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Be thankful for Network Marketing this Thanksgiving (and always)

I am thankful for Network Marketing this Thanksgiving for all my network marketing business has done for my family.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., which was colonized in the 1600’s and grew from a small gathering of Indians (First Nation) and pilgrims giving thanks for a bountiful harvest, after nearly starving the year before to to millions of families observing a national holiday.  

It is the day of giving thanks and the giving of what you have.

Thankful this Thanksgiving Day I urge you not only to give thanks but have a giving attitude with your business.

Give to your family by offering them the business opportunity to help them have a better quality of life.. Give your teammates the wisdom and teaching they need to help them grow their own business. Give to your community by buying locally and paying your taxes. Give to your sponsor with gratitude saying “thank you“ for handing you the gift of network marketing and rescuing you from the 9 – 5 grind. Give to your church by tithing and being a vessel of its services. Give back ten-fold what has been given.

Things I am grateful for include God, family, friends, my sponsor Billy Looper, financial freedom, nutrition from my company for myself and family, and a stress-free life.

Thankful this Thanksgiving Day I want to share with you of what network marketing has given to this land.

Thankful this Thanksgiving Day for Network Marketing Contributions

There are many contributions which network marketing gives this great nation… many to be thankful for.

Three things to be thankful for:

  1. More millionaires made than by other means.
  2. Keeps families together.
  3. Turns mice into men and women.

Today I am thankful for these.

More Millionaires Made than by Other Means –

Of all industries, network marketing HAS NOT created the most millionaires? It has created the most millionaires in the various sectors of the home-based industry.

Working your way up the corporate ladder creates millionaires. Inheritance creates millionaires. These ways are limited by privilege. Network Marketing is an easier and better way to millionaire status by all levels of society.

The proof? Dexter and Birdie Yager – Randy Gage – Billy Looper – Ann and David Feinstein – Ray and Jessica Higdon. Twenty percent of all millionaires in this country come from network marketing.

People from poverty can easily dig their way out and live life as it was meant to be with network marketing.

Network marketing has this one feature cut above all else…it has created more six-figure incomes than any other industry out there. Anyone who is willing to work fifteen to twenty hours a week in network marketing can easily create a passive income of $100,000.00 or more during the first year.

Keeps Families Together –

Thankful this Thanksgiving I gladly share this good news about families. Network marketing saves families and rescues them from unbearable conditions.

Deeply entrenched poverty and housing instability are linked to welfare involvement and family separation. Network marketing creates a financial freedom from poverty, inadequate housing and smothering debt.

It provides the way out of drugs, divorce, separation, alcoholism… a self-destructive life.

Child welfare declines. Bank accounts soar. Poverty fades by those who involve themselves in network marketing and truly seek its success.

No utopian dream is sought… just true social change from the hard work created by network marketing. Its wages exceed that of the 9 – 5 job. Its benefits are far superior of those in the corporate world. It vanquishes the evils of social injustice and strongly encourages self-reliance as the means to the greater end. Families thrive from its benefits and survive when others cannot.

Turns Mice into Men and Women –

Thankful this Thanksgiving I give you great news. Network marketing takes the raw materials of all genders and molds them into real men and real women. It turns mice into true masculinity and femininity.

Twenty-two-year-old Jill winced as she counted the last of her savings. Pinching pennies, she couldn’t afford the rent. She was facing eviction. Jill was shy and broken from an abusive relationship.

Tucking her two children in bed at night she held back tears and resigned to her room where she cried all night. The bills had been piling up… car insurance, groceries, electric, health care. Now Jill would be thrown out with her children on the streets. Falling into bed exhausted, terrified and her self-image shattered, she thought of giving her children away to better families.

What would she do?

Fast-forward one year. Jill was introduced to network marketing shortly after getting her last eviction notice one year ago… Jill’s frown has turned to a smile. She makes six-figures a year working twenty hours a week. She is a confident speaker on stage before hundreds wherewith before she cried when she spoke before crowds.  She left her bad relationship and has a husband who supports her and works alongside her.

Her two children? They are still with her. Everyone is attending the best schools with all their needs fully met.

Network marketing provided the catalyst turning Jill into a model of true femininity in gentleness, empathy, sensitivity and deference.

Whalen was twenty-three years old, stuttered, person-shy and broke when he was introduced to network marketing. He couldn’t speak to his family much less a stranger about his business. He came from poverty and didn’t have decent clothes. At times, he lived out of his car when he couldn’t afford the rent.

Ten months later Whalen lives in a $300,000.00 home paid in full. He drives a Mercedes Benz. His income is $500,000.00. He speaks with confidence about network marketing to friends, family and strangers without stuttering. He is a leader in his church and community. He is recognized by awards for all the service he does for his city. Network marketing instilled courage, independence and assertiveness into Whalen. He is a pillar of light from a dark place.

From mice to stalwarts of manhood and womanhood, Jill and Whalen fulfill the roles of leader.

The stories of Jill and Whalen are only a sampling of what network marketing has done turning young men and women into champions of mature adulthood.

What to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day? I am thankful for network marketing. Thankful this Thanksgiving for the benefits it offers and life-changing gift it provides.


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