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3 Tips for holding productive Network Marketing Home Parties

Most people in Network Marketing would not even consider holding a home party and I was not the party planner type either but it works. Here are some tips to hold a home party that is definitely worth it.

There is no better place to find new prospects and recruits than a network marketing at home party. 

A network marketing at home party is a great opportunity because the same people who attend one are the same people who like to host parties, have the best home party ideas, and who start party plan companies. These people make the best recruits because they already get it. They already get what you have without hassling or wrangling them into buying your products or network marketing business.

More importantly, you’ll earn income while you prospect for new recruits – so you can’t lose.

MLM home parties are the best way to get a showing of your products and opportunity in front of a large group that otherwise you would never get with any other way.

As Mary Christensen writes, “Service clubs, church groups, community organizations and professional associations all need speakers with an interesting topical story to tell. You can adapt these ideas to any group situation.” 

You can get Mary’s book from Amazon, just click here.

You may think to yourself why would anyone attend a network marketing at home party? There are many reasons, including:

  • The person likes parties
  • You’re best friends with them
  • Television is boring that night
  • You blackmailed them
  • Your products are what they’re looking for
  • They’re previous customers seeking more
  • They want a night away from the spouse and kids
  • Their excuses have been exhausted
  • They want to be a party consultant themselves
  • They want to learn how to plan a house party
  • Looking for a full-time home business opportunity
  • Needs a part-time job
  • They want to be with friends who are attending the same party
  • Looking for network marketing party ideas

The important point here is people will attend a network marketing at home party for multiple reasons that otherwise they would NEVER attend. Whatever the reason, it is much easier to talk someone into buying your products and getting them into your business when they are standing there in front of you in the same room.

Three Effective Network Marketing at Home Party Tips to Build the Numbers

So, how do we get you out from the party blues to a party mood? By building the numbers! 

The more guests you have in the room, the better your chances of finding prospects and selling products. The more you sell and build your recruits, the more money you make and the more excited and motivated you get. 

It doesn’t matter how well you plan a network marketing at home sales party, if you don’t have the numbers, you will have NO success.

There are three network marketing at home party tips to build the numbers. So, let’s “get the party started”.

  1. Learn how to invite
  2. Determine if you have what it takes to sell things
  3. Tell a story

… Learn how to invite –

The goal is to fill the room. So, how do you get lots of people to come to the party? It’s in the “evite” – the online version of a formal party invitation.

A network marketing at home party evite is an impressive way to “send and receive invitations, save on stamps and free yourself up from keeping lists and making phone calls to organize a party.” 

You just select the design that you want, add your guests’ email addresses and phone numbers and send via email. To get the numbers, you want an impressive and compelling evite design. Your guest replies are tracked automatically so you always have an accurate headcount.

What do you say in an evite? 

Keep in mind most of your warm market guest list are not accustomed to being entrepreneurs. Most, not all, don’t understand or want to start their own business.

[box] Do not start out in the evite by leading with the opportunity. You don’t want to say, 

“I’m doing this new thing. I’m serious about it, and I’m doing it with or without you, but I’d actually love to do it with you. I’d like for you to check it out and if you like it, great! If not, no big deal.” [/box]

[box] You start the evite instead by leading with the product: For those in the health and wellness industry, you could say something like this:

It’s time to party! how does a good mood every day, energy to spare party work for you? 

  • See a movie
  • Comment on the products
  • Delicious tasting, healthy drinks and snacks provided
  • Mingle with the best of the best in the community
  • Give your feedback
  • Browse the catalog
  • Get age in reverse tips
  • Detox your glands in one sitting
  • Get the zing back in your love life – men love this
  • Summer’s harvest – bright, bold, and healing

I’d love to get your feedback – this is going to be a blow-out party.

RSVP required. [/box]

For other party evite ideas tap here and also Evite (no link, you will have to Google this one, sorry!).

The number one reason confirmed guest do not show up for the party is they have a tendency to forget. Reduce the risk with an email reminder to the guest.

The NIGHT BEFORE the party, confirm the guests with an email along these lines:

[box] Hi FIRST NAME,

Thank you for coming to the party. I am looking forward to meeting you. You are about to experience (list the best feature of your party products) happiness secrets to tone up + slim down for good. 

See you on [day of the week of party] at [time of party]. I know your time is valuable, so we will be finished at [time party ends].

Your name

P.S. Bring a guest who has not already been invited, and I have a special gift for you. [/box]

You want the network marketing at home party evite to be upbeat, exciting, and truthful about its intent. Don’t hide the fact this is a product sales party. Be upfront about it by using indicators in the evite such as “browse the catalog,” or “comment on the products.” Always require an RSVP. 

Everyone loves to buy at home selling parties but not everyone loves to be in business. So, lead with the product.

… Determine if you have what it takes to sell things – 

There are three things to determine if you c
an sell things at a network marketing at home party: knowledge, laughter and excitement. If you can socialize, make people laugh and motivate action through excitement and joy, you have what it takes to sell things.

Nothing has more magic to build the numbers for a party and to sell things than a magical setting and presentation.

Remember this, a true sales person does not pitch hype, technobabble, and generalities. A true sales person understands what his audience is looking for and is in the back of each guest’s mind: What’s in it for me?

Your job is to uncover the pain and dreams of your guests at the party through humor, laughter, questions and just being there as a friend so that you can provide solutions with your products.

Some may feel the pain of belly fat and need a solution to melt it quickly. Others feel listless and tired and need to something to rejuvenate them. Others want to reverse aging or have a love life again with their spouse. Whatever the pain or wants, your job is to find it and solve it with your products.

Make the guest feel worthy for attending. Make them feel welcomed and dazzle them with a party atmosphere and presentation of your products in a magical way. Be professional in your display and presentation.

… Tell a story – 

Brand a product with your story! Instead of talking technobabble, hype and generalities, tell your story of what the products did for you. 

It’s a simple as starting with: 

“Before I started using this product, I was someone who …. (and put a couple of specifics with it – I was someone who was overweight, tired and run down, etc.).”

Then end it with:

“After three months of using this product (show the product), I noticed this (name what the product did for you).

For my personal story with the products, you can read about it on another post on this site, and hear the video by tapping here

If you want to read a great book on how to present your products through storytelling, read Kim Klaver’s If My Product’s So Great How Come I Can’t Sell It

The biggest obstacle to increasing the numbers to a network marketing at home party is the urge by the guest to impress people with technobabble, gibberish, and generalities. Tell your story and it will be the best sales presentation of the party. 

From college students and stay-at-home moms to full time men working and supplementing their wages and business owners presenting their products, a network marketing at home party is definitely one way to go.

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