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5 Steps to an Excellent Recruiting Presentation for Network Marketing

A prospect attends a 2-hour recruiting presentation for a network marketing opportunity. Long before it ends the prospect wishes they never went.

Relieved to finally be able to walk away they leave knowing very little about the company, its products or how to make money.

Those of you who been there know what I’m talking about. And those who have never experienced an excellent presentation — having just sat through a bad one — might think they could never do Network Marketing, which is not true.

A good Network Marketing presentation can be made in 25 to 30 minutes and goes right to the core of answering what all prospects ask.

  1. What industry do you represent?
  2. What is the name of your company?
  3. What are your products?
  4. How is the training?
  5. What is the market plan in simple terms?

Make a recruiting presentation answering these five questions and you’ve learned how to be a great recruiter.

The Five Step Recruiting Presentation

Good recruitment presentation ideas are designed to answer the five key questions. Making a good five step recruiting presentation helps the prospect with the decision to join.

Recruitment industry trends show network marketing which embraces these five steps has a higher percentage of success versus those who don’t.

Step 1: What Industry Do You Represent?

The first step to a good and healthy recruiting presentation is make it well known what industry our company represents. The two most hated industries by most people are insurance and real estate. It is important to distinguish ourselves from all other industries by telling prospects we represent network marketing.

The million-dollar tip: Assume EVERYONE that you speak to knows nothing about network marketing.

Too many of us in the industry assume everyone knows about network marketing. We assume everyone knows our language. We assume wrongly.

Examples of terms we use in network and how the prospect perceives them:

  1. Downline (some future event).
  2. PV (a sexually transmitted disease).
  3. Sponsor (giving money to foundations for starving children).
  4. Bonus (the Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey given by the boss before the holidays).
  5. Distributor (that part of your car which ends up costing money when broken).
  6. Wholesaler (Specialty stores that give us discounts on items we buy).

If we don’t give explanations in our recruiting presentations our prospects will not join.

So, how do you present an explanation about network marketing? Follow the creative presentation ideas for college. A college presentation tells stories.

The best story about network marketing is the story of buying strawberries that I found in the book “Big Al Tells All” (Tom Schreiter).

It is the story representing what network marketing is all about.

The Strawberry Story

“Let’s say we want to buy strawberries from our local store. How did they get there?

First, the strawberries were picked at a small farm in California and sold to the local co-op. Next, the co-op sold them to the large national distributor. The national distributor sells the strawberries to regional brokers who, in turn, resell them at a profit to local jobbers. The local jobbers sell the strawberries to large warehouses for the local grocery chains. The grocery chains distribute them to the local grocery stores who mark up the price another 30-40% for overhead such as employee salaries, rent, advertising, insurance, utilities, inventory shrinkage, etc.

Each person along the way covers his overhead and adds on a profit. So while the strawberries may have cost only 25 cents in the field, the final price at the store is $1.00. This is known as the retail distribution method of marketing.

An alternative way of distribution is direct marketing or network marketing. Here the farmers sell the strawberries directly to the network marketing company. The network marketing company sells the strawberries directly to their distributors at wholesale. The distributors benefit by being able to purchase strawberries for their personal use at wholesale and can also make extra money by selling them to customers at retail. This is a more direct way of marketing products; and by cutting out all the middle man profits, the network marketing company can pass these savings on to their distributors for additional profits called bonuses.

Bonuses work like this. If you bought strawberries at your local grocery store and liked them so much that you told your neighbor, your local store would receive additional sales because of your word-of-mouth advertising. The store in appreciation of your work would then send you in the mail in the next few days a word-of-mouth advertising bonus check. NOT VERY LIKELY. Why would they since they already spend the money on advertising?

But in network marketing it is all different.

If you liked the strawberries you purchased at wholesale from your network marketing company, then told your neighbor about them, and your neighbor became a distributor and purchased strawberries at wholesale from your network marketing company, you get a bonus! The network marketing company will give you a bonus for your effort that resulted in their increased sales.

That is why everyone is excited about network marketing. For doing what comes naturally (sharing a good idea) we get paid bonuses. Retail stores just can’t compete when people find out about the tremendous advantages of network marketing. After all, if you liked the strawberries and told your neighbor, which would you choose? Getting paid for it by a network marketing company or not getting paid by your local store?

The choice is clear: Network marketing or direct marketing is a better deal for us.

This story legitimizes network marketing making the prospects feel comfortable with this alternative way of getting products and services to the public.

Step one should only take 5 minutes’ tops.

Step 2: What is the Name of Your Company?

Our prospect is not interested in the size of the corporate offices of the company. They have no desire for financial audits and how big the manufacturing plant is. The true desire of all prospects is simply the name of the company, if the company has good financial backing and does the management team knows how to properly manage.

This should not take more than 2 minutes.

Step 3: What are Your Products?

A recruiting presentation which gives testimony after testimony about products and services will send the prospect packing. Giving data about product ingredients and how they are manufactured and every feature of every product puts the prospect to sleep. If you have an energy drink give it to him before going into detailed explanations of the products. He won’t have any energy to listen without it.

What the prospect really wants to know is, “Is there a market for the products? Will they sell?” Our product recruiting presentation should not center on price, quality and test reports. It should be centered on how people are using them and enjoying them now.

Brand the products with a story. Here’s an example of branding a product with your story.

“I’ve struggled with my weight for eight years, and the holiday seasons are always especially difficult. So this year to bolster my metabolism and burn belly fat, I signed up for FuXion and started taking “NOCARBS” hot teas. This is a tea which sizzles by nuking carbs in the things we eat. No carbs, less weight.

The first day, I was expecting miracles and nothing happened. I thought I made a mistake. The second day, still nothing. ‘Have I really stepped into it,’ I thought to myself? So, day three began with some reluctance. Day four was a breakthrough. I lost 7 pounds. Since that day for the last 28 days, I’ve lost 30 lbs. Now I can’t get enough of it.”

Our product presentation should take about 8 minutes.

So far, we are fifteen minutes into our recruiting presentation with ten minutes left to go.

Step 4: How is the Training?

Prospects are not interested in recruitment analysis or complex data showing sales to buying ratios. They are not interested in flowery presentations about how they can make millions of dollars recruiting three people a week for a year.

The number one question every prospect asks is CAN I DO IT?

We must explain our training program in terms which show how easy it is to do.

The million-dollar tip: Do not encourage your new prospects to follow in your footsteps if you are the type person writing articles, blogging, creating videos and doing Facebook live presentations. New prospects will simply see it being too hard and complex and become discouraged. Some may quit. Learning how to do these things comes much later after getting the new prospect accustomed with training in the ways by the company.

Our prospect eventually will want to do more and more different recruiting techniques…just not right away.

Turn the prospect on to our training materials, literature, videos, books, tapes that are available from the company. Encourage him to attend all events and online webinars. Begin the learning process with the prospect but most importantly he must do ON-THE-JOB-TRAINING.

Show him how to set a few appointments. Have him watch and observe as you sponsor new distributors into his organization?  We are building his group while he is watching. How easy is that? He will feel more at ease knowing that he can attend training and observe his sponsor building his business.

This should not take more than five minutes.

Step 5: What is the Marketing Plan in Simple Terms?

The last five minutes of our recruiting presentation should be dedicated to explaining the marketing plan in simple terms. Our prospect will have three questions.

  1. How much will it cost?
  2. What do I have to do?
  3. How much can I make?

How much will it cost? Answering this question puts the prospect at ease right away.

What do I have to do? Set a few appointments and watch as your team grows.

How much can I make? Give a quick overview of the marketing plan. Tell a story about how much you make or someone in your upline makes.

That’s all there is to it.

What about the close? If we answer the five basic questions, we will sponsor with ease. And the best part is it only took us 30 minutes.


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