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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Agree to Disagree; Words that Create Great Prospects

To take control of a conversation, you must use agree to disagree words with the other person. Let us illustrate how it works.

People like agreement. People also like disagreement. If everybody agreed, it would be a boring world. One person would talk, and everyone would just nod their heads and agree.

This means we should never tell the prospect that their job is bad. If you do, the prospect will disagree and defend their current jobs or opportunities.

So, let’s use agree to disagree words that create the perfect prospect.

Instead, always mention how great and wonderful their job or opportunity must be. The prospect will proceed to tell you how bad their job might be. We have used agree to disagree words that will create the perfect prospect.

We can use this technique on many of the tips that we use to recruit prospects.

— You must be making tons of money with your new job.

— You must be enjoying more time with weekends at your son’s baseball game.

— Congrats on that new promotion with the big raise.

— Now, that you are manager, you will be spending more time golfing on the weekends.

— Retirement must be good for you with the pension your company had setup for you.

— You must love your job with all that extra money you make.

— Working with your hands outdoors all day must be rewarding for you.

— It must be nice to sit at your computer all day crunching numbers and get paid handsomely for it.

— Being a housewife is so rewarding for you.

— College is going be the stepping stone for you to make a ton of money after your graduate.

If the prospect disagrees with us over our agree to disagree words, we have created a great prospect. It creates curiosity.

So, use agree to disagree words to get a negative response. Negative people are what our network marketing business is made for. With them we make money.

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