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A better way to approach your warm market list about MLM

Since my post Sponsoring Family Members and Building for Them came out in the last couple of days, especially the blurb about one’s warm market, I’ve been hit up with emails about what to do with a person’s warm market. This how to is entitled “aggressively attacking your warm market” but also doing it the right way Well, here’s my answer.


First, let me ask you a couple of questions.

Are you getting tired of throwing mud against the wall with your cold market list and hoping some of it will eventually stick?

Are you getting more and more “No’s” to your business opportunity, services or products from people who are strangers and those whom you don’t know?

The direction of the twenty-first century is to build on warm market relationships as opposed to the viewpoint of “plucking out dried up bones” from a cold market, lifeless graveyard. The larger you build your warm list, the more solidly you will establish your business.

What’s A Warm Market?

Now, what does it mean when I speak to you about a warm market? Your warm market or folks of a warm market list are those individuals who have a personal history with you, both past and present. These are the folks that you can pick up the telephone to call them, and they would recognize you once they heard your name. They would be your mother, father, brothers and sisters, neighbors, people in your church community and those whom you work with, etc.

And in contrast with your warm market is your cold market. When I talk to you about your cold market, I’m speaking to you about those people whom you don’t know on a personal basis, because there is no history between you. These are the strangers whom you meet on the streets or through other various avenues.

In spite of what most uplines feel, it is the first six months which are critical in the career of a new distributor and not in the first six weeks like what is commonly held. And it is during these impressionable months that feats of accomplishment in small doses must be firmly established in each new distributor’s mind. Very few distributors will survive the first year if their first six months are misspent. The seeds of failure sown in the early years are the greatest culprits to our industry’s high attrition rate.

And fundamental to the establishment of a network marketing business is the creation of the “warm list.” What’s its value? With your warm list you are able to speak with those people with whom you have a history and personally know you by name and to forge a lifetime business relationship with you. Global trust is the key to building you network marketing company.

Creating Your Warm List

So, you may wonder, how do I go about building a warm list? Glad you asked. The best way to build a warm list is through memory joggers. Everyone has a warm list but most don’t know to identify and record the names. The sad thing is most of us only recall 10 percent of those acquaintances without a specific triggering device. A triggering device or memory jogger is any list of people, places, occupations, directories, or things that allow us to recall people from our past and present. These include telephone directories, old high school yearbooks, and books of vocations to help you create lists of several hundred people.

Who or Whom Do You Know?

The main triggering device to jog our memories is the simple question, Who(m) do you know?

  • Who are your relatives?
  • Who is your mail carrier, newspaper deliverer, parents, dentist, physician, minister, florist, lawyer, insurance and real estate agent, congressional rep, pharmacist, veterinarian, optometrist, etc.?
  • Who sold you this or that?
  • Do you know someone who lives next door/across the street; is your spouse’s friend or relative, etc.?
  • Who do you know professionally? A nurse? A golf pro? Student? Security guard?

Start off with the first 25 people on your list. If you need a memory jogger, I will be happy to supply a ready-made one by clicking this link: Memory Jogger.

Next, be sure to get with your upline to find out what to do with your warm list. If you don’t have an upline, be sure to send me an email with your name, email address and phone number and let me know you are seeking an upline, and I’ll be happy to help you.

Doing it the right way

The wrong way upsets the people you know. The right way doesn’t.

The wrong way is aggressive in what we say, rather than being “aggressive” in terms of just reaching out to people.

The wrong way is not knowing what to say. The right way is studying how to do it to just give people an option.

Always have the mindset that we are only reaching out to the people we know to give them an option and you will not get into trouble.

However, you must know what to say, which we call learning “trained words”.

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