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Promote Your Product with Your Story of how it helped you

There is no easier way in MLM to sell products than to promote your product with your story, which explains how that product helped you!

ocess of creating an image in the customer’s mind which they associate with to attract and retain their loyalty.

One of the most common mistakes in building network marketing is talking about a product using complex explanations.

These descriptions use power point or overhead projectors to break down what the product is made of or explain their scientific value. This is a way of trying to structure products in network marketing along the lines of the business world. It simply does not work.

Network marketing is a business of storytelling and sharing the ups and downs of people. It’s sharing the vulnerabilities of a person and how the products and services helped him or her to step out of a bad condition into a favorable one.

It’s telling a compelling story, a real one, like your own.

Instead of trying to impress someone by repeating the clichés or technobabble you’ve heard, what if you tell your personal, authentic product story.

Branding a product that you have with your personal story, one that truly changed the quality of your life, is the best formula for success.

Branding A Product with Your Story 

Creating a brand for your product is as simple as telling your vulnerabilities and strengths in a BEFORE and NOW formula: this is “what I was like before” and this is “what I’m like now” after using the product for some time.

The assumption of branding a product with your own personal story is this: There are others out there who will want the product for the same reason you did. It’s reaching out to like-minded people.

What about those who can’t relate to your story? Does it turn them off? Actually no, it doesn’t, especially when positioning products with a compelling and emotional story. This is called “brand value,” that is, branding a product with value in a convincing story which conveys success.

Fox example, I would present the value in a weight loss product that I offer in something like this: this product melts belly fat quickly, and “caused me to “lose 10 lbs. in ten days off my belly. In the last three months, I’ve dropped 10, 15, 20, 38 pounds for my best body ever since I was 55 years old.”

Whether you’re branding a product name, branding a product line or just branding a product, presenting a resounding story that is personally yours will win over more converts than ever could be done through any professional made system.

Creating a Product Story in Two Steps

Creating a product story can be accomplished in two steps:

  1. What’s the fix or problem?
  2. What’s the solution to the problem?

The best way to accomplish these two steps is to remember: remember your experience before the product and after using the product.

A practical way to do this is complete this sentence: “Before I started using this product, I was someone who …” Add a couple of very specific ‘befores” to this sentence.

“I was someone who was overweight by 25 lbs., most of it on my belly. I tried weight watchers, starving myself to death and Herbalife. I had high blood pressure and my sugar levels were high. The doctor gave me pills and nothing worked.”

Then add this NOW formula to it: “Then I tried this product and after (time period that’s not exaggerated) I noticed this …”

So, you can complete the story like this:

“Then I tried this product and after 3 months, I lost 10, 15, 25, 38 lbs. My belly fat has been reduced. My double chin is almost gone. I can even fit in a small car seat without a problem.”

Branding a Product with My OWN Personal Story

Here is my way of branding a product from my own network marketing company.

Let me tell you a story, my story, a 5-1/2-minute story of the last 45 years of my life.

Like all stories, it has a beginning, a middle, but this one does not quite have an ending yet.

This story has a BEFORE and a NOW.

Let’s begin!


I was living the dream in a nightmarish world.

I’ve been reflecting on my life for the last 45 years.

Ten years ago I started gaining weight. I ballooned out at 5 feet 9 inches from 145 lbs. to a whopping circus tent size of 245 lbs.

My pant size went from a 34” to a 46’’ waist.

Trying to fit into an airplane seat was difficult, never mind the fact that I had to latch the seatbelt which took extra effort to say the least.

Riding in a small car was hard on me, taking up two spaces when it should have been one; Have you ever tired sitting on that hump in some cars that divide the seats? It’s hard on the butt much less the stomach.

Forget about taking the stairs. By the time I made it to the top, I was out of breath.

I hated looking at the mirror each day, because frankly I was repulsed at what I saw.

It is an understatement that the smile behind the face was really a frown.

I did the low carb diet, Herbalife, Weight Watchers to starving myself. They worked for a while, but when I reached my peak with them, the weight started coming back worse off than when I started. For every pound I lost, I gained back two.

Prior to my “Frankenstein-ish” weight gain, I had developed other health issues of elevated blood sugar and high blood pressure at the age of 19, which is hard to believe with me at that time of being a light weight of 130 lbs.

One of the worst days of my life was in June 2015, when I collapsed in front of a room of family and friends because my legs gave out from the amount of weight on them and high blood pressure soaring through the roof with sugar levels dangerously high.

All I did was feel sorry for myself while shucking down donuts and coffee to drown out my sorrow, adding more fuel to the fire of poor health.

So, for 45 years, it has been nothing but a war zone of me battling health issues and problems from all flanks.


My future is brighter. My weight is trimmer, and my other health issues are lighter.

Three months ago I was introduced to my opportunity through my friend Billy Looper.

The natural ingredients in FuXion helped me burn belly fat quickly and keep it off. In the last three months, I’ve dropped 10, 15, 20, 38 pounds for my best body ever since I was 55 years old.

I feel like I have a happiness drink that has reduced my stress, tension, weight gain, while making my other health issues “get back to my younger days” before diabetes and high blood pressure.

I never forgot the first 10 lbs. that I lost within 10 days after taking FuXion. I thank God for it.

Now, I fit in one seat of a car, and am no longer riding the hump and bruising my butt.

I went on an airplane not long ago to Vegas for business, and I fit comfortably in it, latching the seatbelt with ease.

When I look in the mirror, I see great improvement. My belly is still big, but it doesn’t have that center of gravity pulling it down to my knees.

My food bill has reduced, saving me an extra $200.00 a month.

Even my double chin has been reduced.

For me, this has been a “fat blasting” summer delight.

My doctor was so surprised at my look and my overall health and demeanor when I saw him two weeks ago. When I told him about taking FuXion, he said, “Keep up with that regiment, and don’t stop.” He is no longer prescribing me medications.

Folks, I truly want to help you.

If you have a weight problem, problems with tension, a sudden loss of energy, elevated blood sugars, high blood pressure, digestive problems, loss of memory, and overall with a zombie-like life, contact me at

Be authentic, respect your listeners, tell your story. It’s your mini-movie that will connect and endear you to them.

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