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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

4 Steps to making your Network Marketing products irresistible!

We all want to get good at selling our MLM products and recruiting, right? 

In addition, if get good at selling our MLM products, when we can’t recruit a prospect, they can still be customers (consumers).

We want to make money, fulfill our wants and desires, and make our dreams come true.

For some people the thought of selling products makes them queasy with fear — the fear of rejection or loss of friends whom they approach.

So, what’s the solution?

Make offers with our products, services, and opportunities which they cannot turn down.

Did you know people don’t buy products or opportunities? 

They buy the offer which is best for them. 

They buy people, not literally, but they buy the character of the person doing the selling. If that person is someone they like and trust, they are more apt to buy, especially if that person has the skills to promote their products.

They buy packages that are dressed up and appealing. 

They buy romantic offers that grab their attention.

So, why not dress up our products, services, and opportunities with packages that appeal to pop culture and sell the best?

There are four steps for creating romantic offers.

  • Stand out with a title that sizzles.
  • Make the content romantically simple around benefits and feature.
  • Trigger emotional engagement.
  • Create iconic assets (create value).

I’m only going to mention the first two. If you want to know more about the steps three and four, click on the link above or below this video and read the rest of the article with this video.


The title is what grabs a person’s attention. 

It’s usually the subject line and first thing anyone sees in an email. 

It’s what summarizes the content to follow.

We need a title which appeals to pop-culture yet romanticizes the offer.

With the help of magazines corresponding with your company brand and which you find at the check-out counter of your local grocery store, you can use their Copy to help find the right title.

For example, if I want to make an offer which is romantic about a product that I’m selling which relaxes while healing your skin cells, I would turn to health and wellness magazines. 

I have one in my hand. Woman’s World.

On the front cover, there is a heading called Relax Your Way Younger

It’s perfect for my product.

Let’s enhance the title to give a more sizzle and piazza. 

Relax Away Wrinkles and Your Way to Younger Days

That captures our product perfectly with a sizzling title which stands out from the best.


Again with the help of our wellness and health magazine Woman’s World, I turn to the article of the title on the front page and I find some great material to use.

Here are some quips or phrases in the article which might prove helpful:

Relax Away Wrinkles – Relax Away to Younger Skin – Relax Your Way to Health – Retire Aging Cells.

Quips are not enough. We must think beyond these benefits to what is it about aging which disrupts people’s lives. 

And what is it about our product which reverses the situation?

Aging turns beauty into the beast. 

It makes us depressed. 

It makes us long for younger days. 

It causes social changes for fear of being seen in public.

So, with the help of our own creativity, 

these quips, and 

of knowing what aging does to hinder people, 

let’s create some content.

Relax Away Wrinkles and Your Way to Younger Days

With our product, relaxation feels good and aging cells retire. Turn the beast into beauty. Reverse depression and live younger days. Make public appearances with confidence. Relax your way younger and to better days. 

If you want to learn more about steps three and four and leave a comment on Facebook, click the link above or below this video.

And I’ll see you on the other side of success.

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