The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Earners are Leaners!

The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Chosing a Network Marketing Coach to help you change your life!

Jim Rohn may have said it best when he said,

Income seldom exceeds personal development.”

We embrace that quote, or we wouldn’t have spent time and money creating this website.

It is because we know that many known and even respected Network Marketing leaders share concepts not supported by brain science and often do not emphasize the need to be a student of this profession that we felt this website and webinar services were necessary!

Want some examples? Have you ever heard a Network Marketer who poses as a leader suggest any of these:

  • “Just talk to people.”
  • “That is not my experience!”
  • “You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person!”
  • “Don’t worry when you finish contacting your warm market. There are 2 billion prospects on Facebook!

They will tell you to share a video, and never consider their critical weakness:  videos don’t listen to the problems prospects are having.

The bad advice continues because so-called leaders think all kinds of mindless things; they even believe they can get to duplicate without training you (as if a video can turn someone into a recruiting machine)!

They won’t train you in the necessary Network Marketing skills, instead, they will suggest what activities you should do, like, “You need to recruit more!” 

You do not need to recruit more people, you need more people to recruit. And that simply means you need to help more people on your team learn the skills so they can do that.

This should be the voice in your head, “Who is going to teach them those skills?”

If not you, then who?

We cannot realistically expect people to do something they have never done well or never done before. That is why we need to become proficient in teaching Network Marketing skills.

Timing won’t turn poorly trained independent reps into Network Marketing superstars, which means that training and personal development are the keys to success—not joining a business opportunity early!

Part of that training is understanding how decisions are really made (brain science). And so the journey begins.

The best part? We don’t want to charge you for coaching. Hence, this site.

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Free One-on-One Coaching Session

1.  During this session, we help you clarify the most important Network Marketing Skills for you to improve.

2.  We reserve the right to offer to continue to work with you or not, depending on your commitment to being a student of this industry and other factors, including but not limited to your ability.

A picture of the founder of MLMinar, Steven Peter Burke
MLMinar founder, Steven Peter Burke, known online as Smiling Steve

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