The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

A list of MLM Webinars that aren’t self-serving!

If you have a burning desire to succeed through  Network Marketing and got the great idea to search Google and YouTube for great training using the keyword phrase “MLM Webinars,” you are bound to end up frustrated.

This is a screnshot of a search on Google for "MLM Webinars" with an overlay of the MLMinar logo

Why? Because the content that was SEO optimized for this keyword search is—well—unacceptable in one way or another.

For instance, Dale Calevert’s MLM Success Webinar website takes you through a signup process with an unsecured web page after the landing page. Then, Dr. Timothy Lawler’s 12-year-old YouTube video entitled “How to make an MLM Webinar” only has 73 views in total. Let’s be honest: the list of generic MLM Webinars on search engines is underwhelming.

Amazingly, the two results mentioned above (and more below) are in the top 10 of the search engine results page (SERPs) on Google and YouTube.

It is even more remarkable that people who made careers for themselves as MLM Trainers, like Ray Higdon and Eric Worre, who have many YouTube videos, never created a series of live, interactive MLM webinars because they would have had the traffic to rank. But that means little to someone like you whose search for excellent MLM training is tougher than it ought to be!

How to make an MLM webinar

In fairness to Dr. Timothy Lawler, the YouTube video he published called How to Make a MLM webinar that I mentioned above—that has a grammar error in the title—is about the use of Camtasia Studio to make slides for video presentations, which I did in the early two-thousands. But no one considers following an influencer with 18 videos and only 5 subscribers after 12 years.

This screenshot is of a YouTube video called "How to make a MLM Webinar" by Dr. Tim Lawler

Again, I can assume that the ‘Good Doctor’ is like some MLM leaders who use public recruiting skills to invite people to webinar presentations (a skill taught as professional inviting). They do think about social media and search engine dominance as a prospecting source and occasionally amuse themselves by making an obscure training video to show how the webinars for their downline end up so professional-looking.

Professional Inviters have a lot of drawbacks, not the least of which is their misunderstanding of how to attract subs (followers) on YouTube!

That statement is not meant to say you cannot build a massive downline in public, which I will clarify in an MLMinar (webinar).

Few realize that the content created for their downline could play as generic training, too, and with few modifications. They miss out on lead generation from their generic video versions (because they don’t think to make them) AND never receive the added revenue from monetizing YouTube views!

If you ask me what profit centers could come from how to make an MLM webinar, I would lay out a plan for profiting in many ways. If it works for my downline, my content is usable for people within the Network Marketing industry who are in someone else’s downline, too.

I will make a video about this in the near future and call it something like “How to make an MLM Webinar that attracts followers and downline members for years!”

A list of MLM Webinars, some I can even recommend!

First, I was disappointed when I came to research this article. I expected to find a few dozen good MLM Webinars that were interactive and running consistently, and I found none.

I already knew two of the listed webinars below, and the rest are less than desirable (to say the least). However, I have to list some, or the Google algorithm will not recognize the authority of this post. In the list are two solid options, so I included them.

  1. BigAl’s Masterclass is a paid webinar series that runs consistently and offers excellent value. It is interactive (meaning you can ask questions), and the cost is reasonable. Do I recommend this webinar series? Well, maybe the fact that the post I did on The 15 Must-Have Books to Build a Huge MLM Team listed a few books by Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter will answer that. 
  2. Sarah Robbins lists a $197 webinar that is 1 hour and 45 minutes long on her website (see image below). She also occasionally does a webinar series but needs to be more consistent. She is the real deal (MLM trainer), but I cannot bring myself to recommend a webinar series for this kind of money, and that does not mean it is not worth it (I have not watched it, so it also does not mean it is). This is too expensive for most people.This is a screenshot fomr Sarah Robbins website about an MLM Webinar she recorded
  3. I found a YouTube playlist of MLM webinars (as playbacks) where the list of videos ranges from 2 years ago to 9 years ago. Since I don’t know who put the playlist together, I can’t recommend it, but I did recognize two trainers. In addition, this is not a consistent interactive training event, with one being a playback of a trainer on stage. I will embed this playlist at the bottom of the article because the link requires a subscription (I am generating a 403 error).
  4. There is a “Free MLM Webinars From Industry Leaders” YouTube channel that ranks for MLM Seminar searches, but I cannot recommend it for several reasons. After over a decade, Simon Smith’s channel has only 36 subscribers. His manner while recording himself is not likely to attract many (hence the low number of subscribers), and he has videos about his own MLM company products on the generic training channel, which isn’t wise!
  5. On YouTube, the only creator I found who is pumping out MLM content twice a week or more (other than trainer Eric Worre) is Tarun Agarwal. However, most of it is sensational, meaning it grabs eyeballs but is light on MLM Skills training or self-serving (explained below). This is an example of appeasing Google while not appeasing your audience (we serve two masters on social media). Also, most of this content is not in the MLM Webinar category (meaning it was made for YouTube and there is no way for the audience to interact and ask questions).
  6. It feels crazy to type this, but the truth is MLMinar is the only source that is consistent, generic, and interactive. Our content contains the highest possible quality of training with several types of webinar series planned to easily compete for the #1 option on Google under several keyword searches (we won’t be #1 on YouTube, as this will take years). Also, we set up our business model so we do not need to live in fear of economic suicide (explained below). Lastly, the series will always be free to attend our live Zoom webinars or to listen to the playbacks on YouTube.

Economic Suicide and MLM Conventions

I first heard Economic Suicide as a phrase while speaking to Burke Hedges (see the cover of his book below) a few years ago, and I asked him about the speaking he did on book tours. These events sold books to people within the industry but mostly to Amway distributors.

This book cover is called Who Stole the American Dream, by Burke Hedges

During that conversation, I asked Burke—strangely, he has the same first name as my last name—a pointed question, “Do you tell people that binary comp plans suck?” And his answer was what I expected, except for hearing that phrase and his manner.

There was no correcting me. Burke did not say about my point, “What do you mean?” He did not correct my comment about the style of MLM Compensation Plan I referenced. He simply said, “Why would I? That’s economic suicide!”

If a trainer who may be able to share solid generic information and skills about this industry that will help you make more money decides to bad mouth companies or types of comp plans or the inflated cost of some MLM products, they commit economic suicide. From then on, top industry leaders won’t refer them, and the many Network Marketing company owners (or Presidents) who are members of the Direct Sellers Association will warn each other not to hire you as a conference or convention keynote speaker. And don’t kid yourself, they talk.

So, how does an MLM Trainer tell the truth? That is a great question.

The answer is you have to live with the fact that you will not be a keynote speaker or an author on the Amway Regional events tour. 

It’s worth it, though. 

To stand up and tell the industry that (for instance) Livegood cannot make commissionable a proportion of the administration fee (meaning sign-up fee for Reps, which they are doing), as no product is changing hands, helps the industry. That trainer (in this case, me) may not sell as many books, but the industry is hurt when people like me don’t say something.

I am not afraid of lack of income (or just “lack”), or I would not have raised the topic of Economic Suicide!

MLM Webinars and SEO

A picture of Eric Worre who wrote Go Pro for Network Marketing and who has a huge YouTube channel

I mentioned earlier that I had “no clue” why Eric Worre (his picture is on the right), Ray Higdon, and other MLM Trainers had not ranked for the search term MLM Webinars. But I omitted the truth a bit.

Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, and many other MLM Trainers must learn more about SEO.

I know SEO because I went before them. Yes, I was online with a vast MLM site long before Eric or Ray were. And you can check out Network Marketing News on the Wayback Machine (any date before 2007).

The author of MLM Webinar and founder of MLMinar started and owned Network Marketing News - this screenshot comes from the Wayback Machine and show the site in 2000

The challenge with outsourcing SEO is the team you hired may only do some things they could or should. How do I know SEO? Because I had the #1 site in Network Marketing in November of 2003 when Google did its first major algorithm update (named Florida). 

My site fell from position #1 in the search results to #3 overnight, costing me 75% of my new business. And back then, there were no SEO experts (the white hat SEO industry started because of that algorithm change)!

In the first 18 days of writing content for this site, I have already ranked a web page in the top 10. With over 500 web pages to come, I will drive lots of traffic to this site, and more people will find MLMinars than Go Pro.

In a future article and MLMinar (webinar), I will outline enough about SEO to help anyone who wants to rank a website to generate leads or do MLM Training. However, you may not want to bother if you become good at public recruiting.

Like me, those who live in the country might be more motivated to get a website ranked on Google and videos, such as MLM Weniar playbacks, running on YouTube.

Self-serving MLM Webinars are often a disaster

Occasionally, a leader will promote one MLM webinar or a series of webinars to kick off a book, coaching program, new business opportunity, or related service, like funnels.

These webinars can be lucrative for them but are self-serving and have a tendency to leave a slew of “dead bodies’ behind.

The training included in these types of MLM webinars is what we can spin. It does not work for everyone, but it can sound like a great idea to those who are not suited for it.

Take social media prospecting as an example. Why would you teach a Blue Personality—a person who thrives on being with people and meeting them—to sit behind a keyboard? It just doesn’t make sense.

This trainer teaches that you must know enough about all types of prospecting because each type is not right for Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow personalties. 

An MLM webinar training that does not have a caveat upfront, is self-serving. This means you leave people behind who cannot do what you teach or should not. And we call them “dead bodies” when we discuss direct response marketing.

If you are a BLUE, for goodness sake, recruit in public. If you are a Yellow, Red, or Green, learn how to teach the basics of recruiting in public because it is free and because you will meet blue personalities.

Please do not act in a way that leaves a stream of disaster (dead bodies) behind you. It hurts our industry!

If you conduct a self-serving MLM webinar, you prove to everyone who knows better that you only care about profit, not your reputation (or the industry).

I will do several MLMinar events (webinars) that are based on color personalities.

This article finishes with the first video in the promised (from the MLM webinar list above) YouTube playlist:

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