The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Earners are Learners!

The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

About MLMinar & The Founder

About MLMinar

Our brand name, MLMinar, is shortened from two words: MLM and Webinar. At present, more than a hundred searches a month are done on Google for MLM Webinar.

Our MLMinar Events are conducted so people with less or far less experience can learn basic to advanced skills and ideology about the truly awesome Network Marketing industry.

We are so committed to providing the service of helping you and others “learn to earn” that attendance at all our MLMinar (webinars) events is free.

This image contains the headline "learn to earn" and many personal develpment and network marketing skills books plus teh caption "all of these books and more plus the events conducted by MLMinar"

MLMinar is owned and operated in Canada and mostly serves English-speaking people worldwide who are in or interested in Network Marketing (MLM) and who want to become more successful or as successful as their dreams!

Our market is mostly people in Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand,  and the U.K., but we help anyone who speaks English.

In addition, we will be holding some webinars in French and Spanish (and may do some Estonian, too).

Our team can almost hear the thoughts. “Free? What’s the catch?

Why are they doing this?

The simple reason why we are committed to the radical price of free is a group of us struggled badly and initially failed in MLM (in some cases more than once) before we succeeded. So, if we can, we would like to help you avoid that outcome.

Additionally, we’ve tried everything, including lead generation, and are masters of communication skills.

Like so many, we thought timing was critical as if success is a thing of luck and not predictable. And without exception, we all succeeded by intent, not by getting lucky.

If you read the Playbacks page, you know there is an option to pay a $5 monthly membership fee. But before you react with “I knew it,” there are also two options to continue for free.

Not free for a while and pay later, free forever. Either way, we are happy because we want to help more people find the success they deserve without suffering more in this business than they need to!

The paid members will receive some elite content that the free followers of this site won’t. But that will be something we do only occasionally, which means being a free member is a solid way to learn.

The real reason for being a member is you get to subscribe to the various webinar events and series without registering, for you are already registered!

We are currently overhauling the remainder of this web page to improve it. But this free membership will continue to be on offer. 

The Founder

A picture of the founder of MLMinar, Steven Peter Burke
It was the vision of Steven Peter Burke (known online as Smiling Steve) that motivated the creation of this helpful site.

Starting his Network Marketing career in 1979, Smiling Steve has 44 years of industry experience, including a 9-year period at the helm of Network Marketing News.

It is his belief that most people will not achieve their potential in MLM (or Network Marketing if you prefer that term) if they do learn more. That prompted the creation of the quote on all the posts (playbacks and articles):

If you want to earn more, learn more to become more!”

That quote could be more simply put as “Learners are earners!” 

Of course, the first quote was inspired by Jim Rohn’s quote, “If you want to have more, you have to become more!

The premise we promote on this site is rooted in integrity and professionalism, as you will see.

Step #1: your head must be on straight first, which means you may need to listen to or read personal development content and occasionally review that content. After all, it is only while your head is one straight that you approach being all you can be in life and Network Marketing or  MLM.

Step 2:  you will succeed in MLM indirect proportion of your skills. So if you study and apply the skills you learn soon after learning them, plus adjust how you do the business as your knowledge of how to do it correctly grows,  you will be more successful than if you do less of any of those elements of mastering skills.

Yes, that last line is a mouthful and perhaps over complicated. Good thing doing Network Marketing is easier to do than explain in the written word.

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