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Building your MLM business with Appreciation and Gratitude

Appreciation Marketing is the process of ensuring that we show appreciation and gratitude to our Network Marketing customers.

What is at the heart of this? In a word, loyalty. Our gratitude shows we CARE and goes a long way to earning that loyalty! 

This image is a thank you card with the words Gratitude and Appreciation

What makes you loyal to my MLM business … to the products and services that I sell for my company? The answer is nothing except for gratitude and appreciation.

If MLM and network marketing are all about starting and building relationships, shouldn’t the heart of relationship building include the perception and attitude that:




You can secure a lifetime of customer and team loyalty by exercising a little common sense. What makes yourself loyal is what makes your team members and customers loyal. DUH, right?

Does going through a machine at a particular ATM make you loyal to the bank that owns it? How about a robot that answers you when you call your utility company? Does that evoke loyalty to the utility company from you? NO! It does not.

What does make you loyal is the personal touch from someone who says I CARE.

Do you know the number one reason why prospects and customers in your MLM business quit buying the products or never refer other customers?

It’s what Curtis Lewsey, in his audiobook Appreciation Marketing, calls perceived indifference,” meaning your prospects and customers perceive that you DON’T CARE!

It’s a psychological fact that people are attracted to people who care. So we best ensure customers know we appreciate them and are grateful for their business, so they’re drawn to or attracted to us.

What Do You Have Gratitude For?

Be grateful for the mechanic servicing your car, the wait staff that serves you food in a restaurant or fast food joint, and your family just for being your family.

Here is a list of other things you may be grateful for.

In Network Marketing, we can and should:

  • Be appreciative of each member of your team (downline).
  • Thank your sponsor and the leaders in your upline.
  • Most of all, thank your customers.

If your customers are like you and you show them you care, they will know you appreciate them.

If you follow this advice, you will not only have a customer but a friend. And some of those appreciated customers will become new team members when the time is right!

In addition, most of your customers will be loyal,, some for life.

“Appreciation Marketing ” is doing and being the things that show your customers and downline that you care in a way that does not just give them lip service.

Words of thanks and gratitude are not enough. You must demonstrate your appreciation and mean it.

How to Show Gratitude

What examples of appreciation marketing work best? How best in MLM do you express gratitude?
There are two marketing tips that demonstrate better for MLM than others that you appreciate and care for someone.

One will work OK for you, but the other works with the WOW factor built in.

  1. The act of appreciation that is OK
  2. The act of gratitude that conveys a WOW factor.

Gestures are OK, but things that show more effort, like handwritten thank-you notes, are a cut above the rest, truly showing gratitude


A gesture is something as simple as a phone call to tell a person “thank you” for being my friend. It can be an email.

Gestures include sending gifts via snail mail, sending a personalized email, following up to ask how effective the product was, and sharing tips about how the products work.

If you send a gift, include a handwritten thank you to up your game.

What makes a gesture merely a token of gratitude and not the real thing is it lacks the personal touch.
That is why emails can be impersonal if they are not well written and obviously written to that individual, not a merged email to your who list.

The average person receives 30 to 50 emails a day. Most are not personalized other than the fact that their name and email address were merged into the version of that email sent to them by email marketing software.

This type of email is good for selling or a newsletter but does not convey any type of gesture or friendship.

How are they received? Almost as if they were spam!

Whatever you do to show gratitude, make sure it is not going directly into the garbage can or bulk folder.

Gratitude with the WOW Factor

If you are going to stand out from amongst the bombardment of Network Marketing or MLM hype, you must make an impact.

Your effort must carry weight where others are lightweight. You need the WOW factor.

What is it that attracts people to any business opportunity? The company? The products? The type of compensation? You? The answer is it may be many things, but whatever turns on the prospect, it will be even more well received if you show gratitude and appreciation!

It’s the personal factor. It’s how you do personal things differently than others.

If your efforts are geared towards the prospect or customer and not for you or anyone else, they will feel appreciated.

Handwritten Notes

What better way to express gratitude and appreciation than to go above and beyond? Write that HANDWRITTEN thank you and mail a sample product with it. You will see the impact it has.

Why a hand-written note? Simple.

This image show writing a handwritten note, mailing it and sending a gift as a show of gratitude and appreciation

NO ONE ELSE is going to that trouble any longer. You will be head and shoulders above the rest.

When you receive a handwritten personal note of appreciation and gratitude in the mail, what gets sent does not end up in the garbage bin!

Instantly, you feel special, and that is why the effort is more than worth the time and trouble.

“That is all great and wonderful, but I don’t have time to write notes and my handwriting is not great.”

Here is some advice.

Use an online service and type in the information you want in the note of appreciation. That service has an employee handwrite the note and address on the envelope for you.

Specialty fulfillment houses that provide this service exist. If you search Google with the term send a handwritten note for me, you will get results like Simply Noted and more.

Handwritten thank you cards with a personalized message specifically geared to each customer, team member, sponsor, prospect and member of your upline go a long way in showing your appreciation.

Want to add even more of a WOW factor for your best team members and customers to your personalized cards? Have the fulfillment house include a gift.

There are many creative ideas about how you can stand out from the crowd. And if you employ them, you will be grateful that you read this post!

This is an image of stones on a beach with one engraved with the word Gratitude

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