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Automatic Follow-up without making Phone Calls or sending Emails

Want an automatic follow up system with your prospects that does not require making phone calls or sending constant emails? Who wouldn’t?

Imagine you no longer needing to ask prospects; “Have you looked at the information?”

Or, “Have you made a decision about the opportunity?”

Or, “Have your circumstances changed?”

You can save wasted time leaving messages that no one returns because they simply don’t want to talk to you.

You can save time and money setting up your email autoresponder and sending out messages, most of which will be ignored or deleted or, worse, it the bulk folder, never to be seen.

You can change all that by setting up an automatic follow up system in the internal memory of the prospect.

What is follow up on autopilot? Automatic follow up consistently reminds the prospect of the offer you have made. Every day and every week their internal memory will remind them or even haunt them!

When it is their time to take advantage of your offer, they will remember you. They’ll remember you fondly because you didn’t harass them with constant emails, phone calls and voice messages.

A follow up reminder from the internal memory of the prospect is better than a friendly reminder from phones and emails.

How to Create the Automatic Follow Up Message

You have no follow ups by email or phone because you have little time or resources?  Automatic follow up requires little time. It requires little or no resources. It requires no more telephone calls, no voicemails, no autoresponders, and no more rejections. Time and money spent is reduced to zero allowing you to invest in more prospecting.

The follow up process set on autopilot is easy to create. Create a time-delayed word picture.

(If you haven’t read my article on creating word pictures, take time now to read it before proceeding further. Understanding that article helps you with understanding this one.)

A word picture is the special use of words creating a memorable story. The story is embedded in the prospect’s mind and he experiences it day in and day out. An unforgettable movie plays in his head with an automatic follow up script built into the mind.

Add an event to the story that the prospect experiences time-and-time again and he is reminded of the story every time the event happens.

Your talking to a prospect finishing up with him and he says,

“I need to think it over. I must talk it over with my parakeet and my next-door neighbor. I will get back with you in a year or two.”

Say to the prospect,

“I’m more than happy with giving you time to think it over. Could you do me a favor?

“Tomorrow morning when you wake up to get into your car and go to work at 7 a.m., as you pull your car keys out of your pocket, just before you put them in the ignition, ask yourself;

“Do I really want to be getting up and leaving my family at 7 a.m. and commuting to work and fighting all that traffic for 490 years?”

“That’s all. Because there is a better way if the answer is “NO!””

What happens the next morning? The time-delay of the word picture kicks in.

The next morning, our prospect wakes up, goes out to his car, pulls his keys out of his pocket, puts them into the ignition, and what is he going to think?”

Your prospect will think,

“Wow, do I really want to be getting up at 7 a.m., leaving my family and commuting all the way to work? And is this 1983 Pontiac really the car of my dreams? Maybe I should rethink that opportunity that Dale talked about last night.”

This is to be followed up the next day with the same thoughts going through the prospects mind.

And the next morning.

And the following morning.

The magic keeps happening repeatedly. The prospect is unable to get this gnawing event out of his head.

Your prospect will always be thinking of you and your opportunity. Finally, the thought gets to the point that he must do something about it. Maybe some event triggers his reaction. Maybe he gets fired. Or, stuck in a major traffic jam for two hours in the hot sun, it triggers his memory. Your prospect will be calling you and telling you that now is the time for him to act.

Other Automatic Follow Up Messages

Want other examples of an internal automatic follow up?

Your prospect just finished watching the video presentation on the opportunity. Calling her up on the phone, she says,

“I need to talk it over with my dog and the next stranger I meet on the street. I’ll follow up on this with you later at the end of the month.”

You say to the prospect,

“No problem. Do you get your paycheck by direct deposit or a paper-check?

“By direct deposit.”

“Do you get your bank statement electronically or by snail-mail?


“Could you do me a tiny favor? Next time you get your paycheck directly deposited in the bank, could you do this?

“Pull up your bank statement over your smart phone or on the computer and take a good hard look at it. Rub your fingers across the amount deposited that you see on your screen and ask yourself: ‘Is this all that I am worth to this company?’”

What happens the next payday when her check is deposited in the bank? She’ll rub that screen reminding her of what you told her and asking herself,

“Is this really worth it?”

“I worked an extra 15 hours overtime last week. The person next to me is constantly complaining. My boss is grumpy about everything I do. The other person doesn’t stop talking. I am tired of fighting traffic jams. I missed my son’s baseball game and my daughter’s mom-daughter day at school. These reports are annoying and a waste of my talents. I probably should take advantage of that opportunity I saw.”

An automatic follow up for products? Give the prospect a time-delayed word picture.

You’ve just given a product presentation to the overweight prospect on your teas and coffees helping him with dieting.

“I will start my diet…next month.”

“That is cool. It’s okay if you make the decision to not start your diet today. It perfectly naturally to put it off. But, could you do me a favor?”

“Each morning when you put on your pants and buckle that belt, could you ask yourself this little question? ‘Is today the day I change my life and start that ‘Coffee and Tea Diet Program?’”

You know what happens next. The prospect gets dressed. Maybe he thinks about your diet program but it is a fleeting moment. He puts that belt on and realizes it is too tight and there are not enough notches left. He sees that middle-age spread hanging over his belt.

The prospect thinks,

“It’s time to make a change in my diet. I will give Dale a call about his coffees and teas. I drink them all the time anyway. So why not give it a try.”

The prospect calls you because you set on automatic autopilot a follow up message in his mind reminding him of his problem every time he puts on that belt.

reate a vivid word picture with a memorable event and the prospect will be unable to get it out of his mind. It will be an automatic follow up in the prospect’s mind requiring him to act. No phones. No email messages. No need of doing anything but wait for the prospect to call.

Automatic follow up is perfect for that new distributor shy about talking over the phone and not ready to act.


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