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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Better Words, such as using Pain & Pleasure, create MLM Prospects!

When we speak better words in a better system, such as using the pain and pleasure principle, we get great results from our MLM prospecting efforts. 

In addition, the pain and pleasure principle is a motivating system. Since we have all used systems from a young age, the idea of adopting one that really works is easy to accept.

Rgis image shows a main stressing at work and images of donuts all around him, which represents Pain & Pleasure

Yes, people are used to systems. It only makes sense for those who join us in this industry to learn a system for their Network Marketing business.

We have funnel systems and many types of automation for Network Marketing, which is great. However, most fail at perhaps the most critical ‘system’ —the one that works best.

Of course, I am referring to people’s pain and pleasure, which definitely applies to whether to do Network Marketing or not.

There’s a simple system for finding pain in people’s lives, so we can show them how Network Marketing will solve the problem, bringing them pleasure.

People want to avoid pain if they can.

They also want to experience pleasure. And if they can take something that is painful and turn that into pleasure, that is the ultimate.

Happily, there is a system of talking to people about MLM that does just that—showing prospects how that can replace pain with pleasure.

Anyone who knows how to relate pain & pleasure to a prospect will have a great shot at getting that person on their team.

This image shows a man fishing from a boat as the sun goes down and represents the pleasure part of pain and pleasure

Pain & Pleasure

For each type of person, there are different ways to share how they can turn their pain into pleasure, but first, you have to understand what their pain is. Let’s look at some examples:

The pain of being a lawyer 

Take lawyers, what is their pain? Well, I use a simple system for finding their pain, and because of that, I can alleviate the stress or pain points of being a lawyer.

If you think that lawyers would never look at MLM, think again and look at this story about a lawyer turned Network Marketing leader and coach.

What system can we use to find a lawyer’s pain? Google.Com and DuckDuckGo.Com search engines. They are great systems.

I type “pros and cons of being an attorney” into the search engines. The “cons” are the pain. Here are the results of the “con.”

— “Stress over deadlines and billing.”

— “Long hours due to shrinking staff and rising workloads.”

— “Law school debt.”

— “Competitive job market with cuts in jobs and salaries.”

— “Clients are turning to self-help legal websites.”

— “Technology threatens to replace lawyers.”

— “Outsourcing to foreign countries is an economic reality.”

— “Low public perception of lawyers.”

— “Lawyers don’t always get to pick their clients if they want to eat.”

I pick out two of the biggest pain-points and stress them to the lawyer.

— Stress from poor public perception

— Excessive work hours.

Then, I put the pain points into a script formula for speaking better words.

— “Could you do me a favor? I’m looking for people who are tired of _____________ and would want to fix it.”

— “So, here is the short story. Instead of _______, you could work with us helping people and Well, what do you think?

When I’m out and about and meet an attorney, I have my system to help me talk to them.

“Could you do me a favor? I’m looking for people who are tired of working long hours under stress and low public perception and who would like to set their own hours and have people thank them every day for helping them. Do you know anyone like that?”

When the lawyer says, “I know someone, me!” Now, we can share a short story with the lawyer. Short stories share the benefits of Network Marketing opportunities in miniature form.

Here, we will mention the pain and pleasure as the negatives and the related benefits of taking our recommendation:

“So here is the short story. Instead of working long hours, always stressed out, and dealing with a low public perception of your profession, you could start a side hustle and set your own work hours. Then you can spend your time helping people _____________ (insert benefit) and at full pay plus receive extra bonus rewards for helping others. Well, what do you think?”

Systems are grand. They work.

People like systems. People use systems.

So, let’s teach our people a system for doing Network Marketing. Let’s teach them better words in better systems and create better prospects.

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