The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Earners are Learners!

The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

A 40-year veteran Network Marketing Coach on trial and error, which can cost people the success and happiness they deserve!

Network Marketing coaching is what this whole website and series of free webinars is about, and a Network Marketing Coach should have the primary goal of saving you from the dangers of trial and error.

That introductory sentence is a doozy, isn’t it? 

“Success is not guaranteed as breakthroughs (from trial and error) are mixed with setbacks, and the path of learning is typically far from smooth.”

Is that the road you want to take? Or would you prefer to avoid time wasted on trial and error?

It’s your future and freedom that you are gambling if you decide to try that which is unproven.

Ultimately, there shouldn’t be a generic Network Marketing coach industry. The reason why we exist is so few really learn Network Marketing skills, including mentoring, and cannot set an example for their team. That leaves those who want success surfing the Internet to find a source they trust.

It’s crazy but true.

Look at Tom Big Al Schreiter. He has been traveling the globe providing Network Marketing training since 1991 (that I know of).

Ultimately, if you master MLM skills you can attract a lot of people to your business by emulating Tom and Smiling Steve (yes, I am writing about myself). You can travel the globe like Tom or put on Webinars like Steve, but that is a little more advanced view of this topic—first, the basics.

This image shows a computer keyboard where enter has been replace by trial and error

Smiling Steve

My name is Steven Peter Burke (known online as Smiling Steve). I attended an MLMIA conference in Las Vegas in 1996,  where I met Rod Cook. After telling Rod I was starting an online publication for Network Marketing, in a matter-of-fact way, Rod said just 4 words:

“You gotta meet Tom.”

At the time, I must have shown disappointment on my face as I was looking for advertisers. Seeing that look (and likely misinterpreting it), Rod bellowed, “No! You gotta meet Tom!

I agreed, but I did not know why. If, after that brief meeting, I was asked to write a book report about why I had to meet Tom, I couldn’t have done it.

All I knew was that this now-deceased man believed rather profoundly that I should. So I agreed.

I did not know it then, but Rod was introducing me to a Network Marketing legend and company founder who is also arguably the best coach in Network Marketing history. What no one can argue is the fact that Tom has more MLM books on Amazon than any other author.

By paying attention to what Tom was teaching (I had my first exposure in 1997), it was not long before I started to understand what I was missing. By applying his teachings, I became a master of both MLM Skills and Mentoring.

Within two years, my income rose to $100,000/month, and I had my first two million dollar years back to back.

Now that Tom is older, it seemed to me that it was time to create, and continue sharing all the insights I picked up from Toim and twenty-five additional years of experience. 

4 ways to Skip Trial and Error in Network Marketing

This site is the brainchild of Smiling Steve, a Network Marketing coach with over 40 years of experience as an independent representative and twenty-five years of generic coaching experience.

House of business magazine featured Smiling Steve™ after he became successful by giving away free samples
Smiling Steve was featured in the April 2001 issue of House of Business magazine, which was published by the former Editor-in-Chief of Success magazine (Scott DeGarmo).

It was created with the primary goal of providing the training that your upline can’t provide, and that eliminates time wasted on trial and error.

There are four options available to you from this site: 

  1. Click the subscribe button at the bottom of this page to receive a weekly email update of live MLMinars (short of MLM webinars) you can participate in.
  2. Watch playbacks of the MLMinar events.
  3. Browse the 460 posts (and climbing) to find the topics you want to read about.
  4.  Or hire Steven Peter Burke (Smiling Steve) as a Network Marketing coach.

Option #4 is extremely limited because real Network Marketing coaching and mentoring cannot be done by those who are not masters of the industry (meaning they have at least 20 years of experience).  And Steve has limited time.

However, attending an MLMinar Event and asking questions is free (and we hold these events frequently). So, even if I can’t take you on as a coaching client, you can get help from this site and from me (and my many webinar guests).

The Dangers of Trial and Error

“By their very nature, marketing plans should help to avoid trial and error marketing. If they don’t, they can lead to various dangers, including missed opportunities, inadvertently boosting the competition, leading with the wrong price point, and — ultimately — wasted time and resources.”

As a Network Marketing coach, I have seen many people fail, and the number one reason I blame for failure is not a lack of listening to personal development training or lack of determination and desire but title and error.

There are those who will tell you that if you truly believe, you can’t fail, but how do you pay your bills with belief?

A job and a part-time job are better than pursuing a side hustle without the skills to succeed. So, if you see my point, why don’t we introduce you to some ideas that are proven but new to you and raise your skill level?

If you don’t learn Network Marketing Skills, you could waste your best prospects because you approached them the wrong way, and now they avoid you.

After all, people can smell desperation, which makes them feel bad because, deep down inside (even though they might realize it), they fear that they could end up like those who are desperate.

The biggest danger with trial and error isn’t wasting prospects because you can always meet new people. Instead, it is wasted time.

Your life can be less than what you and your family deserve all because you chose to trial by fire instead of learning skills and applying them!

Time Pressure

I already mentioned that trial and error could waste some of your best prospects, and not to worry, as you can always meet new people. But what if you waste them, too?

I have to tell you a story about a trade show I did. At that two-day event, I gave away a free two-issue subscription to a business opportunity magazine. The publisher gave me the magazines for free, so every lead I got did not cost me a thing (other than the booth cost).

That weekend, I developed 461 leads. I had them sold five times on Monday and earned 4 times the cost of the show, plus I still had the leads!

The real story is a woman approached me. Because she did not know that I was the t publisher of Network Marketing News, she did not know that I had a database of over a million people in Network Marketing. She just saw me as a recruit and gushed all over me in a skillless way, saying, “You’d be great at this!”

I was working, so I did not have time to straighten her out, and I would bet the house that she failed in Network Marketing. Unfortunately, I lost her card that weekend and could not call her to help her out.

The Elevator Pitch in Network Marketing

I teach a skill that is used when one is under time pressure. Like when you have to introduce your business opportunity to someone you just met as if you were on an elevator and they might reach their floor any second.

The purpose of teaching this is to get people to understand that there will be moments when you meet people who seem like they could be good in your business, and those moments may occur when there is limited time to get that prospect’s attention.

Being under the gun time-wise is not all there is to learning this subset of skills. Brain Science has taught us that humans have about 6 seconds of attention span, so our presentations should be short.

The One Minute Presentation and the Two Minute Story were created for this very reason. People do not need all the facts to decide. In fact, most decisions happen “almost instantly on nearly zero information!’

Social Media

Of course, prospecting in public is just one way to build a team. There are others, like using social media,  content creation and building a website, YouTube videos and advertising. And none of these methods should be approached using trial and error.

Before moving on from public prospecting, it is important for you to know that if you master social media or YouTube videos or build a website and go nuts on SEO, you still need to know how to approach people in public for two reasons:

  1. You will meet interesting people who might be your best prospects.
  2. You will sponsor people who are outgoing and prefer recruiting in public than sitting behind a keyboard!

Social Media marketing is tough, period.

Building a following is much easier if you have a pretty face or a great body or are creative at the level of a solid ad copywriter.

Take Facebook. It is relatively easy to post in a Facebook Group and get people to comment with INFO, but try to get their phone number or get them on a webinar!

Is the trick to go viral so you have more prospects and can make up for a low conversion rate? If you had that thought, read, “Why viral posts are the new stupid!”

That does not mean that Social Media is not useful or important. When it was time to launch MLMinar, I knew that we needed to get content online so that when people Googled us, there were some breadcrumbs online. Otherwise, we look like we are non-existent.


If advertising were not an option, I would not have written The Free Cheese Secret.

This is the book cover for "The Free Cheese Secret" that etaches people how to avoid trial and error in small business advertisingThat said, do you have copywriting skills? If the answer is no, you already have one strike against you.

Advertising is the scariest of all the options and the reasons for saying this are obvious. You get into a side hustle to make money, not lose it!

As the book slogan says, “How you make the big bucks is almost certainly not how you think!”

What does that mean? If you advertise, you are not just creating leads for your Network Marketing business. You are in the marketing business and maybe even the lead business!

Advertising is not for the faint of heart. But should you want to try it, read my book first.

Similarly, starting a Network Marketing business is not something you should do without dedicating some consistent time to learning basic MLM skills (at the very least).

Why you might want to hire a Network Marketing Coach

A Network Marketing Coach will not only steer you away from trial and error. They will keep you on track with social media, websites, SEO, advertising, and mentoring.

If I had to start again, I would have found a coach first.

Instead of having a coach, I failed in Network Marketing for over a year. Then, I grew my Network Marketing business slower than I ought to have.

I was too stubborn to quit, and that was the only reason why I became a master. In your case, why wait for years or decades to attain the success you deserve? Why not have it now?This is my Audible App in my Mobil phone, which shows that you can reduve trial and error by reading the right books

If you want a free 1-om-1 session with me, click the link at the bottom of this page and fill in the form. I will get back to you.

When we do speak 9if we do), the first thing I am going to want to know is what books you have read or listened to that are helping with the elimination of trial and error. If the answer is none, I suggest you start here first.

Learners are Earners, and the image above is my phone showing the Audible App with dozens of books that I’ve read.

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