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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

1 Simple phrase that Attracts Attention to Network Marketing

Most people attract attention to Network Marketing by dangling a carrot, like money or the shiny objects it buys . . but there is a problem with that;

Reward motivation does not work.

Imagine you have a new distributor who has been six weeks in your business with zero results. You call him on your cell phone and say, “Bill, did you know that if you sold $6,000 more in products, you qualify for the company’s new car bonus?” Bill replies, “That is awesome. I will get right on it.” And Bill never does.

Bill is really thinking, “I wish my sponsor would quit calling me. There is no way that I could sell $20 of our products. Besides my beer runs with my friends and watching 600 channels on TV are more rewarding.” Attract attention to Network Marketing with rewards is far from Bill’s mind.

That is the problem with reward motivation. When we wish to attract people’s attention to Network Marketing using rewards, it is not such a good idea.

Why? People have no belief in what they can do. Bill has not sold $6,000 of products in the past. Why should he believe he can sell it now?

People always take the path of least resistance. Debt is not piling up for Bill, and so, he is not concerned. Bill’s old car still runs with a bit of patch-work. So, why should Bill worry about selling $6,000 of product?

Rewards are like bribes. The message we convey is, “We will give you this, if you do that.” People have a choice and they will always choose the troublesome choice. We can’t attract attention to Network Marketing effectively with bribes and rewards.

Attract attention to Network Marketing by bribing them is the worst way to motivate.

Attract Attention by Fixing Problems

Attract attention to Network Marketing not by bribery but by fixing problems. 

Everybody has problems. There is no disputing the fact that all of us have little irritants and big sores digging under our skill daily. We have our children’s college education to pay for. Little Susie needs a new dress for the banquet, and the dress costs $500. Little Johnny needs money for sprint break at Cancun and we are short of money. We are bothered at work by co-workers, our boss and mundaneness of our jobs. So, we all have problems which need fixing.

Why not speak to the problems? How? Try this sentence to attract attention to Network Marketing. 

“What is your biggest problem?”

The prospect will tell you his problem. And then you say,

“We’ll take care of it.”

That’s it. Short, to the point, and effective. And can’t our Network Marketing opportunity or product solve many people’s problems?

For example, our prospect says his biggest problem is:

  • “I can’t make enough money where I work.”
  • “I don’t have enough time for myself.”
  • “I hate commuting an hour to work and an hour back.”
  • “It seems like I never have enough time for my children.”
  • “I hate my job.”
  • “Nobody appreciates my work.”
  • Can’t our opportunity solve these problems?
  • Our simple reply would be:

And we say, 

“We’ll take care of it.”

Now we have our prospect’s immediate attention. Now he will listen. Now we can attract attention to Network Marketing and its message. Have we attracted your attention?

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