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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Why it’s important to celebrate success in Network Marketing

We must celebrate success in network marketing because it is work to succeed, and it is important to recognize success.

with a weekend cruise, a trip to an exotic beach, and the all famous Labor Day BBQ. Labor Day is a day for network marketers to celebrate and enjoy what they have sown throughout the year.

Network marketers have the time, finances and freedom afforded them through network marketing to do and enjoy those fun things that are out of reach by most people.

Labor Day is also a time of sharing. Celebrate the fruits of your labor in network marketing on Labor Day by sharing the network marketing tips and tricks which helped you achieve your success.

The first Labor Day was started in 1887 to celebrate the economic achievements of the American workforce. The Labor Day movement had its roots in the Harvest Festivals of the American farmer. The fruits of their labor which American farmers shared with the world helped feed the hungry, relieve malnutrition and save lives. It is a day of celebration.

Why am I working on Labor Day by writing this article? Working Labor Day is my time to share with you what makes success in network marketing. It’s to share with you on how to succeed in network marketing fast – to share those network marketing success secrets that will increase your bounty quickly, free you from debt and the 9 to 5 grind, and will help you get your life back.

Monday Labor Day is not a day to be totally focused on family and friends or on an exotic three-day vacation. It’s a day to make sure all of you have a chance at making network marketing to work productively in your life.

Secrets to the Fruits of Your Labor in Network Marketing      

Network marketing is the antithesis to traditional business. Like Coca Cola with its much guarded cola formula, traditional businesses guard secrets to their success. In network marketing, the secrets to success are revealed for the benefit of all.

I have to ask myself what secrets have led to the fruits of my labor in network marketing with which I can share? What from among other successful network marketers can I harvest and glean to share with you?

There are three secrets to the fruits of your labor in network marketing which are found in all successful network marketers.

  1. Posturing
  2. Proper follow-up
  3. Overcoming challenges

… Posturing –

One secret to success with the fruits of your labor in network marketing is posturing. Posturing is how you behave.

The fruits of your labor in network marketing come from the behavior which you have around others. This behavior comes from the words you choose, the expressions on your face and the knowledge you learn.

It is the kind of behavior you have which influences people to place you in the seat of authority to help them with success in network marketing.

When you are postured as an authority, the fruits of your labor in network marketing increase proportionately. You can posture the fruits of your labor in network marketing by taking on the responsibility and belief that you’re a leader.

You are posturing the fruits of your labor in network marketing when you begin to prune, clip and reshape your daily communication to leadership quality.

You are posturing yourself as a leader when you create a blog with articles written and given away for free to help people succeed. You are posturing yourself as an authority when you hone the skill in the way you speak to prospects and groups. You are posturing yourself as a guru in network marketing when you lead by example and lead by growth in your business.

An authority in network marketing makes no excuses, does not get distracted from his or her goal to succeed, and lives in a right attitude and state of mind.

Posturing the fruits of your labor in network marketing is your ability to take control of the direction of your team. You are always in control of the outcome. You can modify the direction of a conversation over a day or in a business cycle or quarter. How you respond to each action is posturing. Do people know you are upset, interested, successful, talented, or broke? How do they know? Have a vision and believe in it to guide you in increasing the fruits of you labor in network marketing.

… Proper follow-up –

Other than posturing the fruits of your labor in network marketing as leadership qualities, the most important step to build a successful business is the follow-up.

The goal in network marketing is to create a new team member or a new customer or both. In order to do that you are going to need to follow-up with these individuals to help the process along.

What are the things you do in the follow-up? It’s important you don’t overwhelm them with too much information. Send them to a website of your company where they can access a limited amount of appropriate information. Or you can connect them to a conference call or other form of information.

If you’re new to the business, set up a three-way phone call with your sponsor or upline. Your particular company, system or upline training will guide you here as to what appropriate action is required.

There are four rules of thumb with the follow-up.

  1. Ask questions to determine their specific interest.
  2. Provide only information that meets those specific interests so you don’t overwhelm them.
  3. Use the system and your upline to build their confidence, your credibility, and their belief that they can do it.
  4. Set up your next contact within 48 hours if possible.

This process is simple, but the results are great.

… Overcoming challenges –

Understand the fruits of your labor in network marketing are built through challenges, obstacles and problems. It is naïve to expect something great will be easy.

When you chose to believe network marketing is without challenges and obstacles, you have an unreal expectation of how the world is supposed to be.

So, to overcome challenges and the grinding of life’s obstacles in network marketing, the first step you have to take is to accept the fact they are part of life.

The second step to take in overcoming obstacles is they are to my benefit. They’re actually good and work ultimately to my benefit. Without challenges and problems, you would remain soft and weak, and it is only because of them that we can become strong, creative and resourceful.

The third step is to not resent them but appreciate them. Just taking this point of view empowers me to be successful in the fruits of labor. Remember fear makes you small while faith makes you big.

Enjoy the fruits of you labor in network marketing this Labor Day weekend. Celebrate with friends and family. More importantly, share what makes you successful in network marketing.

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