The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

The easy solution to Endless Questions after an MLM presentation

The easy solution to Endless Questions after an MLM presentation. We give a presentation to a prospect and end with “Well, that’s it, what do you think?” Then prospect asks endless questions (green personality). What do you do? It’s easy. Information gatherers like to trip us up with this type of objection. Endless questions can […]

Handling Objections: the 8 that are Common & their Responses

8 Common Objections and Their Uncommon Responses Eight Common Objections in Network Marketing. Some people get one or two, while others get none. Why? I means, most of us would like to never hear objections, right? Is that possible? Well, objections do happen but, yes, it is possible to eliminate most of them. In fact, […]

A Quick Strategy for Handling the “I Want to Think It Over” objection

“I Want to Think It Over” A Quick Strategy for Handling this objection. A Quick Strategy We like quick fixes. We like a quick strategy that solves a problem. We like a quick response strategy to objections. We like quick answers. Prospects hate making decisions. They are afraid of making wrong decisions. So, we need […]

Handling the Objection Is this One of those Pyramid Schemes?

How to handle: “Is this one of those Pyramid schemes?” Every day people are lured by promises of easy money and  seduced by schemes. From Ponzi schemes to illegal pyramids that are presented as Network Marketing – Get Rich Quick schemes are around every corner. Is it any wonder why we hear “pyramid scheme” question? […]

The Witty Response to I Want to Think it Over

The Witty Response to “I Want Think it Over” Most people love to buy but people don’t want to be sold. The prospect’s decision of I will think it over makes it hard to push for a YES decision to buy. What is the witty response? Agreement. The witty response to I’ll think about it […]

Objection Handling skill: Your Products are Too Expensive!

Objection Handling skill: Your Products Are Too Expensive! Have you ever had a prospect say, “Your products are too expensive” or something like, “It costs too much”? If what you replied with wasn’t effective, this post is for you. To make the point about price, let’s start with a story: A friend says to us, […]

Getting the Cost of Network Marketing Out of the Way and Upfront

Talk about the Cost of Network Marketing before the presentation! Dealing with “how much does it cost” upfront makes it easy to give a presentation. Without getting the cost out of way, the presentation won’t matter. You are talking on social media with the perfect prospect. You’ve said all the right words and you know you […]

How to Overcome Rejection in Network Marketing with Ease!

How to Overcome Rejection in Network Marketing with Ease! The biggest hurdle with Network Marketers is the fear of rejection. Let’s let’s delve into How to overcome rejection in Network Marketing almost 100% of the time. Most new distributors hate rejection. They don’t want to appear to be making money off their friends. They don’t […]

Persuade tough prospects to Join Your Business with 4 Words!

Prospects need to see the benefits of what you offer them before they will buy or join, and if they see them, you can persuade the unpersuadable! How? Just four words! Why not make the vision of the benefit powerful in their minds? We persuade the unpersuadable to mentally sell themselves and see the benefit […]

Turn Network Marketing Skeptics into Believers in just 3 Minutes

How to Convince Skeptics in 3 Minutes that Network Marketing Works Whether it is Network Marketing online or belly-to-belly contact, we can convince skeptics in 3 minutes that Network Marketing Works. All we need to know is the formula for solving problems. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we […]

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