budget just can’t set the $45.00 aside. Anyway, let me show you how it works and if you like it, fine, buy one and surprise your wife. If you don’t like it, that’s okay too. Fair enough?

So in summary, in 13 seconds you have done 3 things: 

1) gotten their subconscious mind to stand at attention and listen to whatever you have to say! 2) turned off their sales alarm completely, and 3) virtually eliminated your most common or worst objection! 

So make sure that you start every presentation off with this magic sequence of words, whether its one on one, over the phone/online, or in a larger group. Now you’re ready to get the conscious mind excited about the products, the company, and the compensation plan, and when you ask them to join – the conscious mind will say yes – since the subconscious mind told it to! 

 “Jim, the name of my company is XYZ (Name of Company). “Most” people I talk with about XYZ join because they see how well this can help their incomes (Why People Join the Company). The cost is $1000 plus shipping and tax …that’s $2.85 a day …less than the cost of a good cup of java (The Cost). As a matter of fact, the only two reasons “some” don’t join is they really don’t understand our program (1rst Negative), or that times being so tough they can’t afford the $1000.00 (2nd Negative). What I’m going to do is just present you the basic facts about our opportunity and if you like it fine, we’ll get started. If you don’t, fine, that’s okay too. Fair enough? (No Pressure).

I hope you enjoyed this podcast on closing prospects in network marketing with the right sequence of words.

I want to thank you listeners for taking time out of your day for this podcast. 

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