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Building your MLM business into momentum with sustained growth

Below the image is the transcript from one of Dale Moreau’s podcasts that provides tips about building a Network Marketing team into momentum and how to sustain that growth. 

Welcome everyone. Thank you for joining me…

Dale Moreau here, your friendly host with the most in tips, tricks, strategies and techniques making network marketing work for you.

This is Podcast 8: ” Building a Team is the Power of the Snowflake Turned Snow Storm with Unstoppable Force.”

Now, we all would like to build a team.

Building a team with like-minded people invested into making a life created by network marketing is the most powerful force to be reckon with. 

Team building and team activities united in a common cause explode into big results.

… The power of ONE MORE is the power to change a community.

We can learn great lessons of unity and its power simply by observing nature. 

For example, 

… a single snow flake looks beautiful and innocent. 

If it remains on its own it can easily fly away or quickly melt away. 

On its own it does no harm and poses no threat to anyone. 

But when it unites with other snowflakes, they gain more strength and power. 

Those who live in the far Northern parts of the world know the power of the accumulation of snowflakes. 

They have the power to wreak havoc and bring a whole administration to halt.  

If that is the power of the united snowflakes, can you imagine the power generated when people are united under the banner of network marketing? 

Think of the force you exercise when you have a neighborhood of people building a team in network marketing. 

Let me show what it can do.

You recruit two people a month. You train them to recruit two more people a month. With your two and their two, you have four people in a month. 

Now your two distributors teach their two people the power of recruiting two people a month who in turn recruit two people a month. 

This continues for 12 months and you have 58.441 people in your organization making you an income insurmountable by any other means.

Turn your friends and neighbors loose with network marketing and you not only change your friends and family, you change a town. 

With the power of money in the pocket of 58,441 people flowing into the community, the town is transformed by network marketing. More money means more prosperity for business and more jobs created.

Take half the number – 26, 220 people making money and building a empire – and you have the power of the snow flake turned snow storm with unstoppable force. 

… One can effectively lead but five are better.

The key to success in marketing is sponsoring 30 people quickly as possible and find FIVE who will lead effectively.

Make five people self-sufficient in network marketing to be team leaders. Replace those five people with five more self-sufficient leaders. Replicate nine more times in depth and you build an empire with 100 leaders.

The time needed to build 100 leaders is five years. I will not sugar-coat it. In five years, you retire with an average income of $765,000.00 for LIFE.

Where in the world of JOBS do you have the power of the snowflake turned snow storm retiring in five years working 12 -15 hours a week with more money than the retirement income of your mom and dad working 40 years?

…Train your team to do a few simple things over a consistent period of time, and they will explode with ex—po—nen–tial growth– a quote from Eric Worre.

A job will make you a living. But skills will make you a fortune. Train your team with the skills of making a fortune.

Train them on how to get customers and make sales. How to recruit using “right words” and “doing trained things.” How to close. How to follow up and how not to react to a situation but solve it. How to speak on the phone with first sentences and with confidence. How to speak to strangers and how to speak to mom and dad, brothers and sisters.

If you want resources on training your team, I have them on my blog DALEMOREAU.NET. 

I hope you enjoyed this podcast “Building a Team is Power of the Snowflake Turned Snow Storm with Unstoppable Force.”

And what a force it can be when you lead.

I want to thank you listeners for taking time out of your day for this podcast. 

Dale Moreau, your host with food for thought and insights into network marketing and making it work for you. 

I invite you to join with me in building an empire. Email me using the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

Until next time, this is Dale Moreau signing off,, and hoping to see you on the better side of success. 


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