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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Mental Toughness & Network Marketing

Being mentally tough in Network Marketing to handle rejection.

One of the most critical skills every professional in business must possess is mental toughness and network marketing is not different.

This skill is more important than prospecting and takes more mental strength than contacting and inviting. Before any of these other skills can take place to building your empire, you’re going to have to be mentally tough.

Being mentally tough in network marketing means you’re going to have to learn how to control your emotions, feelings, thoughts and attitudes – especially when you’re under pressure.

If you don’t develop mental stamina to sustain you through the thick and thin of rejection, you will fail miserably. The rejection you face on a daily basis will wipe you out. Many people don’t understand network marketing and their own ignorance takes the form of ridicule. If you’re mentally tough in network marketing and grow emotionally strong with each new attack, you will make it successfully.

It’s an innate urge within all of us to seek approval from other people. The more we get it, the more we seek it. From the time we are three to four years old, we are taught by our parents and other authority figures to place a high value on what other people think of us. We are told to obey rules and our parents, have respect for the elderly and their wisdom, and comply with the values which society has deemed appropriate.

In network marketing you abandon this view of life and dive into the mix. You become mentally tough in network marketing by placing high value on yourself. You are to lead rather than follow.

You are to become the authority in your field. You are to lead others to success. Your desire to abandon the philosophy of the approval from other people will determine if you are a leader rather than a follower.

Prepare Yourself with Being Mentally Tough in Network Marketing 

Just as you need to learn how to be mentally tough in life to keep you from harm and being eaten alive by the world, you need to be learn how to develop mental toughness in network marketing.

This is to keep you from being knocked about by people who make fun of you for being in the business. This is to keep you from making the mistakes of the world where they are constantly seeking approval from others without seeing the value they have in themselves.

How mentally strong are you? Being mentally tough in network marketing means controlling your emotions in various situations. People who have mental resilience in this business develop thick skin to ridicule, rejection and objections.

Being mentally tough in network marketing requires a stick-to-it candor with prospecting at least 10 people a day, either on the phone or face-to-face.

People who join you won’t make you mentally tough. People who decline you but speak positive about the business won’t make you mentally tough. It’s the people who laugh at you, make fun of you, throw ridiculous objections at you that will temper the steel inside your mind.

There are four actions to take in preparing for mental toughness in network marketing.

  1. Accept network marketing is difficult to do.
  2. Prepare yourself with 30 days of training.
  3. Understand most people don’t understand network marketing.
  4. Arm yourself against objections.

… Accept network marketing is difficult to do –

The key to survival in network marketing is mental preparation. There is a 90% attrition rate in network marketing. The number one reason for people dropping out is because they were never mentally prepared for the wiles of the world.

Instead of listening to your sponsor or upline telling you network marketing is going to be easy. Believe the opposite. Teach others the opposite. Accept network marketing is difficult. Prepare for the onslaught of rejection heading your way.

Give yourself real life examples of rejection through role playing. Let your team mates feel the onslaught of emotional assault which waits for them. During role play go for the throat. Being mentally tough in network marketing means you prepare yourself and your team for questions and accusations from people on a daily basis.

Put yourself in the role of the client by tapping into their anger, frustration, and guilt they have about life, their job security and lack of money. This will desensitize you to the emotionally charged language and begins to separate you from the slings and arrows coming your way.

… Prepare yourself with 30 days of training –          

Building mental toughness in network marketing requires being trained for 30 days or more. The emotional toughening process works best through 30 days of repetitious training.

Have at least six training sessions with your sponsor or upline after signing up with network marketing and before you go out to pitch it to other people. Your job as a leader is to help your team mates develop the mental strength of a warrior going into battle.

Prepare yourself as you prepare for the mental training of your team. Coaching is 90% preparation and 10% presentation. Read, learn and present.

… Understand most people don’t understand network marketing – 

Being mentally tough in network marketing means you have learned how to be mentally strong from true life experiences. You know first-hand what it means to be scorned by your brother or sister or your best friend. You know from having faced it at work what it means to be shot down for wanting to live a better life.

You have survived the mental games which your friends, family and even strangers have heaped on you because you dared to be different from knowing there is a better life for you and your family.

Start with the idea that there are those out there who DO NOT UNDERSTAND network marketing. They have heard from a friend of a friend of a great uncle about network marketing, and this makes them the expert. They have gone on Google Search and found negative reviews by a handful of people and heap that negativity on all network marketers.

You as a leader and a coach are to mentally prepare your team for why the world rejects them.

The average person is intelligent but not too engaged in mental exercises to fully comprehend the magnitude of opportunity that network marketing presents. You have to study; you have to make decisions based on critical thinking before you can come to the conclusion of what all network marketing offers. Most people won’t do it. They are too busy at the bars, watching the boob-tube, surfing the internet and playing video games which drain the mind of any creativity.

Once your team understands that the laughter and ridicule of people is from their own ignorance and not from what the team member has done, they have a mental foundation to work from.

… Arm yourself against objections –

Bring your all your team together in a webinar or a face-to-face group meeting. Go around the room and ask the seasoned team mates what are the main objections they encounter from people.

Throw objections at your new members and see how they respond. Most won’t know. Pick out the top five objections and arm your team mates against them.

Pick different scenarios in real life where you had different kinds of objections thrown at you and use them in training. The main point is to mentally prepare your team mates for what bullets may be coming their way.

Make a commitment. Decide you will become mentally tough in network marketing and an expert to ensure your success. Begin with those four simple actions and you’ll be on your way.


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