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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

In MLM, we provide prospects with an option for early retirement.

Most prospects are not expecting Network Marketing to give them an option for early retirement. They were just hoping to earn more money short term. Statistics show most prospects will not be ready for retirement. — 67% of Americans say they will outlive their retirement savings. — 34% of Americans have zero savings for retirement. — 69% of Americans are out of the full-time workforce by age 66. — 21% of Americans leave the workforce early with little or no retirement. Time is not on most prospects’ sides. Neither is money.

The Approach

How can we approach the prospect in Network Marketing that makes them face the reality that they might not have enough money upon retirement with their jobs? This is a retirement plan that works. First, build some rapport by stating a fact that the prospect can agree with. — Bills take up most of our paychecks and make saving money for retirement difficult. — Our jobs don’t pay much and make it difficult to put money away for retirement. — Sure, we can retire when we are 65. But we will retire on 40% of what we can’t even live on now. — Everybody knows if you work hard, then only your boss will get a big house and pension for his retirement. — Everybody knows it is impossible to save money for retirement when you are raising a family. — There is an old saying that working a job will keep us broke. Second, introduce our retirement plan with an ice breaker. — I show people how to retire in 5 years at full pay. — Well, you know how we don’t have enough money for retirement? Well, I just found out how to retire in 5 years at full pay. — How can we retire early without getting a raise? — How can we have more spendable income at retirement by simply changing how we pay our bills? — Would it be okay if you could retire your husband from work? — Would it be okay if you could save for the future with one little change? Third, rather than use jargon like, “Do you have a plan B?”, here is a simple questionnaire that we can put before our prospects.

1. When would you like to retire?

___ In one year

___ In two years

___ In five years

___ In ten years

Great! What’s your plan to achieve this goal? (Most prospect’s have no answer).

2. How much money do you need monthly to retire comfortably?

___ $1,000

___ $2,000

___ $3,000

___ $5,000 or more

Great! What’s your plan to receive this monthly income? (Most prospects will have no answer).

3. How much money do you need to invest at a 6% return to receive your desired monthly income?

(Take your answer from question #2 and multiply by 200.)

________ x 200 = $ ________________

Great! What’s your plan to accumulate this money? (A blank stare from prospects).

Crunching the Numbers

Most prospects have never crunched the numbers. Their answers will surprise them. If a prospect says they need $5,000 a month to retire, we take $5,000 and multiple it by 200 to get the amount of money they would have to retire on. That is $1,000,000. If the prospect needs $7,500 a month to retire, we multiple $7,500 X 200 = $1,500,000. You can point out that if the prospect invested $200 a month at 6% per annum, they would earn $12.00 per annum or $1.00 a month. If a prospect has a pension, he will leave his job upon retirement with a 60% cut in pay. This means the prospect will live on 40% of what he can’t live on now. Most prospects have less than $1,000 in the bank at any one time in their lives. After the prospect realizes how much of a pickle that they are in, we can ask the question, “Would you like to do something about it?” If they prospect says yes, give them the two-minute story. YOU: I’ve got a good story. Takes about two minutes. It might make you a lot of money, might not. Want to hear it? PROSPECT: Yes. YOU: Would it be okay if you could retire in 5-years at full pay and never had to go to work again? PROSPECT: Of course. YOU: So how much money would you need a month, just to cover the basic bills, so that you would never have to show up at work again? PROSPECT: $6,000 a month YOU: Well, you know how most people drink coffees, teas, shakes and energy drinks every day? PROSPECT: Yes. YOU: — Well, there is a great company called FuXion that makes cool versions of healthy coffees, teas, shakes and an all-natural, super organic energy drink people love. — Now, if you never wanted to go to work again, all you would have to do is between you, and everybody you know, and everybody they talk to, forever and ever and ever, eventually accumulate 150 people drinking our healthy products every day on a regular basis, and then you would earn an extra $6,000 a month — Now you don’t know how to get 150 people to drink our products every day, but you can learn. You learned to drive a car, you learned how to use your smartphone, and you certainly can learn a system to get 125 people to drink our healthy products every day. — So, what is going to be easier for you? To continue working a job that you have no passion for, or to learn a system with getting 150 people to drink our healthy products every day and have a career with retiring in 5-years at full pay instead? A retirement plan that is more realistic for the prospect is a retirement plan with Network Marketing. If you need help with a retirement plan, contact me at with the subject line “HELP WITH RETIREMENT.” I answer all emails personally and within 24 hours upon receiving them.

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