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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

After calling my warm market, I was trained to Buy Leads for MLM

My warm market was exhausted, and a seasoned Network Marketer just told me I should buy leads for MLM. Now I know why that advice is unwise.

The best leads in the world won’t help us if we don’t know what to say to these prospects.

So, you must learn skills. And this apples whether you buy leads or not.

You can buy all the high-quality leads in the world. But if you don’t know what to say when you make that first call on the telephone, you will have wasted your money. Right?

The biggest mistake new distributors make is investing in leads, instead of investing in themselves — meaning learning skills.

Investing in what to say is first. So buy a good training program that teaches you skills and study it (invest some time). That will ‘buy’ you a future!

When you know what to say, you can generate prospects every time you run into a stranger. Can’t you?

Of course, what does someone who is house bound do? They don’t run into strangers, do they?

There are a lot of ways to be house bound. You might live in the “boonies” and be stuck looking after children, an ailing spouse or parent. And these are legit reasons why you might not be able to meet people and strike up a conversation.

So, there are instances whereby leads make sense.

We can meet people if we are out everyday. We just need the skills to turn a suspected prospect  into a qualified prospect and finally into a new customer or new team member.

For this editor, the decision is not whether you should purchase a training program of what to say to prospects OR buy quality leads. Why? Because you can do both.

You can also get most of your training on this site for free too.

Our team members need to know how to talk to stranger and turn them from cold contacts to hot prospects. Sure.

What else do they need? After all, they may not meet a stranger everyday, so that means the goal of getting one ice breaker (bringing up the option of earning extra money) don e a day might not happen.

Now what? Social Media??

What if you Internet connection is super slow and unreliable because of where you live? And your phone is right in front of you — staring at you?

Leads might make sense then, right? Just to augment the number of prospects you generate using ice breakers when  you finally do get into town.

Of course, in Dale’s original article he was right. Learn skills first, then test what to say on a few people you meet before hoping on social media to generate prospects or buying leads.

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