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Cashing in by doing Effective Email Marketing with your MLM

So you’re ready to hit the “Go” button on your MLM email marketing campaign?

You think you have it all together and you’re going to sit back sipping your GO GO JUICE from your MLM company and it’s all going to start rolling in.

If so, then stop!

Back away from the “Go” button and listen to these free tips before you launch your email campaign.

These tips will not only jump start your campaign but will ensure that your message will get through to your prospects, rather than getting stuck in their spam filter or being sent to a bunch of people who don’t want to hear from you.

Imagine getting this from an effective email marketing campaign:

Subject Line:“Cash On Demand Just by Sending Emails”

  • How to create ‘cash on demand’ by sending emails
  • Subject lines that make your emails immune to the Delete key
  • How to structure your email so you don’t make the ONE major mistake that most people make
  • How to deliberately use “hot buttons” to capture your prospects’ attention
  • How to steal Hollywood’s best stories to make money
  • What Stephen King and James Patterson know about making money that’s hiding right under their nose

Does this sound like something stirring and different? Do we have your eyes and ears’ attention? If you received this above in an email, would you continue on with it? Or, would you hit the delete key?

What you see above is email marketing best practices. It creates a feeling like we’re in a conversation, like I was going to lay out before you the secrets of the universe over dinner. It sounds exciting, I got your attention and you’re ready to have these secrets revealed to you.

… This was our purpose!

It’s leading you where you need to act … from it you get a big itch and you need now to scratch it. That’s how you want your EMAILS to make your prospects feel.

The bullet point text above was strategically designed to bring to your attention certain things that you want to use in your emails … these are the email marketing conversion strategies to follow:

  • Hypnotic Language
  • Bullet Points
  • Pop Culture
  • Emotion (fear)
  • Text Color

Hypnotic Language – This is compelling and commanding talk to get you to do something … to take the action required by the content of the email.

When a hypnotist uses hypnotic language on someone, he uses words that have cause and effect.

Weave together a captivating blend of story, rhythm and tone shift with an artful array of embedded suggestions.

Bullet Points – People are in a hurry. Many times they don’t have time to read a long email. But if you put the content of the body of the email in bullet format, you will find they will read with more accessibility.

Pop Culture – What’s going on in the popular culture?What trends can you find? Use the language of pop culture and the trends that it represents.

Throw in Emotions – Don’t type AT PEOPLE. Speak to them as if you are in their presence and treat them with the personal touch and the type of language which says I CARE.

You can use all types of emotions to illicit a response – fear, anguish, hope, joy, love, quick to act, etc.

Highlight Text with Color – Use red on things that draw your readers to emphasize points. Use blue to tone down points.

Email Marketing Tips

Before delving into these email marketing strategies, you need to understand a few email marketing tips.

  • List exhaustion
  • Be a cut above the rest
  • Value-based content
  • Building relationships

List exhaustion – If someone has subscribed to your email marketing blog, website, (or whatever it may be), know they’ve also subscribed and belong to other people’s email marketing lists. So it’s easy to get list exhaustion.

List exhaustion is where you get burned out by SO MANY emails flooding your inbox from SO MANY people, you become exhausted from opening them … so you end up ignoring them, deleting them, or not reading them at all.

So be much aware of this when promoting your email marketing campaign.

Be a cut above the rest – This means set yourself apart from others. Your leads and prospects belong to many lists – just assume that.

So how do you stand a cut above the rest when it comes to getting noticed in your email marketing campaign? Simply, look at the way everyone else is doing it and do something differently from what other marketers are doing.

Value-Based Content – One of the things MANY marketers do not do is have and give away value in their content.

Many of email marketers are only sending out email marketing campaigns to make a quick buck. Value-based content is giving away content with the intent of helping your list rather than making money off them.

One reason for list exhaustion is because all the emails they’re getting are trying to sell them something. How about providing something of value first and giving them something useful to help solve their problems and giving it away for FREE … that puts you a cut above the rest.

Building Relationship of Trust – What’s the first rule with any prospect or lead? It’s building a relationship of trust.

You need to take care of them … feed them when hungry … nurture them when sick … focus on their needs, wants problems and desires … solve their problems and fulfill their dreams … now, I sound like Mother Theresa … but this is true.

How to Cash in on Effective Email Marketing

What’s the sound of money when it enters a money registry drawer? It’s KACHING.

Think of email marketing as the kaching factor where it becomes your “money vending machine.” At the push of a button, out comes money in the form of sales.

  • It’s ENTERTAINING! How much more entertaining can it be than to write an email while at your computer, hit the send button, and watch money from sales come flying into your bank account?
  • It’s SIMPLE! You don’t have to be a bestselling author. It doesn’t matter if you failed English or made all “A’s.”
  • You CAN DO IT! If you can talk or even do sign language, you can do this.
  • Email is COMMANDING!

Email Marketing Tactics

If you were to ask the tops leaders and earners in your network marketing company what it is that makes them most successful, you’ll find it’s in their email list … and they follow three important email marketing tactics.

They are …

  • Email anatomy
  • Structure
  • Finding your voice

Email Anatomy – Email anatomy includes compelling and crackerjack subject lines, impactful and personality-driven email body, bullet points, attention getting snippets, the call to action in simple and clear words.

Structure – This is the nuts and bolts of the email campaign … this includes behind the scenes stuff in setting up emails accounts, getting an autoresponder, having the email list go out, email formatting, etc.

Finding Your Voice – This is how you come across to others … are you easy to read? … how’s your emotional posture … are you funny? … do you come across as too serious or even sad? … are you trustworthy and most of all, do you have something of value to help your list solve their problems?

Personalize your message … speak as if you are in conversation with them … let them know most of all you care … that you are concerned about
their welfare, about their needs …

When you care, you find your voice, find your calling and most of all find the key to the kingdom of making money through effective email marketing.

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